Tantra for Women

Female sexuality is deep and mysterious like the ocean.

A sexually awakened woman has a vast, unlimited capacity for pleasure!

The feminine valley orgasm is quite different from goal-driven peaks.

The valley comes from deep within where explosive waves of energy arise that can last a long, luscious time, with multiple orgasmic pleasure. 


Coming in multiples, each one more ecstatic than the last. This is one area where women are superior because our orgasms give us more energy when they are met with a receptive, yin approach to this huge reservoir of energy.

Unfortunately, many women do not reach their full sexual potential.

Recent studies show that 4 out of 5 women do not reach sexual climax easily through intercourse!

Why is that?

The primary culprit is a lack of knowledge a women’s body and her many erogenous zones. How to arouse and awaken her effectively is one of the main requests I get from men and women.

And the other is the shrouds of shame sexual dominant aggression and violations rape and molestation that women have been subjected to that distort our experience of our body and our pleasure capacity.

A woman’s sexuality is more hidden than overt which makes it essential that she learn to know herself and not expect her partner to know because it’s not intuitive for him.

However most if not all men that I have shared this wisdom with are fascinated and excited beyond words. It’s not that they’re ignorant or don’t want to know, they’re just not hardwired that way. So until they’re shown the way by a woman who knows her body, he is lost and groping.  

With patience, timing and a lightness of being, men LOVE to learn what turns a woman on, and get real good at it. The reward is a win win situation.

Because most men are not having full body, energy or valley orgasms, this makes it difficult for men to even comprehend, let alone hold the space open for a woman to reach her full orgasmic pleasure potential.

My first Tantra teacher was a man who taught me many things about breath, meditation and movements to open up and free my energy.

But after a year of working together he stated that my next teacher should be a woman, because women can teach me things about my body, that men don’t know. He was correct!

That was a profound insight for me to realize that women know things that men don’t, unless we show them.

That was the beginning of a new level of realizing my power and embracing it to the fullest; instead of feeling guilty for why “I’m taking so long”.  

I used to think there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t respond as quickly and excitedly as a male partner who wanted me, then and there.

Can you relate?

Men must develop skills that he can use his hands and mouth to help stimulate a healing, awakening aroused state for her. Especially until a man is capable of relaxing while aroused so he can ride multi-orgasmic waves along with his partner.

When using his hands men can learn how to observe and witness his partner feel to the extent where he feels what she feels, then they are in sync.

I enjoy working with women and couples, to help you align with the divine within yourself, and then with each other…

The source of your power comes from inside of you and is something you can generate to a partner. By knowing yourself and loving yourself fully enough that you can share your bliss with another, love expands…

I can teach you ways to massage yourself, and each other into relaxed arousal; and thereby reach great depths of intimacy and pleasure, together or alone! 

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