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Tantra for Men

The first step for men is to learn how to enjoy the state of  relaxed arousal. This creates a bridge for more intimacy, energy, ecstasy and whole body orgasms, without release!

Most men don’t know that this is possible, because it’s not intuitive. Yet when a man learns how to control and separate the two, he is at choice.  And can be ease with what’s desired!

Imagine relaxing into pleasure and not having to to hold your breath or your enjoyment at bay. Instead you can learn to redirect high volumes of energy inward and outward!

Then men can come, without feeling spent. Often with MORE energy than when they started!

Tantric bliss can last as long as you allow yourself to relax and receive its blessings. In this state, a man can ride waves of orgasmic pleasure for hours, with your partner.

Transcending the urge to spend your seed with the desire to make deep love to your wife!

A man must first become adept at sustaining this blissful state within himself.

Once you get this then, you can awaken your female partner.  And can rise in love!

Then you truly come together! Sustain high pleasure with mutual, multiples!

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