Hiring a VA with Web / Graphic Skills

I need helpers who love left brain technology to help me so I can broadcast live events on multiple platforms simultaneously while staying in my juicy genius zone of teaching and delivering with turned on creative fire.

Passion and desire to learn Tantra and sacred sexuality is a definite plus!

  • I am trying to Rebuild my website on a new platform called Groove.cm and I would love to have someone help me build a site there. They have 16 different apps in addition to page building and hosting, ecommerce, membership pages, and a variety of features which are on the Groove platform. Check it out.

Their affiliate program is super generous, two-tiered win-wins.

Groove has a free version of every feature so you can test drive it.

You can even host up to 3 websites on their server for free!

Use my affiliate link and we will both benefit, if you or someone you know joins the paid version, [we will both get paid, sharing the wealth]. You can still earn commissions, even if you just have a free version of the program.

SO If you [or someone you know] find this kind of technology fun and easy; let’s connect. ASAP!!

I’m able to pay and I willing to offer Tantra sessions in exchange. Arrangements personalized, based on your skill sets, needs and desires.

Please reply with what you feel your best at doing; and what you need / desire, in exchange for your services. We’ll arrange to speak accordingly.

If you got questions respond here, or email me: Mare@MareSimone.com


Sound and Pleasure

Hear Mare discuss the role sound plays in pleasure. (2:04)

[audio:SoundandPleasure.mp3] spacer