Private Session Info

Thank you for your interest in exploring tantra with me. It’s a profound and exquisite experience that I truly love to share. Once we get acquainted I can assure you of a very discrete, personal and intimate connection.

Please read and reply to the following profile and intentions forms, and then we can arrange to have a phone consultation and your personalized discuss sessions. I will be glad to answer any questions that you have when we speak.

The first session includes an intake and an introduction to the profound principles of pleasure. I will guide you into deep relaxation so you can receive fully: body, mind and soul into expanding awareness.

Yoga stretches, sensuous, healing touch therapy… blended with guided imagery to help you relax you in expanded states of pleasure that will radiate throughout your body!

You will awaken a state of bliss within you that you will learn to cultivate and grow.

Phone sessions and e-mail correspondence including an ongoing correspondence course are other means of continuing the journey in between meetings.

Before we meet, I request a Profile & Application  from you.  Express your aspirations so that I can design our sessions to best suit your specific interests and needs.

Please disclose what ever you feel is relevant to our working together.

What is your biggest challenge in your love life?  What gets in the way?

Then we will arrange to speak on the phone so that we can discuss your journey in depth. I offer you a complementary consultation over the phone, by appointment.

Everything you share with me is strictly confidential. I value your honesty and respect your privacy.

Rates: My suggested tribute is $550 for the first 2 hour introduction ~ then $200 per hr, for additional hours.

I offer custom Packages when you are ready for a major shift or transformation in your love-life. Consider a VIP day or or several day Get-Away!

Please tell me about yourself: your personal challenges, desires, hopes and fears.

Thank you again for your interest and I look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs. It is a great honor for me to help you empower your life with love and pleasure.

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