Tantra for Couples

I regard it as sacred trust when couples ask me to work with them. I proceed with consideration and sensitivity to both partners’ feelings, needs, and issues. Initially, and understandably so, some may feel awkward coming to have private sessions with me. Though usually, within a short time, most people find me to be very comforting and supportive.

I honor and hold your relationship with great respect and consideration, especially when both partners are not present during the session. I make a special effort to help a woman feel at ease with me. My position is to support the couple, as they clear the path between sex and heart, with one another. When that is accomplished great love, sex, and all the rest follows.

If they are having difficulties relating, sometimes it may be best to work with each partner separately, to help shed emotional layers carried over from the past. This creates more space for present time love and fulfillment.

For most couples, the first session can easily go into three or more hours. During this time, we establish a deep foundation of trust and a rapport that will allow true intimate expression between the couple.

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