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Each session is as unique as you are!


Personal Sexploration will help you explore and express your needs and interests, as well as your challenges.

The first session begins with an introduction by phone or Zoom where we assess your situation. And discuss what you want to work on.

We will begin by exploring your desires and intentions along with what blocks you from having all you desire.

We’ll discuss and explore powerful practices that can help you experience prolonged pleasures and deep intimacy.

Using guided breath and bodywork to help you relax and enjoy more.

If we’re working remotely you will touch yourself in these ways.

When we’re together, I will guide your partner if working with couples, and we will touch you in stereo.

When it’s just you and I we will touch and explore together.

With touch exchange you can learn give to your significant other with confident skills.

We’ll customize a program to suit you and your specific needs.


Water washes away the tensions of the day, and bring you into a relaxed, open state.

We will stretch to open our body and clear our mind from blocks that restrict energy flow.

As these blocks melt away, energy of arousal and orgasm can flow freely throughout our body.

I will gently guide you on a sensual, nourishing journey within.

In an environment that promotes heightened pleasure with soft lights, candles and soothing music.  Aromatherapy and other sensual treats will awaken your body, heart, mind and soul with joyous pleasure. {When virtual, if you provide the ambience.}

I’m can be your guide to connect you with your own source of love and pleasure, to help you explore and open to your sacred erotic nature.

We’ll tap into a turned-on state of consciousness that will heal and empower you body, mind and soul.

I will guide you to explore, awaken, expand your ecstasy and channel your O-Energy into empowerment.

To book a personal, private phone consultation:

Submit your request for a Personal Sexploration and we’ll be in touch! 

PS: SPAM filters are getting too aggressive with censoring sexual content. Especially slang, so please use clinical terms or creative code. Do check your spam folders if you haven’t heard from me in a few days.  Unfortunately, I sometimes find your profile and other correspondence in spam filters, so I try to check often. But in case it slips by me, please send me a reminder.