Charles Muir rewired my Body/Brain, with Conscious Touch

afterglowAt the Level 4 Associates Tantra Teacher Training in Santa Cruz, CA mountains, Charles Muir selected me to be a demo partner for an advanced level of healing that he has been researching and developing. It combines the powers of tantric, healing touch with stimulation of various neuro centers in the brain. He’s connecting the neuro-circuitry of the body to the brain to further accelerate the affects of what was already a profound practice into an ever greater expansion of healing through touch! I know that thought creates and attracts so I was preparing my mind and body to be activated to awaken to higher, unlimited version of myself. When asked  do I believe in magic, I replied, ” Magic is a conscious application of the power of attraction in action. Thought combined with highly charged creative, sexual energy is the most magnetic and magical force of all!”

It was a sunny afternoon and we just finished a luscious gourmet lunch… I decided to walk to class to help digest and prepare myself for the demo that was about to blessed me and the classroom with profoundly intimate and awesome  demonstration of the power of healing touch combined with intentions. Strolling downhill from house to the Boulder Creek conference room, I the first called in the spirit of all my ancestors to join me in this healing celebration. I could feel the lineage of my family beginning with my recently departed sister along with my mother and her mother; my father and his mother as well as my beloved Aunt Sadie, who was as adventurous as me. I even called in all my angels and guides. I was ready for a big shift to take place and felt I needed an army of support to guide me.  I was willing and eager to invite profound magic into my body to help me become more fully empowered, heal and awakened priestess of pleasure and the sacred erotic arts!

Upon entering the room I could feel all their energies as well as the support of the crew, 25 of the most dedicated practitioners of the Source Tantra School sitting in a circle with a large bed in the center and beautiful flowers adorning pillows. Anticipation filled my veins and I began to tremble and here at the remarkable conscious preparation that went into making this space sacred. Charles gave a brief introduction to my physical situation – I’ve had fibroid tumors on my uterus for many years which have caused me some pain and discomfort as well as being an obstruction to pleasure.

Presence was palpable as I surrendered into the pillows and stated my intentions and my belief in magic and love combined with powerful intent, he worked on my back at first pointing out the imbalance in my sacral dimples. I moaned as I felt my body let go while he touched places that  harbored pain, numbness and blocks of fear. I melted as he rocked me and pressed on the places that needed conscious contact to release the obstructions. Yes even we healers need healing.

When I rolled over my mind and body were over receptive to the wild ride that ensued. I felt rivers of love flow through me washing blocks of my past with blessed Amrita, the nectar of the Goddess! Like a volcano erupting, tears and laughter roared through my body uncontrollably as I affirmed that I am abundant and rich in the extraordinary ability call in radiant health, love and support on all levels.

What happened after that is too powerful for words but it rocked the room and everyone in it. Then Charles called in a team of supporters to hold my hands and points on my head which grounded and helped integrate the explosion of light that came through me. They adorned my body with flowers and I felt reborn… I never laughed and cried so much in my entire life! Tears well in my eyes and gratitude in my heart as I share these precious memories with you.


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There are no words to describe what happened for me other than calling it a once in 100 lifetimes healing.

Since then, in the last 72 hours, I have dramatically altered my relationship with my beloved to be much more completely authentic, I have put out love and a very new kind of energy to many people with positive effects!  And I have decided to resign from a full time client role that I hated but met my financial obligations… merely on faith that I would find a new client that would allow me to work at something that I authentically like to do.

Then there was a voice mail from one of my favorite people to work with asking for my help waiting for me when my flight from Phoenix landed at Newark . I just learned today that it looks like I may start there in two weeks.

It has been blessing upon blessing upon me during the last 72 hours.

There is no way that I can truly express my gratitude sufficiently to you most of all, but I will try.



Thank you very much Goddess Mare.

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