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Each session is as unique as you are!

We will begin by exploring your desires and intentions. We’ll discuss  and explore powerful practices that can help you experience prolonged pleasures of the body through breathwork, so you can enjoy more and longer.   We’ll customize sessions that suit you and your specific needs.

Washing away the tensions of the day, will bring you into a relaxed and receptive state.

We will stretch in partner yoga to open our body and clear our mind from blocks that restrict energy flow. When these road blocks melt away, natural ecstasy can flow freely throughout our body.

I will gently guide you on a sensual, nourishing journey within. In an environment that promotes heightened pleasure with soft lights, candles and soothing music.

Aromatherapy and other sensual treats will awaken your body, heart, mind and soul with joyous pleasure.

I’m here to guide you to connect consistently with your own source of love and pleasure.  You will be guided to open to your sacred erotic nature.

You will awaken a turned-on state of consciousness that you will empower all you do!

This journey has two stages: 

Stage one: awakens your own powerful pleasure potential.

Stage two: provides teachings and practices for pleasing your partner.

The first session begins with an intake and a brief introduction to an amazing journey. I will guide you to deeply relax so you can receive fully: body, mind and soul.

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