Wish List

Just in case you’d like to surprise me with a gift, I love to receive:

Fragrant Flowers: lilies, large and small… large tulips… bird of paradise, ginger, tuberose and other exotic flowers.

I love pure mineral water… and other fine spring waters are always welcome. I enjoy Champagne, for any occasion… in cold weather, I liked a full bodied red like Pinot, Barolo or Merlot… and Hot Sake!

Dark chocolates, organic fruits like mangoes, grapes and cherries…

Silk lingerie, 36B medium… favorite colors: black, ivory or white, red, purple and strong jewel tones. I love to sleep in men’s silk shirts.

I collect gems, crystals, perfume bottles, sensual oils, candles… I love exotic slippers, materials and art from distant lands. I love surprises!