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Ecstatic Gardening

I’ve been silent lately. Cocooning deep within, taking an unannounced sabbatical, while seeking answers to better navigate this world in major transition.

During this time of introspection, I’m finding great pleasure in becoming more self-sufficient by prepping for the unknown, so I feel secure.

I’m ecstatic planting seeds in the garden I’ve found in my parking lot. Paradise is everywhere, if you look deeply enough.

I pulled up weeds and discovered soil that I can grow food on. Running my fingers through the soil I felt her rich and fragrant wetness, ripe with potential life. My hands were ecstatic.

So I taught myself to grow zucs, cucs, and an amazing collection of lettuces and greens galore. Gardening puts me in close contact with the soil in all her living richness, bugs and all, it’s like a family.

Growing food has become my meditation and connection to the magic of creation. It’s so rewarding to pull fresh organic veggies from my garden and bring them in to eat or dehydrate and store for uncertain times ahead. It gives me comfort to know that I can grow food.

It’s such an intimate experience to start with tiny seeds that nurtured and loved, become part of a savory dish, delish!

I now grow micro greens, baby greens and sprouts that are loaded with concentrated nutrition. Even more than full grown greens, and they can be ready-to-eat in just a few days.

With the unpredictability of our future economy, it’s a good idea to be prepared and know how to grow fresh food; so that if we have shortages, we will have what we need to be well nourished.

I want us all to be prepared so we can weather any storm, hurricanes, earthquakes, food shortages due to truck delays, or other catastrophes to come…

It feels to me like a time of great transformation. Put your seatbelts on and ride this together!

What are you feeling? What you think is happening?

I trust that every ending provides a new beginning.


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