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Tantric Secrets to Last Longer in Sex
So SHE Will Be Yours Forever!
Want to know how to keep the coals glowing at the core of your love connection? Last longer and luxuriate in hours of ecstasy? How can pleasure grow like a sea at high tide?

With skill and guidance, you can learn to ride the waves for hours! It starts in your heart and your ability to relax deeply, while aroused.

The more you can maintain that balance between excitement and ease, the more pleasure you and your partner can receive! You are most loveable when you are naturally you. And it’s really hot, when you are tuned in and turned on from the inside out.

Most people hold their breath at the edge of orgasm. Perhaps we fear losing control, so we hold back. Men often tell me that they have to think about something else to distract themselves to avoid feeling too much.

Commonly, they also hold their breath in an effort to avoid feeling more pleasure than
they can handle and thereby “going over the top.””

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to work with it masterfully?

Like a magician with his magic wand!
“Transform 6 inches of intense sensations into 6 feet of immense pleasure!”

Would it surprise you to know that you can transform 6 inches of intense sensations into
6 feet of immense pleasure by breathing it in and spreading it around? And, did you know that holding your breath can actually cut off a lot of pleasure that could potentially fill your whole body?

You can enable your ENTIRE BODY to enjoy orgasm!! So, which do you want, 6 inches or 6 feet of profound pleasure?

Breathe deeply and allow your body to feel EVERY sensation. Experience the implosion of energy filling you as you breathe it in and up into pure bliss.

Breathing deeply, along with expressing sighs and sounds of pleasure, can open the gateways that allow the sensations of good loving to expand and spread throughout the
entire body. This practice can help men feel more pleasure and sexual satisfaction before
releasing. This can be very helpful for men who come sooner than they want to. It’s also a
great alternative for those who disconnect by thinking about something else in an effort to
not ejaculate too soon.

Wouldn’t you like to fully feel your orgasmic sensations rather than focus on distracting techniques such as thinking about baseball scores or counting continents?!!!

Use all your senses: Smell, Touch, Hearing, Sight, Taste. FULLY FEEL the depths of all these feelings as if there is nothing else more important in the world than this. Shine a spotlight on this moment and feel it fully, be completely here now, nowhere else, this is it. When you do that it can be the best tonic for your health and vitality.

Rather than going for the goal of climax, let the delicious orgasmic sensations be a dynamic vibration that permeates your cells and rejuvenates your entire being. Tap into the build up BEFORE the climax. This is your key to a much more gratifying experience, nourishing both of you with rejuvenating life-forces.

This exhilarating afterglow can linger for days!
It’s a well-known fact, and often a source of great frustration among lovers, that men and women have deferent sexual cycles. Men are hardwired to reach a climax quickly in order to procreate… women on the other hand tap in more easily to their capacity for expanded states of prolonged sexual pleasure! A woman’s sexual nature is slow to ignite and can burn significantly longer. This usually leaves a sense of dissatisfaction in bed for both partners.

Tantra has a perfect solution to bring together these oppositions and create happy harmony, in and out of bed. Becoming skilled in these ways can provide a whole new realm of connection between you and your partner. Here are some Tantric tips that can bring you more into alignment with one another:

1. Set your intentions by in a designated sacred space for loving ~ this is a time to be together; body and soul. Set the stage for intimacy in ways that feel sensitive to each other and open to exploring the new exciting and tender terrain. Turn off the TV, phones and other distractions. Put on some slow, sensual music. Soft lighting with candles can create a sensual ambience
designed to relax and put you in an open frame of mind. Draw a nice warm bath or shower together to wash away the stresses of the day. Creating an environment for loving can make a world of deference.

Be sure to designate enough time for your union. Set an intention that this is your special time with no distractions. Begin your celebration of love by looking into each other’s eyes, gently placing your hand on the other’s heart and connecting deeply and slowly.

2. Breathe deeply ~ the deeper you breathe, the more deeply you’ll feel. It’s amazing to gaze into one another’s eyes and synchronize your breath while you caress… Breathe in the touch. Having awareness of your breath, in unison with your partner, harmonizes your rhythm and heart rate so you can feel what your partner is feeling. Make
love as a communion of souls becoming one. When your breath is in harmony with your partner’s,
your awareness will become an open gateway to share the most intimate connection. The more you breathe, the more you can receive! Breathe pleasure deeply into every organ. Breathe deeply and expand every sensation. Visualize your entire body sparkling, radiating the light of aroused, erotic awareness.
3. Express your feelings of pleasure ~ the sounds of love are music to the soul. Don’t worry if it wakes someone up. By expressing your feelings of ecstasy with soft sounds or moans, laughter or tears, even wild roars, you inform your whole body of this pleasure. This of course also informs your partner of your delight which most likely will kindle the flames. …
Expressing your passion with joyful sounds can open a direct channel of communication that can profoundly elevate the mood. Keeping your feelings to yourself while remaining silent during lovemaking inhibits the passion between you.

Expression expands your capacity to feel more pleasure in what’s known as a full body orgasm. Exercise: If loud sounds would be a problem, try moaning in to your lover’s mouth with open lips sealed together so that no sound seeps outside. The delicious sounds will resonate deeply down into your bones! Moan together and harmonize your sound; it can create quite a buzzing, tingling turn-on sensation that channels energy throughout your body, along your spine and out the top of your head or down to your toes and fingertips. This is an initiation that may surprise you if you’ve never experienced it before. Try it together with a partner and you’ll find that it helps you orgasm together! It can get so good that you don’t know whose orgasm you’re experiencing because it’s mutual!

Most people find this sounding into each other very exciting as it resonates up and down the spine and can potentially activate a whole lot of pleasure! Expression is the most important key to remember. It’s through sound that you increase the volume and length of
orgasms, so if you want to skillfully surf the waves of love and pleasure, ride the sound waves, expressing your pleasure… and your partners! Tone and laugh together celebrating the goodness you feel.

4. Move with the pleasure, invite it in and up ~ undulate your spine slowly and sensually — feel every nuance of deliciousness between you, especially during intercourse. As pleasure increases, rather than following the instinct of charging along the fast-track to the finish, slow down and deliberately feel more. Allow the woman to take the lead – give her the reins guys. She’ll take you to places that you may never have imagined. As you feel her pleasure quicken, remain slow and deliberate until she urges you on. A man can learn to become multi-orgasmic by following his woman’s lead.

Explore rhythms that satisfy both of you, but men keep yourself at an intensity level of 7, on a scale of 1 to 10. That’s where you feel really good but you know you’re not going to come. For men who have a tendency to come sooner than they would like to, allowing your woman to take the lead and put your attention on what she’s experiencing may bring revelation and greater depths of pleasure for both partners. Following her lead can help you both become more satisfied, especially if she knows her body well. And it can definitely help a man to delay his urge to release.
In many cases, women don’t require a lot of friction and hard fast thrusting to experience orgasm. And sometimes rock-hard intensity can cause the opposite effect for her, if that’s the only thrusting style he uses. It may cause her to contract, in order to protect her tender parts if
a man is too aggressive in the beginning. Once a woman is relaxed, aroused and juicy, a wilder, rough play of pleasure can happen. If her body is erotically awake and responsive, she will enjoy a variety of strokes, some very subtle and deeply nourishing, like a meditation on pleasure it brings every cell into alignment with good feeling.

Exploring the whole spectrum of sensation from the subtle/internal to deep, primal passion can be very satisfying for both partners who are being present to one another in this shared

Enjoy these Four Foundations and celebrate your lovemaking as an expression of erotic, ecstatic pleasure that satisfies your whole being.

By: Mare Simone, CTE Certified Tantra Educator Mare Simone is a pioneer in the field of exploring Tantra and enlightened sexual loving. Her Tantra profession began in the mid-80s, after a yearlong teacher training and initiation in Tantra Kriya Yoga, with Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha.

Mare is a Certified Sex Surrogate since 1986 during her apprenticeship with D. Michael Perry MFCC. She is a featured surrogate in a video with him entitled, “Sexual Secrets, A Surrogates Guide to Great Sex.” In 1993, she began an extended apprenticeship and practice with Charles and Caroline Muir. As an advanced CTE through their Source School of Tantra, she continues to co-facilitate at their seminars and works privately with the students there.

Mare has been on TV in HBO’s, Real Sex… The Playboy Channel… British ITV… E! Entertainment … The Learning Channel, Discovery and the ABC News. She appears in the popular Tantra video, produced by “Ancient Secrets, for Modern Lovers.” She was also featured in a few documentaries on Swedish TV Coaching couples on greater passion, love, sex and intimacy.

Mare currently leads seminars and maintains an ongoing private practice with clients across the globe. She lives in Southern California and tours the US and abroad. Please see the calendar to find out about Mares tours or inquire by e-mail to learn out how you can sponsor Mare to rendezvous with you.