Tantra Goddess’s Memoirs Revealed

Soon after Caroline published her memoirs, I was stoked to find a copy on the bed-side table of an apartment in Hong Kong where I was invited to stay while working abroad.   I remember clearly the impact she had on me upon meeting her at a tantra workshop that she and Charles led in LA 18 years before.  Her sparkling azure eyes and her deep belly laugh captivated me.  This was a woman who beautifully embodied love in ways I wanted to model.  I couldn’t wait to devour her book and recall some of my most cherished memories with her.


Witnessing her exuberant affection with Charles and others she fancied, helped me to realize the possibilities of unbridled passion in my life as well.   Reading her book made me appreciate the wisdom she taught by example. Her commitment to nurture others into wholeness as she did with Paul and Eric is a sacred statement of dakini mastery.  I learned to value the profound powers of sexual healing through her.  I feel honored to have dotted the pages near the end of her book and couldn’t put it down until I relived the times where she marked my mind with her colorful radiance.


Even though she struggled with sharing her beloveds,the times that she allowed her wild spirit to love freely empowers me to courageously open my heart with trust.


True to her title the Tantra Goddess reminds us to awaken joyful pleasure in our own lives.  Her feminine wisdom continues to guide others through her book!  I felt while reading it as though I was taken under her wing and shown the light and the darkness, the joy and the sorrow of opening to boundless love.  In the end by being honest about her true nature she ultimately chose her happiness in a monogamous relationship. While reading her story I was reminded of the challenges in polyamory and it caused me to question my own views and values about monogamy versus the experience of limitless love.