Chakra Contact

Chakra Contact ~

Ecstasy in Motion!

Sacred, intimate journey… invites you to Explore YOUR Ecstasy

Chakra – an energy vortex in the body which stores and emanates concentrated energy, especially when focused upon or in contact with another.
Chakras are situated along the spinal canal and correspond to the major organs and the endocrine system within our body. 

Chakras are highly erogenous zones, which can produce profound, healing energies and ecstasy, when activated consciously!

We will explore:

Body-Mandalas with principles of yoga, massage, dance and fun “floor-play”

Positions and circuits which will connect and expand physical awareness through energy activations

Connecting with inner guidance and flowing while meditating on the energy and imagery of chakras

You will learn how to:

Develop your intuitive nature while diving deeply into pure energy and pools of pleasure

Journey deep into conscious connection to the source within you and with another!

Channel orgasmic energy towards healing, self actualization and manifestations.

This will help you:

Feel more energetic, orgasmic and turned on to life; which is both healing and pleasurable!

Explore ways that you can connect, heal and awaken full body awareness, with a partner (or student).

Discover and expand orgasmic energies throughout your entire body, heart and soul!

This practice can provide continuous healing and ongoing ecstasy!

CHOOSE how you WISH to channel it!

You will be guided to direct this bliss to infuse your life in whatever areas you choose!

Or just be bathed in bliss, & let it follow its natural course

See site or YouTube for videos and workshops Mare led

Or visit:– your comments are welcomed

Bring: a sheet or large [beach] towel to lie on.

>> If you have a futon or mat to bring, please inform <<

Wear: comfortable, exercise clothes, or swim suits.

Note: I want to video and/or photograph this body of work and seek couples who would be photographed.

Monetary compensation and/or private sessions or business partnership in exchange.  I’m negotiable and wish to create a win-win!

If interested to participate, please send your contact info and photo to : +/or call Mare 760/271-7118

Private Sessions are available for individuals or couples in Chicago until August 31st by appt

Please visit: for more details, and arrange for a free consultation.

When:  Sunday, July 25th – 1 to 5 PM

Where: private residence in Highland Park, Illinois [just north of Chicago]

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