Tantra -The Main Event in Chicago! Sept. 26-28, 2014

September 26-28, 2014

The Beginners Weekend Seminar is a wonderful introduction to the transformative powers of Tantra Yoga. In a safe (no nudity) environment you will learn how to use sexual energy for increased intimacy, spiritual connection, and pleasure beyond your imagination.

You will begin to master the many methods of regeneration so you can make love well into your old age, keeping you young for many years to come. Open to Singles and Couples!

Here are a few of the weekend Goodies…

♥ Breathing in lovemaking ~ key to ecstasy
♥ Touching ~ 6 kinds of healing and erotic touch
♥ Tired of dating? Discover the skills to attract the Beloved
♥ Learn how your eyes, words, emotions, and vulnerability can bring you to intimacy bliss!
Freeing the female orgasm~ it’s easy!
♥ 1,001 methods of exquisite pelvic movement
♥ Sexual awakening for men ~ the Secret that can Quadruple the length and power of your orgasm
♥ Advanced lovemaking techniques you will use forever
♥ Female sacred spot massage ritual ~ step-by-step instructions to heal, awaken, and release unlimited energy
♥ Internal muscular exercises for increased energy and pleasure, and so much more…

Cost: $495

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Lakshmi Devi Luster:
888.682.6872, Ext. 119

June 25-27 — Beginners TANTRA WORKSHOP w/ CHARLES MUIR & MARE SIMONE in Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz. CA

Experience More Love & Intimacy!

I first took this Beginners Tantra Seminar with Charles & Caroline Muir 17 years ago. It changed my life radically in ways in which I am eternally grateful and so I would love to share that experience with you.  Now I have the honor of  co-facilitating this course with Charles.
The beginners course focuses on expanding pleasure, awakening and freeing the female in all her glory and bliss. This course has produced many a breakthrough for women and couples. And profound aha’s for men who want to be better lovers!  On Sunday we discuss the range of pleasure and possibilities for men which continues in Level II and/or private sessions with women graduates of the class. This will be a small, intimate class.  I hope you join us.