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Mission Statement

I am committed to helping heal our planet through every man, woman and couple as they clear within themselves the fear and shame of sexual intimacy and body bliss.  I endeavor to help reawaken the spirit of sacred sexuality!  For in exulting sexual expression as sacred, rather than lewd, it allows for a greater understanding of our high purpose and power in this life.  For when we learn to master our sexual desires and channel this energy toward love and high intentions, orgasm becomes a blessing.  And it empowers our visions and our lives!

My mission is to assist all who wish to live a natural, healthy, organic and orgasmic life; teaming with passion and pleasure.  Increasing our libido, the vital creative life force, ensures us of good health and happiness.  I pray that the overflow of this abundant love; bathe and bless the world around us.

I love to help people awaken to a great state of wholeness within their heart, body, mind and soul.  Through understanding and aligning with the source of pure pleasure, our life forces may nourish, strengthen and empower every aspect of our existence; revealing that everything is connected.  When a person is fulfilled emotionally and sexually, their confidence increases, along with their drive to be successful, and for the right reasons which is to share the wealth, rather than to try and fill a void.

My intention is to be a sensitive and caring guide helping you who come to me, to understand and deepen your capacity to love, through the sacred union of sex and spirit.

I seek to provide a balanced and deep understanding of the path of Tantric, conscious loving.   The more people experience intimate love, unbridled passion and limitless pleasure, the more we will all experience Heaven on Earth.

So be it.