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7 Reasons Why Sex is Good For Your Health

Knowing what your body desires is one thing but knowing what it truly needs to live longer and more joyfully is sexy wisdom. Did you know that sex is good for you and can actually help you achieve longevity with mental acuity — while you are riding the waves of pleasure? Its wonderful to know you are also gaining health benefits from your bedroom bliss!

Our culture holds pleasure as something that is a distraction from our goals. We have to unravel those belief systems that don’t serve us. Layer by layer releasing the fear, shame, embarrassment and ignorance around the sexual desires is a process that takes time and patience. We’ve all been wrapped in the trap that pleasure is indulgent and too much pleasure is a sin… It’s time to realize that pleasure is our strongest connection to the source of our life force, healing energy, love and passion.

Satisfying sex can bring you closer to your beloved on many levels, and it is actually an excellent health booster as well. Sex is said to be as natural to our bodies as hunger and sleep, so why inhibit our innate attraction to our innermost desires?

It has been scientifically proven that not only can regular sex and exchanging of each other’s energies deepen your love and intimacy – it also makes you healthy and keeps you living longer and stronger with more juice in your life!

Did you know that your body not only desires to have intimate contact with others but actually needs it to stay healthy and live longer?

The power of human touch is essential to our health. The emotional impact of interpersonal touch is ingrained in our biology. Touch triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that decreases stress-related responses. Researchers first tested this idea by stroking rats’ abdomens for 30-45 seconds. They found that this type of soft touch raised rats’ oxytocin levels. Interpersonal touch can also induce oxytocin release among humans. For instance, in one experiment, couples who engaged in a warm touch exercise, during which they touched each other’s neck, shoulders, and hands, had more oxytocin in their saliva than couples who did not engage in this exercise The oxytocin-enhancing effects of touch may reduce the discomfort that people experience from everyday stressors, such as family turmoil or conflict at work.

So kick off those shoes and get some euphoric action today as I list just a few of the amazing benefits that making love brings to you.

1)Mental Balance: The emotional mental balance from oxytocins help gain a sense of stability. You are able to think more clearly after sex due to lower levels of stress. Studies show that in a lot of cases, adults who are abstinent for long periods of time can become anxious and are prone to depression.

2)Reduces Pain: Next time you hear or say: “Not, tonight, honey — I have a headache,” Here’s an instant remedy! The surge of hormones released after an orgasm can help ease any annoying ache, whether it’s a strained back or a head pounder, says Meston. A study conducted at the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University found that more than half of female migraine sufferers reported relief after climaxing. “The endorphins that are released during an orgasm closely resemble morphine, and they effectively relieve pain,” says Meston.

3)Live Longer: Researchers at Queens University, Belfast (Ireland) have proven that sex increases the longevity in humans. So climax your way into living a longer life with regular orgasms. The power that creates, also rejuvenates!

4) Tummy Tucker: Got any extra pounds to shed? Sex can help you do that too. While you rock and roll in the sheets you are also burning lots of calories together. And the more passion you have, the more muscles will be involved. Take turns being on top so you both gain the benefits of breaking a sweat while doing the love dance!

5)Strengthen your Core: When you’re on top and your riding your mate like a wild horse, sex becomes a serious workout! You may not realize it but you are toning your core and thigh muscles, which not only floods your body with oxygen, endorphins, and tingling life forces, but it also results in strengthening your core muscles which over time leaves you with better posture and sexy abs.

6)Magnetic Attraction: Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted in our sweat and other bodily fluids that are believed to influence the behavior of the opposite sex, such as triggering sexual interest and excitement. So before, during, and after intercourseare we are releasing pheromones that have an effect on our beloved. Pheromones are helping us keep the attraction alive and helps our partners fall in love with us all over again.

7) In the Afterglow: A special shout out to all the ladies, sex makes us look and feel pretty! Voila! Save money on cosmetics while getting that long-lasting afterglow that gives your face a natural lift and exudes radiance all over your body after great sex!

If you agree or have more health benefits you want to share, please leave a comment below!