Tantra for Women – Awaken the Beauty Within

“Deflowering” and “losing” your virginity are common terms that negatively describe the awakening of a woman’s sacred chambers of creation, love, and pleasure.

“Re-Flowering” empowers Your Yoni as a Sacred Temple of Love, to reclaim its original state of purity; free of trauma, shame, pain, or fear.

I feel called to gather a core group of women who wish to grow, heal and explore the sacred spaces within, in a safe container of woman only. I am also called to give couples events and coaching, as needed.

  • We’ll discuss love, desire, pleasure, orgasms, and sexual issues.
  • Yoni Talk – Women Healing Women by exploring our depths together.
  • Learn Tantra and Tao Healing techniques that recharge you and fill you with light energy!
  • Learn and explore with practices to help you access your deepest O.
  • Take-away luscious discoveries while awakening your sexuality
  • Tantric pleasures heal and awaken you. Meet new friends too!

Join our woman’s group and get private invitations to:

Bring your friends, lovers and others who would enjoy this community.

If you desire more personal support:
Apply here: TantraMare@Gmail.com.
Women. Men. Couples and Groups

Virtually & in Los Angeles, CA.

Travel options are road trips.

Can a Man Really Be Multi-Orgasmic?

This is the question that I get asked the most.

It is possible that a man can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. It’s not about withholding the orgasm, as some staunch traditionalists or unenlightened people might think; it’s really about diverting the ejaculation, inward and outward so that it turns into streams of pleasurable energy that can look and feel orgasmic, but without the release! Through deep relaxation and focus of the mind a man can become not just Multi-Orgasmic… but also Full Body Orgasmic! (more…)

Full-Body Oh! – Talk with Mare Simone & Dr.Vito Hemphill

Did you ever wish you could come again only to find your body not willing?

Do you want to last longer in bed?

YOU CAN have more fun… relax enjoy more of pleasure AND…

Totally satisfy your partners deepest desires!!

YOU CAN!  Learn to keep the passion glowing and intimacy grows deeper and sweeter year after year.


They just need to learn how!  It doesn’t come ‘naturally’ without some effort and investment of time — but what fun the efforts can be and sooooo rewarding for both partners!

Hear an engaging talk between Mare Simone A,CTE and Dr. Vito Hemphill.  Your comments and questions are welcomed:   (more…)

The Final Key

Hear Mare discuss the key to fulfilling lovemaking. (3:12)

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