How Long Does a Session Last?

The first session is a minimum of two hours. This gives us enough time to establish a significant degree of trust, which then allows us to explore the deep levels of intimacy that are inherent in this practice.

Since Tantra prolongs pleasure and extends one’s orgasmic capacity, thus allowing you to experience the nourishing benefits of deep bliss; longer sessions also can be arranged. I recommend booking an extended session especially if it’s not likely that we can meet on a very regular basis.

What Happens During Your Sessions?

The path of Tantra is very personal, and since each person is unique, sessions are custom tailored to supportively guide individuals and couples through awakening passion, pleasure and a peaceful state of mind.

The initial session begins with a consultation, which allows us to get acquainted and establish a rapport with one another.  Based upon what I learn about you I will design a personalized program to help you realize and actualize your desires. (more…)

How Can I Schedule an Appointment with You?

The first step is for you to fill out the profile form and return it to me via e-mail or by FAX.  Then we will arrange a time to have a complementary 20 min. consultation where we can discuss our session in more detail.  I welcome the three-way conversation or separate conversations with each of you.

If you’re planning a visit specifically for sessions, I recommend that you book a series of sessions, to get the most out of your stay. (more…)

What Would a Session Be like If I Brought My Partner?

Couples sessions are customized to meet the specific needs and desires of the partners involved.

We would begin the conversation and see what you individually and your relationship is ready to receive.  In addition to the initial instructions in Tantra and learning skills, we would get physical with some partner yoga and Tantric massage you would learn to give to each other with my guidance. (more…)