Male Multiples: Fact or Fiction?

June 14th, 2017

Pop culture is ripe with references to women being multi-orgasmic. Women are generally more sensual, sensitive, and nurturing than men. It is discouraging for a man to be told that you are not capable of being able to connect at the same heights as your female partner. Most men have experienced, at one point or […]


Whole Body O’s Deliver Vital Energy for a More Pleasurable Life

February 9th, 2017

How you feel in the afterglow of sex often indicates how great the sex really was! [Or not] Sex can either give you energy or drain you. It’s all in how we relate to pleasure in the 1st place. Orgasms come in many shapes and sizes – from quickies to gourmet pleasure feasts that can  last a looong […]


Sacred, Sensual Circle of Women Embodying Bliss, Gather!!

February 6th, 2017

 Core-gasms ~ Come Alive from Within!! Saturday, February 18, 2017  1-5pm Address provided upon registration, West Los Angeles, CA (map) Tap into the Source of your Yummiest You!  Wise Woman. Wonderfully Rich! Welcome Women! This is for you if you’re feeling alone, afraid, disconnected, outraged or blue this Valentine’s season, and time of major transitions… we need […]


A Tantric Sex Surrogate explains how to increase intimacy for more powerful orgasms

December 28th, 2016

In the vast and Cosmo-flavored world of sex tips, there’s an overabundance of technical advice in circulation. Touch her g-spot like so. Try the corkscrew blowjob. Put a pillow under your ass. That kind of stuff. Yet, there’s next to nothing out there that offers advice on how to build the intimacy that makes those […]


What Is Slow Sex? Why You Should Be Having More of It!

October 15th, 2016

Are you ready to go beyond quickies and discover the world of  #SlowGourmetSex? We’ve all heard about slow food, and you may or may not have heard about other “slow movement” subcategories, like slow parenting, slow education, slow design, and even slow fashion. It’s not the newest trend, but as the idea of slow living becomes less […]


Enter the Orgasmic Magic Zone ~ OMZone

September 9th, 2016

I had so much fun during this interview, I regret not recording it. Happy with the article Hannah wrote. Enter the #OMZone! My first pop-culture encounter with tantric sex was—like so many other “edgy” sexual practices, from threesomes to fetishes—during a “SATC” episode. The women attend a tantric sex workshop in which a white-haired woman massages […]


How my Yoni Massage brought Unexpected Healing & Orgasm

August 3rd, 2016

Enjoy this powerfully vulnerable, personal review about Tantric Touch-Therapy and how it helped deepen Melissa’s Love-Life! Honored to be able to help! I celebrate transformations from NUMB to YUM!!   As I have been there too. Can you relate to Numbness or Pain where there should be pleasure?  If so or for someone you love, can benefit from reading this story. […]


Marie Claire: Lessons From my Sex Therapist

April 11th, 2016