There are no words to describe what happened for me other than calling it a once in 100 lifetimes healing.

Since then, in the last 72 hours, I have dramatically altered my relationship with my beloved to be much more completely authentic, I have put out love and a very new kind of energy to many people with positive effects!  And I have decided to resign from a full time client role that I hated but met my financial obligations… merely on faith that I would find a new client that would allow me to work at something that I authentically like to do.

Then there was a voice mail from one of my favorite people to work with asking for my help waiting for me when my flight from Phoenix landed at Newark . I just learned today that it looks like I may start there in two weeks.

It has been blessing upon blessing upon me during the last 72 hours.

There is no way that I can truly express my gratitude sufficiently to you most of all, but I will try.



Thank you very much Goddess Mare.

VC – NJ sales