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Female sexuality is expansive and mysterious like the deep sea. A sexually awakened woman has a vastly unlimited capacity for orgasm! The feminine valley orgasm is quite different from an aggressive peak orgasm. The valley often begins from deep within where explosive waves of energy arise that can last a long, luscious time… and then continue to the next wave of continuous bliss.

Unfortunately, many women do not reach their full sexual potential. Recent statistics state that four out of five women do not reach sexual climax through intercourse! Why? Firstly, there are the cultural and religious stigmas around sex that cause women to feel shame and guilt about their natural sexuality.

To make matters worse, often their partners lack the knowledge and skill that can help guide them into expanded states of orgasmic bliss. Because most men are not yet capable of experiencing full body, energy or valley orgasms, this makes it difficult for men to even comprehend, let alone hold the space open for a woman to reach her full orgasmic pleasure potential.

Until a man is capable of riding continuous, orgasmic waves along with his consort, he must learn to use his hands, mouth, and other methods that will help stimulate a healing, awakening aroused state in her.

I enjoy working with women and I can guide you with ways to massage your female consort into a relaxed state and thereby reach great degrees of intimacy and pleasure, together. I can be a surrogate, if she is not present so that you can practice on me. I can continue to be your guide as you explore these methods with her.

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