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Tantric Law of Attraction – Ritual for Full Moon Activation


Throughout history in many different cultures moon cycles were regarded as times to align and focus energies for fruition in some area. A lunar eclipse intensifies these energies of fruition which make it an ideal time to practice some Tantric sex magic. Tantra offers practices where channeling orgasmic energy has the potential to supercharge our reality with energizing and rejuvenating life forces. The very same life force that created you has the power to fuel your visions with creative life forces.

Channeling Orgasmic Energy is the same as what Napoleon Hill refers to as Sexual Transmutation in his infamous book, Think and Grow Rich – transmuting energy from one area to another or directing the energy to get the most benefit and value from it. In the Tantric tradition, the practice of empowering pleasure with intention, not only gives the pleasure a conscious purpose which has a tendency to increase the pleasure magically and wonderfully… It also attracts and perpetuates the energy of pleasure and positivity which exudes magnetic attraction to everything in your sphere of influence.

We influence our reality by our every thought. Thoughts that are infused with orgasmic pleasure tend to be highly magnetic. So think of what you want to draw into your life with this powerful magnetic field being activated by a full moon lunar eclipse… square Neptune – the cosmic dreamer!


Begin by preparing your body and your spirit for deep receptivity and magnetizing by doing a ritual cleanse. anything having to do with water is beneficial as water provides us with the state of deep relaxation and peacefulness that will enhance our magnetic field. take a dip in the pool or Jacuzzi or better yet if possible and natural environment like a Lake River or the ocean. A simple shower or bath will also do the trick… before stepping into the water charge it up with a thought that holds the energy of what you want to attract or create in your life if it’s perfect health, make a prayer statement of intention that this water will remove the toxins and purify your body to enable it to establish perfect health… If your intention is to be a money magnet or attract the beloved; let your statement of intention suggests that the water cleanse all obstacles from you and hold you back from having the dream partner, position or whatever else you wish to attract. Then step into the water and surrender to its fluidity keeping that thought in the back of your mind.

Then prepare your body for pleasure by relaxing with movements perhaps some yoga stretches, dance or whatever else puts you in touch with your body. I like to include Tantric massage whether by myself or with a partner. Tantric massage is relaxing but also arousing first addressing any tightness or tension in the body and releasing that. And then by drawing strokes upward and inward toward the major erogenous zones up the thighs toward the creative/sexual center where life is born. Holding the vision of your intention again in your mind what you wish to create gently and lovingly caress your sexual center and your breasts on up to and around your face neck and head, caressing your entire body or your partners if you are doing this exercise with a partner to awaken arousal in a gentle way that encourages deep, relaxed arousal. The more relaxed you are, the more aroused you can be. Relaxed arousal is the magic component that allows your mind to focus on your intention rather than trying to control your Sexual stimulation.

Allow yourself, or your partner to reach a heightened state of arousal through these relaxed, gentle caressing strokes he bringing the intensity up to a heightened state of an eight and pausing to keep from going over the edge. When you have gained your composure continue the caresses with the intent of maintaining that heightened state of arousal as long as you comfortably can peaking several times without climaxing. Each time holding the vision of what you wish to attract into your life in an image that perceives you having this experience right here and now… Holding that image combined with your aroused sensual state will infuse your desire with a high notes of positive magnetic energy…

I suggest that you can enjoy this state of relaxed aroused intentional bliss for as long as you like with several peaks. Should you choose to climax at the end of this ritual, please do so with passion filled expressions of pleasure while visualizing your intention clearly and in your mind as if it were already so.  In the afterglow of your peak use your aroused fluids consciously anoint your four head to imprint this combination will intention with relaxed arousal into the frontal lobe of your brain, bringing pleasure and positivity in harmony with all that you wish for in your life. Blessings and bliss on this empowering ritual! May your desired dreams come true!!

PS:  It’s equally important to drink water that has also been charged with this intention to infuse yourself internally as well in this vision intention. before drinking, make a wish like you would before blowing out a birthday candle and then drink the wish within the water!