S£X Reimagined – What is Possible?

I discovered profoundly DEEP states within me along with new depths of expanding O’s. I’m delighted to say that I never stop learning. 

So, I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be sharing much more on that in this great gathering of Sexperts. I invite you to join us and learn from the best!

S£x Reimagined Summit — JULY 11th- 22nd, AND it’s FREE!!

I’m sharing my most recent and passionate discoveries around cervical orgasms, as part of it, Stay tuned to find out more. (Or just reply and I’ll tell you more, privately.)

So, if you are feeling stuck or at a loss for inspiration in your intimate life…

Have you been having routine s£x, unsatisfying s£x, or no s£x at all for far too long?

I’ve got a solution for you! It’s all about reimagining what’s possible when it comes to your s£xuality.

I was recently invited to speak on an interview series, on Cervical Orgasms as a Portal to Profound Pleasure! This interview series is one that I know is going to make a huge impact on the way we as human beings relate to our s£xuality.

And because this is my next level, I thought it was so perfect to share this publicly for the first time on the S£x Reimagined Summit.

Let me introduce you to the Hosts of the event: Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown

Collectively they bring over 40 years of experience, as they blend the ancient arts of Tantra Yoga and Taoist S£xology.

Dr. Willow and Leah are birthing the S£x Reimagined Summit (followed by ongoing Podcasts).

Our aim is to inspire, reignite and reimagine what it means for you to have a thriving love life, because they know it’s the fastest, most pleasurable path to healing your body and soul.

They’ve brought together over 20+ leading S£xsperts, so that you can hear a myriad of perspectives, ideas and possibilities when it comes to expanding your s£xual repetior!

I’m so excited to speak at THIS summit!

Myself along with the 20+ other speakers will be opening up a conversation about how we can reimagine our relationship to s£x, how we talk about it, how we think about it and how we approach it. Share this event with your friends!

The fun begins JULY 11th- 22nd, AND if you enroll now, it’s FREE!

You will get access to all the leading Sexperts in the field of health, sexuality and spirituality.

Guest S£xperts Include:

Charles Muir (Originator of Sacred Spot Massage)

Alison Armstrong (Author & originator of Celebrating Men Understanding Women)

Ian Ferguson (Master Trainer of Erotic Blueprint)

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (founder of the flourishing Institute of NY)

Sheri Winston (Author of Anatomy of Arousal)

Mare Simone, (Sex Coach & Initiatress of the Sacred Tantric Arts)

Plus 15 others!

For a full list of all the Powerful S£xperts click here.

Join us in this juicy conversation

ENROLL HERE, Free to Join!

So you can enjoy it from the privacy of your own home.

See you there!! Mare

Goddess Swap – Tantra Talk, Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork… Women Only!

Sisters love

Details & Register here

2 – 3pm: Gather. Greet and Eat!
3 – 5pm: Tantra Time: Talk and experiential practices to awaken and activate our Bliss Bodies.

Come early to help setup and get first pick in the giveaway. I’ve got tons of clothes, music CDs and books to give! Go home with treasures and new friends.

Goddess Girl-Talk on deep topics of love, sexual healing, and Tantra sex tips. Fire breath orgasm, and sacred spot massage.

I’m feeling called to form a core group of women to meet regularly. Larger circles too.

This event is for Women only, because I want to get to know you and empand my juicy rich Women’s Tantra tribe with local LA ladies.

I envision us doing deep Tantric, empowering work with one another. If you feel called, please come!

BRING: Clothes, accessories, decor and fun stuff you’re ready to clean out of your scene. * NEED: PORTABLE CLOTHES RACK or MIRRORS Please! Can never have too many!

* Excess stuff will be donated to charities that support abused Women.

$20 – Donation appreciated -or-
FREE – When you Bring HEALTHY finger foods & HELP where needed, instead. Volunteer!

HELP WANTED: TECH, IT Help in organizing and promoting this and a few other Meetup groups.

ASSISTANTS: Local or Virtual! Savvy Social Media Marketing. Email. Newsletter etc.
Location: South LA near downtown. Address given upon registration.

>> If you can host a future event, let me know.  Free for Host and 1 or 2 friends!  Seeking compatible, environments in LA.

Details & Register here


Tantra/Tao Retreat in Thailand Jan 2-26, 2016

Thailand Vacation Retreat| Come for a Day or More | Celebration of LOVE
Sex, Energy and Ecstatic Love — Meeting of the Masters at Tao Gardens

In this seminar you will learn esoteric and exotic practices of sexual love, which transforms sex into a profound, loving meditation overflowing with energy, passion and intimacy. Now you can learn from the foremost teachers of Tantra Yoga and Taoist lovemaking as they teach the ancient secret arts of sacred sexuality from China and India.

Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia is recognized as the world’s authority on Taoist sexual practices. He is the author of the best-seller, The Multi-Orgasmic Man, in addition to twenty-five books on Qigong. He has integrated Chinese Taoist practices of sexual and energetic cultivation. He has introduced a global audience to the profound and timeless wisdom of the Tao, “The Way.” It has been said: “Master Chia has demonstrated his expertise in the field of medicine, Taoist yoga, sexual mystery and martial arts in such a way that he feeds a medicinal and mystical understanding to the practice that can only stimulate the practitioners of this art to a deeper involvement.”

Tantra Master Charles Muir has been a leading yoga teacher since 1968 and is regarded as the pioneer of the modern Tantra movement. His Sacred Spot Massage technique,Tantric insights, and experiential exercises have become the foundation of Tantra Yoga instruction worldwide. He is also quoted in over 125 books on sex,Tantra,yoga, and relationship.

If you’re up for a transformational adventure to start the year off right, join me on a 9 day sensuous retreat of serenity and healing in Enchanting Thailand for a meeting with the Masters: Charles Muir founder of The Source School of Tantra Yoga and well know author will be presenting with Master Mantak Chia founder of the world renouned Taoist Retreat Center — with state of the art treatments for pampering yourself and getting on the right track for making 2016 an amazing year of healthy, sexy living YOUR Passions!

See videos here
For Singles & Couples, All Skill Levels Welcome

I will be offering private sessions in Thailand during the segments of time off to help you explore and enjoy the practices you will be learning. It would be my pleasure to support you in this ever unfolding journey into expanding your personal passions into powerful pleasure and a magical love life!

If you have questions about this event, contact Solla:> Please tell her I sent you. Be sure to find me there so I can give you a special hug.

NOTE: If you replied with interest in this and didn’t hear from me, my apologies there was a glitch in my system. PLEASE reply again so we can connect ASAP! ❤

I will also host customized private sessions in Thailand till Jan 26th. You could meet me for a personal retreat and combine a number of services from this highly evolved, state of the art spa along with, or without the Seminar.

I will be offering Tantra Sessions | Passion Immersion Experiences during and after the seminar, for a full or more… Click to learn more and spark your passions in Thailand in Jan!!!

If you are traveling from afar, and would like to stay longer than a day, I can help you find great low-cost accommodations very near the Gardens.

I hope to see you here or there!

I am in N.LA, Agoura Hills, CA ~ Nov 26th – Jan 2

Hawaiian Tantra Festival ~ Ecstatic Event! ~ Jan 2-6, 2016

I will be leading a luscious workshop on Pleasuring Men with my yummy partner Mick at
The Sex and Consciousness Festival!

In the company of other Tantra, Yoga and Dance Teachers and lots of conscious, loving people, you’ll discover your Passion in Paradise!

If you feel called to join us — Please do! And tell them I sent you!!
I will give you a warm, melting hug when I see you there!

I’ll ALSO give you a FREE 45 minute phone session to help you IGNITE YOUR PASSIONS! >>> If you send me a digital copy of your receipt when you signup.<<<

Workshops will take place throughout the festival at Kalani Honua Resort. You’ll have the possibility of attending up to 3 workshops each day, plus your choice of a morning yoga or meditation to start each day from a grounded place. Workshops will encompass many approaches to Tantra, Spiritual Sexuality, Conscious Sensuality, Touch, Personal Development and Embodied Movement presented by passionate teachers excited to pass on their knowledge and ideas to you.

Evenings will be filled with music, dance, rituals and entertainment, bringing our Ecstatic Community together in Ecstatic Communion!Tantra is the Art of weaving Love and Life, Sex and Spirit, Consciousness and Embodiment.

Accept this invitation to explore these connections with us. We’ve planned 5 unforgettable days and 4 steamy nights with a focused intention to step into our purpose, our power, and our pleasure. Experience world-renowned teachers in a magical setting with DJ’s, Yogis, and Musicians leading Rituals and Performances designed to elevate the spirit and celebrate the power of love.

With heart and mind expanding workshops, embodied movement and dance, grounding yoga and meditation, and exciting special events, this is a not-to-be-missed gathering that is sure to be fun, sexy, educational and transformative.

We’ve called together a diverse faculty of internationally renowned teachers and leaders in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and related arts. We want you to ask yourself: What is useful to you in your life? Your spirituality? Your sexuality? How can sexuality serve to increase your awareness, your love, your compassion, and your life-force energy?

Check out what these passionate teachers have to share with you to help you answer these questions and bring you into a more intimate relationship with yourself and all of life!

Visit the Facebook Event Page to see who else will be there. It looks like over 100 beautiful people already signed up already. They are expecting 200! Including me Will you joins us?!

creative-dance Couple Wall (shutterstock_110189621)

Please remember to tell them Mare sent you. And then be sure to find me as I can give you your MELTING HUG!!


PE to PIE! – Tantra PIE!

Passion Immersion Experience is a deep, fully immersed experience of private coaching and guidance into your personal realms of inner-peace, pleasure and passionate empowerment.

We are all motivated to either move towards pleasure or away from pain. Living in your passion means focusing on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. Passion brings desire and juice that fuels your journey. With passion you can be recharged with exhilarating energy, from your core.

We have all been taught to constrict and limit our pleasure potential. Here you will learn to expand your horizons by releasing whatever holds you back so that you can embrace pleasure and bathe in its sweetness.

This journey will focus on immersing you in all total presence with passion and pleasure we can arouse with an intense focus on your receiving until you are fully immersed in bliss! It’s a renewal experience, like a total cleaning of your body and mind. Creating more space for pleasure is like a full-body reboot which awakens and aligns you with your center.

Being centered and fully present in your body heart and mind provides the greatest opportunities for enormous growth and profound intimacy. Feeling seen and seeing deeply into one another. From that state you will learn how to empower your partner with pleasure…

Women have a vast capacity to dive deep into the realms of unlimited pleasure and multiple O’s. Trained men have this ability too. Most of us never learned how to enjoy intimate and erotic pleasures. And most men need training to be able to ride high waves for a long time!

Explore the inner/outer game of sexual-self-mastery and be filled with powerful rejuvenating energies!

Passion Immersion Experience Menu:
Half day Passion Immersion Experience – 3 hr session & snacks $700

Full-day Passion Immersion Experience- 6 hr session & meal $1197

3-day PIE Passion Immersion Experience & some meals $2997

Healthy meals prepared by my loving hands. Some co-created meals to promote the value of getting rich nutrition for a radiant high libido lifestyle.

**Sexy Super Foods** – Nourishment is an important part of the practice. We will prepare food and eat consciously with highly nutritional, yet yummy super foods that nourish our bodies and give us potent fuel that will enable us to sustain prolonged and heightened states of pleasure-filled energy.

All sessions include a followup phone or Skype session.
Contact me for a complementary consultation and to reserve your space at


Mare Simone A,CTE is a Personal Passion Coach certified in advanced levels of Tantra and Sexual Healing. She is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and also certified as a Sex-Surrogate Partner. For full bio click here.

Mare’s Calender ~ March – May 2012

Can we rendezvous?

NOW till Fri March 30 – Agoura, CA 
Mar 30 – Apr 3 ~Desert Hot Springs, CA  *Areolas*  ~  A Tantric Oasis just 2 hrs from LA or SD *
APR 4-5 ~ Agoura, CA  
APR 6-11 ~ **  So. FLA Boca Raton w/ Nova Jade **
APR 11-12 ~ LA, CA
APR 12 -16 ~ Agoura, CA  
APR 16 – 25 ~ Honolulu, Hawaii 
APR 26 – 30 ~ Agoura, CA
MAY 1-3 ~ SD or Desert, CA  open to the flow…
MAY 5-13 or more ~*** Esalen No CA ***
MAY 14-24~ San Diego, CA
MAY 24-28 ~ Agoura, CA
May 29 – beyond ~ OPEN! I SEEK temp Home or House-Sit (ideally West US and I am open to many possibilities.)
Mutual win-situations —  for a month or more.  I wish to be focused and still long enough to write / publish!   ANGELS … OFFERS …   Thank you! Bless and Bliss YOU!
Total Tantra Immersions offered to the host/hostess! Let’s Create wonderful WIN-WIN’s!  I love pets and plants! Great References too!!
* Areola's Tantra Resort
Desert Hot Springs, CA
See me and stay a day/night
Delicious delight for the senses!
Clothing optional Tantric Spa
** Boca -solo & w/ beautiful Jade.
-- for the advanced & adventurous!
>>> Jade's site - click <<<

*** May 6-12 -Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA
Assisting Charles Muir and Leah Alchin A,CTE
(Dates are subject to change until confirmed
with a deposit.)

Spring Magic:
 It is a time for rebirth, entering into the wonder of life.  It is time for lovers to emerge from their hibernation and find each other, to come out of the cave, dreamers wake up and start living their dreams.
We are all connected to and activated by the energy of the earth, the changing seasons, the full moon and the equinox.

Seven-Day Honeymoon-Style Vacation Workshops

Join Charles Muir and staff for a seminar you will treasure for a lifetime. This relaxed seven-day honeymoon-style Vacation Workshop is for new students, people who have taken the weekend course and graduates who want to immerse themselves again in this extraordinary energy field of healing and awakening.

We cover all of our beginner weekend course information in greater depth, with many more experiential exercises and homeplay assignments. We also cover some profound new intermediate techniques. The Vacation Workshop schedule also incorporates plenty of time for sightseeing.

We will have highly trained and experienced associates available to assist you throughout the seminar with optional professional massages and private tantra healing sessions. Registration is limited to only 15 couples so sign up now to ensure your place and get the style of accommodation you wish. No explicit sexual activity takes place in class.

Come relax and regenerate in the best vacation of your life!

Calendar of Events

Win a FREE Love & Intimacy Makeover!

Is your love life how you would like to be?  Do you want more love… greater intimacy?  Are you coachable?  Willing to be authentic and share your process for others to learn and grow from?  Would you like to be a success story and document the journey?

Yes!!? Register now to win up to a year of  free love and intimacy coaching with Mare Simone A,CTE  Advanced, Certified Tantra Educator and her associates.

We will be video and/or audio record at various times during and after sessions.   You can determine what to use and what you want to be private. The purpose is to to create real footage of real people having really profound breakthroughs in heart and body awareness.   All footage will be tastefully shot and edited to be sensually rich and educational. Your personal account of awakening love and pleasure to higher octaves, enlightens others who have similar issues [but who may not be as brave].  Others can learn vicariously through you, by witnessing and relating to you.

Take a quantum leap in your love and sex life, allow me to guide you into a luscious realm of the senses where your whole being will be renewed in the power of pure love and pleasure.

Contact Mare to apply.

Tell us why you should win this prize.  State what you want to explore and develop and how this may positively impact your life.  Please send some head-shots of you [and your partner, if you are in relationship].  This offer is open to men, women and couples.

Here’s a trailer of my work with a couple, on Strange-Sex – The Darlings see Sex Surrogate, Mare Simone. [sorry about the 30 sec ad at the start-up.]

Mare with The Darlings — On ‘Strange-Sex‘ – airs Apr 10,11

On The Learning Channel – TV, shot in Carlsbad CA  Jan/11

Meet the Darlings

They did a lot of clearing and growing during those 3 days.  More footage has been shot since then and is being edited as we speak! STAY TUNED for continuing progress as it unfolds.

Nervous System and Fast Responses

Hear Mare discuss the role the nervous system plays in our sexual lives. (1:24)

[audio:NervousSystemandFastResponses.mp3] spacer