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Is a Sex Surrogate Right for You? by Michelle Burford

Originally published in AOL Health
Mare Simone
is in a decidedly unconventional — and sometimes controversial — line of work. Simone, 54, is a tantra sex educator (someone who helps people prolong and relish their lovemaking) and sex surrogate. For the last two decades, Simone has had intimate physical contact with clients who pay her between $100 and $200 a session, to help them restore their sexual vibrancy, overcome dysfunction or learn how to be better givers and receivers of pleasure. (more…)


The Unrepentant Voyeur – Nectar of the Goddess by Russ Farrell

Originally carried in Penthouse Magazine (Mare is quoted near the end of the article)
A cop recently asked me a question. No, it wasn’t what did I think I was doing driving 65 in a school zone. That was a different cop. This one, aware of my connection to this informative publication, wanted to know whether female ejaculation was fact or fiction. The thing is, I wasn’t able to answer his question based on personal experience. None of my sexual partners has ever ejaculated, at least not with me. Some have gotten Wonder-bread moist. A few, I dare say, have even gotten wet. But not a one has emitted that radiant geyser of jism that I’ve seen featured in porn videos. (more…)


Tantra: A Goldmine of Sacred Enlightenment

Originally carried in La Chispa Magazine...
When you hear the word “tantra”, what comes to mind? A bubble bath for two, a candlelight massage, and a sensual escapade? Some forms of the media often present Tantra (also known as Sacred Sexuality) as an exotic version of sex. So, what’s happened to the “Sacred” in Sacred Sexuality? No wonder people are confused. (more…)