Coregasm – Fact or Fiction? Studies Are Very Revealing!

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Women having orgasms while working out? Have you heard about that, yet?

I’ve experienced some rather intense pleasures “down there” while doing Yoga particularly when I place the soles of my feet together, knees open wide and then do cleansing breaths, bending forward. I wondered if others felt this tingling zing too… until I came across this term, “coregasm” in my research. Immediately I knew what they were referring to! And was excited to find others who knew too!!

When I furthered this research I found lots of blogs and online articles, with confirming responses and posts from female readers reaching orgasm or exercise-induced sexual pleasure, (EISP) while working out! Various surveys put out about this amazing phenomena are equally as revealing with as many as 45% of women who are asked if they have ever had an orgasm during exercise saying yes. Wow! That’s more than I would’ve thought or have heard of. Come on ladies fess up, who is having Coregasms? Please tell us more! Any guys having some EISP fun? I wanna hear from you too.

Is this one of the best-kept secrets? I think it’s time to be addressed as it holds the key to more desire and energy. It makes getting fit a lot more fun and it certainly puts a new spin on feeling pumped. I’m excited to find more ways to increase the joys of fitness. I would also love to hear from anyone reading this who would like to share your Coregasm stories. That we may all be inspired and learn from each other!

Many women also state that their first experience with an orgasm was during exercise and could not identify the feelings until their first real sexual experience due to sexual inexperience. Many women share that it was during gymnastics class or bike riding in their younger years that they had their first orgasms.

EIO is not a new, Kinsey mentioned in his book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, in 1953 but the topic pretty much stopped there and had not be studied since. In 2007, Men’s Health editor, Adam Campell, on his blog, The Fitness Insider, wrote a revealing article on the subject and since women and doctors have been very forth coming regarding their experiences with Coregasm.

Exercise-Induced Orgasm (EIO), is a realty that is backed by doctors and scientific research. Coregasm seems to be induced by various exercises that involve the abdominal and pelvis such as leg lifts and crunches.

Take what Joy Davidson, Ph D, author of Fearless Sex says: “When that (Coregasm) happens, usually it’s women who already have very strong pelvic muscles, and when they’re doing certain exercises that are tapping into the deep core or into the quads and inner thighs, what they wind up doing is almost automatically squeezing pelvic muscles in addition.”

Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., a sex therapist and author of The Anatomy of Pleasure, provides insight: “A lot of women require a buildup of tension in their legs before they can achieve the release of orgasm,” she said. “So, when a woman exercises, the release of endorphin’s and dopamine, which are necessary for orgasm, combined with the tension in the abs and lower extremities, can cause the clitoral stimulation.”

The fact Coregasm is becoming more accepted by doctors and experts, and is being talked about more online, is reassuring to women who have experienced EIO. Without this discussion, many women say they felt different, or that something was ‘wrong’ with them, and since reading that they are not alone, feel much better and relaxed about the whole thing; embracing what they see more as a blessing now and than a curse.

It seems that what is required is the squeezing of core muscles. Chin ups, hanging leg raises and crunches, floor crunches, and single leg planks are ideal for women to reach EIO. Rarely is Coregasm achieved with a single movement either; it seems to take several movements and pumping to create enough pulsing to achieve EIO.

Many women report that once they experience a Coregasm at the gym, they will take the experience home to bed with them. Women reveal that duplicating the exercises or exercise movements at the gym during intercourse intensifies their orgasms with their partners, as well as when they masturbate with or without a vibrator.

Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a sex researcher and educator at Indiana University, and Men’s Healty Bedroom Confidential columnist says: “I’ve heard similar gym stories before with different machines. This may be happening due to a combination of women bearing down on pelvic muscles while at the same time squeezing her thighs together (which may stimulate her clitoris) as she brings them upward.”

Debby also gives this bit of advice for Coregasm safety: “I would emphasize, though, that as fun as these are, women should always maintain proper form during physical exercise so that they don’t hurt themselves and so that they get the best physical benefits from exercise. If an orgasm “just happens” to occur while using good form, that may be an added bonus, but I would advise women not to pursue an orgasm at the expense of proper form. After all, they can always enjoy orgasms later on at home or in the shower.”

From various posts and comments online, it is obvious many women do not take Ms. Herbenick’s advice and are actively trying to recreate EOI when they are working out. Many women state that a Coregasm is a great motivator for them to hit the gym and workout; the common feeling is that EIO is a very pleasant reward for their exercise efforts.

And what about trainers? Do they witness their clients having Coregasm duing training sessions? Terri Walsh, owner of ART Studio NYC, says: “I believe it totally, I never had anybody have an orgasm in my presence — as far as I know, but I definitely heard about it in my spinning classes. A lot of exercise, when it’s done properly, can get you in tune with your body. Sometimes you get in tune with it quicker than your mind can.”

Want to try to achieve EIO yourself? Try these tips:

• Concentrate on squeezing your abs when you do core exercises. When you do this you are also contracting your pelvic floor muscles which is an important component of achieving orgasm.

• Studies show that the best exercise for EIO are leg lifts, crunches, hanging chair lifts, chin ups. Some women have said they achieve Coregasm while running up hill – the key is the squeezing of the abs. Yoga has also been reported as the cause of an Coregasm, which makes sense given that most of yoga’s postures require squeezing and contracting of core muscles.

• Don’t worry about people looking at you weird in the gym; women say that no one ever notices when they have a Coregasm, and that it is very easy to control your reaction to the orgasm achieved during EIO. When you feel something happen just go with it and enjoy.

It seems from various studies that once you have experienced a Coregasm, you are more then likely to repeat the experience as a high percentage of women who responded to online surveys share that their experiences and not just one time; but an ongoing event, with 10% saying they had no control of EIO.

Coregasm is gaining recognition and popping up in many mainstream fitness blogs and articles. Coregasm is a natural event when certain factors are present; so if you are lucky enough to experience EOI, I say relax and enjoy!

And if you’re free enough to share this secret source of life force in an interview to publish your experiences anonymously of course… I will give you a free 45 min Discovery Session and others prizes! Or If you want to share your experience more profoundly, please send a video of your Coregasm fun!

I’ll soon submit mine for you to view… Send me an email to tell me more and take this poll too:

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What is a Whole Body O?

Whole Body O’s reboot and refresh you like new!

For the New Year – Revitalize and Roboot Your Body

I’m fascinated and compelled by the knowledge that the energy of orgasm is a powerful creative life-force. The power that creates life — when directed properly, can also positively impact whatever we choose to create with it. Including our health and overall quality-of-life.

Sexual energy is healing as the primordial energy that created all the cells in our bodies.

Including the stem cells as orgasmic energy created the stem cells. When used wisely. Orgasmic energy has the potential power to heal our bodies. To energize and revitalize! This a powerful knowledge. HIGH Sex is the most powerful elixir of life.

People who are active sexually have a 50% less chance of getting heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases are reversed or prevented. Both men and women who are sexually active live longer, stronger healthier lives.

I’ve seen some major transformations in my own life and the people around me. I know the wisdom within our bodies; that we access thru tantra and similar practices is much more powerful than most can imagine. Our ability to heal and transform ourselves and the world around us has barely begun to be fully understood and tapped into.

In 27 years of practice I’ve experienced many people’s lives transformed and heal as they realign with their source.  Our innate truth and purpose become crystal-clear in highly aroused orgasmic states. And great shifts and successes arise out of a state of peaceful pleasure. Athletes who ride the high waves the of orgasmic bliss without releasing their essence have been proven to have greater scores than those who did not practice high Tantric sex.

Omar Garrison in his book, “Tantra, the Yoga of Sex” discusses this remarkable research data will be inserted soon go to sleep I need the language me you also igniting our chakras Lighting her body up and you and you will and will and you choreograph the road that will do II remember that and we just how we kind of got into a you are losing to with you that the five this is like to get real lifestyle is you will you make me do, I will teach you really like you to classes and so we felt that is so and we were doing our own thing that’s for sure anybody gets naked and excises Gundy saying you like your at least that’s an art and art language communityit lasted up to get naked eye complement to the ideawill in this remarkable arena.

My point of view is less rigid then Taoists or austere classical tantra, which suggest that men should abstain from ejaculating, I believe that when a man experiences whole body orgasms that fill up his body and brain with tingling sensations of energy… That even if there is an ejaculation occurring at the end of such a session, the loss of energy is much less than if the release occurred quickly in a fast and feverish blow.

In what we’re talking about is the alchemy of sex the transformation of orgasmic energy into other manifestations. The power to create can be harnessed and developed and used in many ways. This is a birthright for each and every one of us to gather and cultivate our own life forces and draw from them as we would invest our resources in valuable investments that grow with interest.

So wouldn’t it make sense to learn to harness the power of creative energy so that you can build your own reservoir that keeps you impassioned? Your pool of creative life forces can be used to invest in yourself and in your endeavors!

I have been teaching these skills to men and women on phone and Skype with great success for many years – in addition to teaching this in person.

Therefore I’m completely thrilled to announce that I will be providing teleseminar series where I will teach coach guide and support a group of you to expand and explore your whole body orgasmic ability together… Alone! In the privacy of your own home that is but you won’t be alone because will all be coming together for these phenomenal events!


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We start with energizing practices to fully awaken your body, clear your mind and emotions and prepare you for heightened states of pleasure. Healthy foods, yoga, dancing, bathing and massage awaken your deep, divine delicious, Inner Lover!!

Embark on this journey of awakening your erotic awareness.

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3 Keys to Please a Woman – and a great tip for men to extend… !

The majority of women are unaware of their own mystique and sexual powers!  In fact most have barely experienced a glimpse of their orgasmic potential. We keep hearing that women are capable of being multi-orgasmic . Yet statistics show us that nearly 60% of women have difficulties achieving even one deeply satisfying orgasm!  Why is that?  What’s wrong with this picture!

It usually takes women longer to reach their pleasure peaks and so they often worry that their man won’t last long enough for them to be satisfied and reach a climax.  This compounds the problem and makes it all the more challenging, because stress and worry are orgasms worst enemy.  To make matters worse, men are hard-wired to come quickly to make sure that they sow their seeds in order to procreate the species.  They need to learn how to slow down and enjoy the journey more, so that women can too.

I can identify with this as I was one of the 60% of women who couldn’t reliably climax with a partner. I know the frustration, pressure and anxiety this can cause, which exasperates the situation. It burdens the relationship when women put this responsibility entirely on men. Yet it’s been a part of our cultural conditioning that men take the initiative in sex and when left to their own devices and instincts, men have not been very successful yet in finding the solution. Their sexual response comes rather spontaneously easy to rise and easy-to-fall into the abyss of bliss. This leaves a woman feeling unloved and incomplete.

It’s important for women to take matters into their own hands enough so that they can fully understand the pleasure potential that’s within her and how to access it.

Then she can educate her man, if he’s willing to take the adventure with her lead.  I can assure you it’s worth the journey even when it feels vulnerable and especially when it’s scary. That’s the greatest healing takes place.

I’d like to give you 3P’s to give a woman profound pleasure:  – Presence – Patience & Potency

Presence:  For most women erotic interest starts with the heart. She yearns to feel a connection that lets you know that she is loved, desired, seen  and really valued for all her wonderful characteristics. The more beautiful and cherished a woman feels with her man, the more likely she is to blossom fully in the warmth of his love. I’ve  experienced within myself that when I’m fully present and seen by my partner that intense excitement and incredible sensations can send a flood of warm tingling pleasure; sometimes without even touching!

The connection begins in the brain with the feeling of knowing that she is valued and loved completely which then allows her to easily surrender and let go totally. Total surrender allows her to open herself completely and receive your wildest passion. An artist of love can allure a woman to open and discover places neither she nor he knew existed!

When a man is off in his head fantasizing a scene he saw in a porn film somewhere… or thinking baseball scores to try and last long enough to satisfy her, the key element of connection is missing. Without connection it’s more like mutual masturbation which then reduces the experience to just trying to get off instead of celebrating a loving connection. When a woman feels like she’s just an object rather than a partner, she withholds her greatest treasures of pleasure.

Patience.  I encourage women to explore themselves and find their own rhythm and pace so that when met with their man, they can knowingly guide him to slow down enough so that she may tune-in to her pleasurable possibilities. This is especially important in the early stages of arousal when the desire is just beginning to stir and well before she begins to feel defeated. Frustration is toxic to an erotic environment. It comes off as needy, greedy and all about me.  A surefire passion killer.  I know I’ve been there too.

Start out slowly with the intention to build her desire arousing all of her erogenous zones and make an effort to explore more than the primaries. Delve deeply to discover exquisite pleasures that are possible yet dormant in her, yearning to be awakened. Women need to relax d-e-e-p-l-y and let their bodies feel and respond naturally to arousal. Breathe deep together and feel the sensations grow from subtle to sublime!

For women who don’t know what they like, want or need in the moment, as they’re always different… Don’t be afraid to explore. It’s fun to discover pleasure together and it empowers your man to be your Sex-God! A man who loves you is happiest when he can make you happy!   So don’t be shy or afraid to ask what your body needs. Learn to listen to your body and guide your partner to create a win-win.  He will thank you!   Men absolutely love to serve and please  their lovers… Right GUYS?

Making it an adventure to discover and explore and to numbness in the pleasure pain and sadness into joy together! And here’s how you can do it and make fun!  You’ll both enjoy it!

Important caveat: being with women who’ve been psychologically or physically abused sexually most likely requires some healing. This could be overwhelming for a partner to provide a container safe enough for her, without getting triggered. In those cases it’s helpful to find a coach or therapist who is qualified to guide the journey safely home.

You can learn techniques of sexual healing that you can use when trauma is activated.  This is discussed in-depth in another programs. Private coaching, Skype, Seminars all the way up to Certified Education at the Source School of Tantra.

2/10 women reportedly have been raped or sexually violated in ways it caused her to shut down. I believe many more than reported cases exists and that many women don’t report it because of shame and fear.

The emotional healing take some time and occurs in stages. For some it’s a  a short term glitch. Yet other times it a much deeper trauma that stirs up and unravels her family history of sexual abuse down to the cellular level…  as was the case in my experience.

I know, this is deep stuff! And it can get pretty scary sometimes. I caution you to get support when it’s overwhelming. But think of it as taking out the garbage. Or healing the wound of the past, with present, patient, prolonged pleasure.  No agenda but to help her blossom.

Women’s vaginas are like flowers! Before they blossom they need warmth and time to open naturally with desire !!

If there are glitches in her ability to feel fully responsive, which may be felt as pain or numbness instead of pleasure, know that those are wounds coming up from the past that can be healed in the power of the present.

In extremes or if she’s just been raped, read helpful guide: A Man’s Guide To Helping a Woman Who’s Been Raped by Matthew Atkinson, LCSW
Potency:  Here’s some powerful, wisdom about potency. You have a magic wand pulsing between your legs. It’s a wand that can light up your woman’s body and do amazing things to her which can make you light up even more. Also true for or a man if you happen to love men.

Men! Your penis is a wand of light and awesome power. Think of it as your teacher.  So study and learn from it well.

Here’s a tip to help you spread pleasure throughout your whole body.

Imagine that your erection is connected all the way down the base of your body to your tailbone and up your spine. Your body is designed so that it’s you can feel pleasure rise all the way up your spine. Orgasms can rise up your spine when your spine is properly awakened. This takes the practice of yoga and stretching, using your spine more fluidly to keep it open to receive this much pleasure. Most men/women have muscle memories that cause tension and stresses which prevent us from feeling full body pleasure. Through massage and active movement of the spine you can begins to raise your orgasmic ability.

My clients tell me that like having a full body erection! I like that image a lot because it gives you 6 feet instead of 6 inches to feel intensely aroused.  That gives you a lot more room for pleasure to expand.

So hold the vision of pleasure rising up your spine and when you feel arousal breathe it up your spine… while moving your spine so as to invite the sensation of pleasure inward and upward! The benefits of this are vast as it rises it nourishes the organs in your body. Ancient Taoists and Tantric’s and others have known this for ages.

It’s time we all awaken and discover the power of pleasure within our whole body.

See it in your minds eye rising up through your belly as you breathe deeply into your belly… expand it!  Allow pleasure to enter your belly and grow through you.… it starts in your brain. As your thoughts are your greatest erotic trigger. So if you’re good with fantasizing to get off, try this out instead. Visualize your erotic energy as healing light. Let it fill your belly.

Breathe deeply inviting pleasure’s to rise inward, opening yourself to be filled with rejuvenating life forces!

Try connecting arousal throughout your body [or to any part that ails you for healing energy can be delivered there.]You will find that your wand NOW has a wider range of sensations which helps you last longer.  And live longer with a whole lotta love and laughter!

So that’s my gift to you and I hope you find it valuable. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section. If you’d like more guidance in this journey of awakening, I can be your orgasmic awakener and would love to support your quest!




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I’m Worried about Getting and Maintaining My Erections. Can Tantra Help Me?

I frequently encounter clients who, as they mature and their hormone levels shift, they begin to lose faith in their own sexuality.

Men become victims of the myth of the Perpetual Erection.  It has always existed, but it’s become even more destructive because of the way in which the issue is treated in most pornography, which always features a purported Superman.   That’s not reality.  Often porn stars use Viagra or “fluffers”, women whose job it is to keep them aroused and hard for their performance. (more…)

The Unrepentant Voyeur – Nectar of the Goddess

Originally carried in Penthouse Magazine (Mare is quoted near the end of the article)

by Russ Farrell

A cop recently asked me a question. No, it wasn’t what did I think I was doing driving 65 in a school zone. That was a different cop. This one, aware of my connection to this informative publication, wanted to know whether female ejaculation was fact or fiction. The thing is, I wasn’t able to answer his question based on personal experience. None of my sexual partners has ever ejaculated, at least not with me. Some have gotten Wonder-bread moist. A few, I dare say, have even gotten wet. But not a one has emitted that radiant geyser of jism that I’ve seen featured in porn videos. (more…)