Sex Reimagined Summit 2.0 – JUNE 19-26

We can all use more inspiration when it comes to our love life. Reimagining your sexuality begins with learning to love, cherish, and meet yourself at an intimate level, then bringing the deep connection you have with yourself to your relationship with your partner.

Have you ever wished you could have the kind of passion, intimacy and love you see other partners having?

Imagine working through the shame, embarrassment, guilt and perpetual disappointment that keeps you from this kind of intimacy.

Can you imagine opening your body up to more pleasure, more sensation, and more energy?

All the while evolving on a soul level, so that you can transcend the emotional tidal waves that external circumstances will inevitably bring?

If so, then you’ll want to check out my interview with Dr. Willow and Leah Piper at The Sex Reimagined Global Summit 2.0


The S/x Reimagined Summit 2.0 is geared toward individuals and couples who are ready to level up, expand and grow in their love lives. This is your opportunity to step into the immaculate confidence you need in order to reinvent what s/x means for you.

I’ve been graciously invited to speak amongst some of the most soulful, heart-centered, leading s/xperts, doctors and guides in the sacred s/x industry, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my expertise among some of these leaders

🎤 Susan Bratton
🎤 Alison Armstrong
🎤 Charles Muir
🎤 Lee Holden
🎤 Sheri Winston

This 8 day summit will broadcast two to three interviews each day ( don’t worry on where to find them either, the interviews will be sent straight to your inbox each morning for you to watch or listen ), so get ready to fill your mind, heart and soul with ALL kinds of inspiration and new possibilities for your love life.

This event is totally FREE!

We kick off on June 19th, so it’s best to save your seat RIGHT NOW.

If you’re as busy as me, you’ll be glad that there is a lifetime access VIP bundle to these interviews, which includes:

➕ Lifetime access to all of the interviews, so that you can watch them anytime and re-watch as needed.

➕ Bonus #1 – “How to Give a Tantric Ritual to a Man” a step-by-step training on how to love your man up and down in a way he has not experienced in a loooong time if ever. It will create more passion, drive, and desire in your own body to boot.

➕ Bonus #2 – “Worshiping the Tantric Goddess” a compelling training for couples or single women that takes you on a journey into the ritualistic practices of Sex Magic, brought forth through ancient tantric wisdom.

➕ Bonus #3 – 30 Min. Passion Path call with Dr. Willow where she will give you the road map to experiencing better and deeper intimacy with yourself and your Beloved.

➕ Bonus #4 – 30 Min. More Love Discovery Session with Leah Piper so that you can get the tips you need that will propel you forward in your love life.

We can’t wait for you to experience the transformative power of the Global Summit 2.0! Whether or not you decide to upgrade, we know that you will be impacted by this unique and important series.

The summit begins on JUNE 19th-26th, with 2-3 interviews being released each day. Remember, this is a FREE virtual event! Click here ( insert your affiliate link ) now to see the full list of industry speakers and claim your spot.
Thank you for your support and dedication to this cause. Don’t forget to share this event with your friends and lovers by forwarding this email!

Together, let’s create a world connected to true intimacy and free from the burden of sexual shame and trauma. Join us in this mission by sharing this event with others.

I would love for you to share your thoughts below or with me privately if you prefer. My talk will be on the 20th and available for free think for 48 hours

Upcoming Events

Full Moon * World Wide Webinar

My New Years gift to you!

Dec 31 @12-1 PM, Pacific Time

My New Years gift to you!

Only $1 USD!

Click here to register


Coming Together ~ body + soul

A course in enlightened, erotic love for men + women

4 Wed’s in Jan. 6, 13, 20 + 27-10 @ 12-1pm, PST

Only $99 for all 4 Classes PLUS you get

Recordings of the classes to enjoy again!

Learn how to make love magic; even if you’ve been together for years.

1/6 ~ Men’s issues, challenges and solutions.
Mare will share her top tips, formulas and wisdom for resolving early ejaculations and raising libido to enable multiples that activate rather than deplete! This course is for men and the women who want to love them better. Also highly recommended for Sex Therapists, Dakini’s and Healers.

1/13 ~ Women’s issues, needs and answers.
We’ll discuss in great length: the benefits of sexual healing with special emphasis on women who may have difficulties achieving climax. This is highly recommended for men and women who wish to empower a woman to greater intimacy and enhanced pleasures.

1/20 ~ Coming Together; connecting body and soul.
In the sacred realms of one consciousness, connecting at the very core essence of who we are — the orgasm begins in the mind and flows into intensely powerful peaks of pleasure. Learn how to come together psychologically which will allow you to have a deeper connection physically and spiritually. When orgasm reaches all three levels it is out of this world!

1/27 ~ Orgasmic Mastery — Channeling Creative Energy.
This will be personal visioning session that helps each person facilitate their rise to the next level that they wish to empower. We will focus creative forces of orgasmic energy to charge up your body and your vision of what you wish create. We’ll create visual tools to help increase your orgasmic abilities and develop desired intentions.

If you’d like to join the class register below:

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This course is offered gratis to former clients who give an audio or written testimonial that we use.

Come Together in cyber-space with a world-wide community of people who wish to live in conscious bliss and sacred pleasures.
This call will be awesome, the more the merrier, until the phone line is full. So register now while you still can!

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Feel Free to Be

Hear Mare discuss. (7:28)

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