Cervical Orgasms: Why 70% of Women don’t have them

Mysteries of the OM-Zone: The Orgasmic Magic Zone

As a pleasure explorer, yearning to feel post-rape and numbness; from years of premature penetration, I’ve experienced a wide range from pain to reclaim pleasure, and found it better than ever!

Along my way, I found places of amazing pleasures inside. Some so deep even I didn’t even know it was there. When I broke through I discovered a place of deep openness and surrender which requires trust and safety to fully open.
My trust was weakened, and so I struggled to let go. Kind of an oxymoron really. Struggle to let go? Often orgasms felt close and then for some reason they would slip away. I was afraid to let go, it seemed the harder I tried, the more elusive vaginal orgasm became.  Frustrated to feel aroused for a minute. Then it was gone.
I had fleeting clitoral peaks, but they are not very satisfying alone, in the long run. I was shown how to find my G spot. It continues to come alive over the years.
Penetration sex was my edge. I was usually guarded because of unreleased traumas that inhibited me from being present to pleasure.
My partner would constantly command me to me, be present. Being present to me, often meant feeling pain with penetration. So I disassociated from the scene in order to avoid the emotions buried there.
I’ve had some numerous traumas surrounding my sexuality and my sex organs. Including medical procedures, so my cervix was an unfriendly place for me. But I’d heard of the magical orgasms there so I was willing to plow through the muck to get to the good stuff.
I touched my cervix with my fingers the first time and was in awe at the smooth silky texture and the consciousness that lured me in.
Surprised I didn’t know my fingers were even long enough to reach the depths of my vagina.
My uterus moves and adjusts downward to meet a point of penetration which intensifies sensations. I’ve heard it called the cervical kiss.
Certain positions can help provide the most satisfying contact sometimes with a woman squatting on top so she can find the right depth of contact and angle…
It was exciting to meet it directly and to be so intimate with this part of me I rarely ever see.
So delicate and pink.  Touch in a squatting position. Cupping so it’s easy to reach.
Hmmm just speaking of it makes me feel electrified it’s like an engine inside it gets flipped on when attention is brought to it in honoring inviting ways. Memories of pleasure lie deep within my yoni walls, to the core. Calling in explorers to dive deep with me, in Tantric seas!
What hides in your love tunnel that needs to be cleared? Clear it. Make room for love and pleasure there and everywhere.
To get real, vulnerable, and intimate with you I gotta tell you something that I have experienced lately with some really deep orgasms that I feel have transformed my mind and body relationship.
There were a few rare, mind-blowing experiences where I learned to really open up and relax inside. It was then when I noticed that I had been contracted, chronically. Protecting what was violated.  My history of rape and numbing sex molded my relationship with my body and with men as well.

Sexual trauma can shut us down from knowing and enjoying our bodies to their fullest potential. 

In women, our deepest longest and strongest orgasms come from opening and being touched to the core.
  This pleasure fills my pelvic bowl and overflows right up into my crown and down again.
<a href=’http://www.sourcetantra.com/thesacredspot?afmc=1n’><img src=’https://leaddyno-client-images.s3.amazonaws.com/a337fd4e989a77df2d35dea6d4182addddf755ed/6a44a044f1a4623148d75f017392e028274d814c_SacredSpot_300_250.jpg’/></a>
The Orgasmic Magic Zone
I went through the layers over years of sexual healing, clearing shame until my yoni was fully open and orgasmic.
It was amazing like something inside me woke up and I was filled with waves and tingles of energy
with even the slightest movements with full penetration.
The most remarkable thing was he could feel what I was feeling which increased my feelings a lot.
We were bonded in this unified field of energy tingles!
He called it Tai Chi sex. Deep slow and sensual with a timeless sense of relaxed arousal.

“At the back of the womb there lay flesh that demanded to be penetrated. It curved inwards, opening to suck. The flesh walls moved like sea anemones, seeking by suction to draw his sex in… She opened her mouth as if to reveal the openness of the womb, its hunger, and only then did he plunge to the very bottom and felt her contractions…”

Anais Nin, Delta of Venus

I’m exploring the back of my womb with crystal wands to awaken the deepest parts of my cave.

To massage away scars of sad memories and any phantom pain that may be stuck there.

The last time I did this self-love massage to myself, I felt some tender areas so I moved very slowly.
Allowing stillness to soften the tension and ease the pain. Then I found that with breath
every tight muscle is an orgasm waiting to happen, to release relax and free-up new energy!
It’s like a field rich with possibilities. I never know what I’m gonna find in there.
It’s still new to me to feel this extraordinary pleasure deep inside near and on my cervix.
Having been more clitoral and G spot focused, this is opening up a new world.
I wanna shout it from the rooftops so everyone knows about it too!
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Sexual Healing & Empowerment on TV

Here is a News Piece I did for Telemundo TV:

In this #MeToo era, sexual healing and education is crutial to our evolution. So much is coming out of the shadows. I learned Tantra and became a Sex Surrogate partner because I knew I was wounded from sexual assults and needed healing. I learned as I healed my own sexual wounds, so I could help others who have any sexual trauma whether it be physical, psychological or emotional…

We can be traumatized by actions as well as words that condemn our primal desires to make us feel bad for having sexual desires. This is especially true for women who have been conditioned from a very early age to deny our sexual urges and to resist advances from others — instead of redirecting these attempts into a win-win.

This causes sexual tension that can be destructive and lead to sexual violence as I experienced in my own journey. When I forgave the perpetrators by realizing that they were products of a dark and unenlightened society, I was able to embrace true sexual healing and to forgive men in general. This allowed me to move beyond victim/perpetrator and develop a deep understanding and acceptance so that I can support others in their sexual healing as well.

I invite you to comment and if you wish to speak with me further, I welcome conversations on this shadowy subject that in many countries is either banned or under tight scrutiny. Even social medias have strict rules and guidelines that you put this video in a gray area. Let’s bring sexuality and pleasure back into the light of empowerment so we can bring more joy into this world at this time. Your feedback is appreciated. Like and share if you think this is important and valueable.


Sexual Healing – What is it & Who needs it?

Do you, or someone you love, struggle to let go… chasing after orgasms?

OR – Do you/they disconnect, disassociate or simply zone-out during sex?

Do you sometimes feel Pain or Numb, during Sex?  Have you or your partner ever been a victim of sexual violation, rape or domestic violence? I’ve worked with many cases where these symptoms, are signs of unresolved sexual trauma.

Physical or verbal abuses can cause blocks to pleasure and orgasms, even with loving advances, from your current partner.

Abuse leaves an imprint in our memory that can render us disconnected from feelings of love.  We “check-out” to avoid the memories which obstructs present time intimacy. This is a common shield to block and try to forget the past. The problem is these shields prevent us from feeling, even when we desire intimacy.

Traumatizing experiences leave imprints of fear that block us from feeling physical or emotional connections. Even years later with another partner, the memories of abuse linger in the cells of our body  until they are discharged.

This cellular memory, also referred to as muscle memory creates patterns of tension based on how we responded to sex. 

These negative imprints need to be discharged in order to make space for more positive ones.  Like a “sexorcism”, first removing the ghosts of trauma past. Then you can have a total Sex Life Makeover and be free to love with your whole body, heart and soul.

I know this process firsthand, because I’ve been through the fire of transformation myself. And I’ve developed the compassion and capability to help thousands of others.  In my 30 years of being in service and dedicated to sexual healing I’ve helped men and women to transform their pain and numbness of shame, into life-changing pleasure.

I help couples as well as individuals address trauma related sexual issues. This work has created massive interest and opportunities for me to reach numerous men and women, who want and need my help.

Male Multiples: Fact or Fiction?


Pop culture is ripe with references to women being multi-orgasmic. Women are generally more sensual, sensitive, and nurturing than men. It is discouraging for a man to be told that you are not capable of being able to connect at the same heights as your female partner.

Most men have experienced, at one point or another, dissatisfactory sex. It is easy to put the pressure on yourself, “I have to perform! I have to make her orgasm! I have to be the best lover she has ever had! A modern-day Casanova.” Despite this, many men suffer from premature ejaculation, difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, delayed ejaculation, or simply not quite knowing what to do once “it’s in.” You learn that you are supposed to be dominant. “Be a man,” they say. But what does it mean to be a man?

Is it possible that men are capable of attaining the same mental, emotional, and spiritual heights as women through sexual expression? We look to explore this concept through the concept of multiple orgasms.

It is difficult to enjoy the experience of having sex with a loved one when you are worried about when you will ejaculate. The harder you try to suppress the urge, the quicker you ejaculate. Plus, you are not able to be fully present because of the constant worry over cumming too soon. When it happens, you become apologetic, “I’m so sorry,” or make up excuses, “This usually never happens! It’s been awhile. I’m actually good… I just haven’t done it in a while.”

The truth is, this is all a mask for a lack of sexual mastery. It is difficult for men to speak about these struggles with one another, so they bury it deep into their subconscious, only to have it arise when entering a new relationship with a woman and having to face that dragon all over again. Most men are ill-equipped to have these types of conversations, and it’s not something spoken about in traditional American schools.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about having an orgasm, because another one was around the bend?

Well you don’t have to worry or wait in anguish for the next round. In Tantra you can come without going away. This is so liberating as it takes you out of the worry zone and deeply into the moment, where ease and flow create!

It’s amazing when orgasm does not mean that you have to loose your power and wait in sheer embarrassment praying for your penis to become erect again…

Most guys have sex for a few minutes and then come, falling asleep in the arms of his unsatisfied lover. There is much truth to this stereotype. Men typically become tired after ejaculating, and the process of refraction is scientifically normal in men. It takes time for the blood to flow back into the penis. Mentally, men are “checked out” once they ejaculate, and it takes time for them to become mentally aroused again. They are satiated, and have to work up an appetite to go for multiple rounds.

The truth about multiple orgasms for men is that they are possible, but it takes training and commitment. It takes self-control. It is not about withholding the orgasms, as some traditionalists may advise.

Rather, it is about diverting the ejaculation, inward and outward, so that it can build into an ongoing stream of pleasurable energy that may look and feel like an orgasm, but does not involve an ejaculatory release. Attaining this level of sexual mastery requires deep relaxation and focus. Through learning this process, a man can not only become multi-orgasmic, but experience an entirely new sensation: a whole body orgasm!

Ordinary “friction sex” consists of experiencing the orgasm and ejaculation simultaneously. However, these sensations are actually separate functions which stem from opposite sides of the nervous system. It is possible, with training, to experience these two sensations independent of one another.

It is possible for a man to ejaculate without feeling much physical pleasure at all. Most men have experienced this at least once in their lives. Therefore, it must be possible that a man can increase the pleasure volume while decreasing the sense of urgency to release.

To be clear, multiple orgasms and full body orgasms are not the same thing. Men who experience multiple orgasms frequently enjoy pleasurable sensations that are similar to those women feel during a session of multiple orgasms. They report a sense of lightness and tingling that radiates warmth throughout their bodies, carrying with it a nourishing energy that flows through their entire being. This expanded state of arousal can last and last, indefinitely!

The practice of Tantra teaches us that prolonged, multiple orgasms can occur without the feelings of depletion, tiredness, and lethargy that often follow ejaculation.

In ordinary Western sex, a man is spent after he ejaculates a single time, especially after the age of 35 when his hormone levels begin to decline. During an ejaculation, a man loses significant amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and vital life forces. Many major stories point to this mysterious “life force,” from religions to Greek myths. Any man who has gone a week without masturbating can attest to increased energy—that is the “life force” in reference here. This extra energy, joie de vivre.

After an ejaculation, the brain releases sleep hormones, which lead to what I like to call “snorgasms” often complained about by women in their therapists’ offices.

The word “orgasm” is derived from ancient Greek, and means, “to become engorged; a fullness and ripeness that can occur in any organ of the body.” This is different than the modern definition of “orgasm.” However, the ancient Greek definition is quite similar to the Tantric view. In Tantra, the orgasm is not the goal that results at the culmination of a sexual experience. Rather, it a state of aroused awareness that can occur literally anywhere and everywhere throughout the body.

The practice of Tantra teaches us how to reach this physical, mental, and spiritual state by being receptive to the energy flowing through us. By focusing on this energy, we can become deeply aroused while remaining mentally present and centered from within.

This state of mind is the cornerstone for experiencing amazingly satisfying orgasmic experiences. There is simply no “goal” or “performance” to work towards. Rather, this experience is about fully enjoying what is happening in the present moment. This allows men to approach sex from a stance that is anxiety-free, and enjoy any type of sex they wish to have with the sexual partner. They can choose to have quick, passionate sex, but now it will be just that: a choice. They do not have to be slaves to their basic sexual instinct. They can also choose to have slow, intimate sex where they connect with their partner in a way not possible when driven by instinct alone.

The more men and women linger in this state together, the more energy and vitality we are able to absorb, further revitalizing us. This type of orgasm is deep, limitless, and a constant source of powerful energy that can be transmuted into every aspect of life, from creative pursuits to tending to loved ones.

While men cannot control the actual climax once it is occurring, they can learn to ride its waves and experience the immense pleasure and joy it brings. It is similar to a swimmer learning to surf: while he cannot control the ocean, the surfer learns to connect to the power of the ocean. Instead of being overcome by incoming waves, the surfer can eventually become skillful end mindful enough to play with the waves, enjoying the ride.

Maintaining a heightened level of pleasure throughout a series of non-ejaculatory, yet orgasmic, sexual experiences provides numerous benefits to the mind and body. This, in the Tantric view, frequent ejaculation can be depleting because the process of ejaculation causes the man to lose vital energies and nutrients.

On the other hand, after a session of sustaining a high level of pleasure, but not ejaculating, a man can actually feel rejuvenated and energized in the afterglow.

Everyone is entitled to experiencing the pleasure their own bodies allow. I do not agree with austere Taoists who profess that men should never ejaculate unless the intention is procreation. Most men find these methods much too technical, making it difficult to follow through with the practice with any degree of success, or pleasure, for that matter. Not to mention the difficult position it places women in to be in a relationship with a man who is practicing these techniques. It is not sexy, to say the least.

This type of belief is also popular in conservative religions, often viewing pleasure as hedonistic and, ultimately, sinful. This is a negative view of sexual experience that has proven unhealthy for humanity again and again.

I do believe that when the ejaculation occurs as a final state of highly orgasmic interaction, it should be done consciously, with wisdom and intention. When a man “plants his seed” along with an intentional thought or vision, it becomes infused with the creative life force, whether the goal is to create a baby, or to create an empowered reality.

The path to becoming a multi-orgasmic male requires discarding many former modes of thinking, such as envisioning the man as the dominant “performer” in the relationship, who has to give his partner orgasms and fuck her all night long like a character out of a pulp novel. The true experience of multi-orgasmic sex is actually more pleasurable, and satisfying, than any of these pulp authors can even imagine.

It means actually experiencing pleasure in new ways. It requires commitment, mental practice, and an openness to learning new facets of your body. Your body has more features than you currently know. Following the Tantric methods outlined in my blog posts, and taught at my seminars, provides a plan to learning how to develop into a man who is truly confident in their sexuality, and can give and receive pleasure beyond the norm. The path to male multiple orgasms is not easy, but it surely is worth the effort.

Whole Body O’s Deliver Vital Energy for a More Pleasurable Life


How you feel in the afterglow of sex often indicates how great the sex really was! [Or not] Sex can either give you energy or drain you. It’s all in how we relate to pleasure in the 1st place. Orgasms come in many shapes and sizes – from quickies to gourmet pleasure feasts that can  last a looong time. The 1st one is like fast food that fills a need but you can’t really thrive on it.

Quickies can scratch an itch and relieve tension, helping one let go and fall asleep fast… I call these “snorgasms”.

Whereas a gourmet feast of pleasure leave men feeling loved, nourished and better than when they started. Usually with more energy and  creative ideas.

*’Core-Gasms’ help men discover: How to last long enough to please his partner and come together more. Without falling asleep soon after sex.

Coming from your core means your body, mind and soul are engaged, connecting all of your being. Starting with your mind connecting with your body to feel deep, relaxed arousal, a state of sexy stillness within. Peaceful pleasure that grows as you cultivate it! Lasting Indefinitely! Feeling tingly all over. Many can get a rush of excitement just thinking about these experiences because they imprint so profoundly deep.

F#@!ed to the CORE of your being! The place where the more you open, the deeper and more delicious it is!? Feeling loved wide open… coming from the very deepest part of your body, mind and soul, where sex is sacred.

Core-gasms open the gates of heaven within. Coming from the inside out, is how my lover described it to me from his perspective and we agree that it is more powerful than from just physical stimuli alone. Core-gasms are very emotionally and satisfying. The afterglow can last indefinitely

It’s this kind of orgasm that women crave yet most women don’t know how to ask for it, yet!!

However it is innate for women yet in most it requires some clearing of shame-based or manipulation sex roles that women have been ingrained with, in order to access deep to the Core-gasm. It satisfies like nothing else.  Transforming fear into positive pleasure energy, and burdens into blissful abundance.

Most importantly Core-gasms really helps men and women come together when they share this experience. Which can help develop a very deep emotional and spiritual connection. Sharing quality pleasures that benefit your entire being, integrating body, mind and soul sex.

It’s a fact that the more turned on you are the more magnetic you become. Core-gasm as a self love ritual is a super beneficial gift to give yourself, and your partner. It makes you feel good in a way that others feel and are drawn to… Personally. And professionally tooIn!

I help my clients tap into this orgasmic energy state through using breath, movement and sound techniques combined with their intensions so they can have greater access to pleasure and can last as long as they want! I’ve developed this system over 30 years of hands-on clinical practice working with men and my advanced studies in Tantric and Taoist methods of increasing potency, prolonging pleasure and personal empowerment.

My Coming Alive Whole Body Core-gasm Workshop techniques are, based on ancient Tantra wisdom and can clear every chakra from the bottom to the top to your brain which can address underlying issues as well as reboot the body to help people stay young and vital.

Core-gasms open the channel to clearing debris and tapping into that tingly pleasure center from the inside out. We all already have the Elixir inside for longevity and that is orgasmic life force energy. When it’s not directed toward creating life it can uplift the quality of our own life and infuse our desires with magnetic energy.

One of my clients calls this core-gasm feeling a “whole body erection.” Others say they feel super activated on every level and get that  invincible feeling. They feel tingly and alive by unleashing the powers of pleasure up and down their spine.

Core-gasms awaken deep felings that go way beyond physical pleasure / orgasms.  They connect us to our source and to one-another in a unifying field. That’s one of the reasons why high sex is so exhilarating — because it connects us to the very core of our being. The longer we sustain that state of relaxed arousal the more it invigorates us. Rather than feeling the need to sleep afterwards one often feels inspired! Energized… Like bathing in bliss! Pure orgasmic life force energy!!

For couples, core-gasm techniques clear both partners so they can more easily become an open channel of love; free of filters and history.

Instead of getting overly excited… When a man can relax and enjoy pleasure, he can also control how long he lasts before releasing or losing his erection. This way, he and his partner can enjoy multiple pleasures with ease and confidence. Core-gasms can help clear emotional trauma prior to having sex, so they can feel loved and supported.

This is when couples can truly come together. In body mind and soul — both partners feeling truly loved and satisfied to the core.

* ‘Corgasm’ is also a term used to describe orgasms that seem to occur from exercises or movements that engage the core abdominal muscles… What I describe is similar and much more because it can also be activated by the mind and felt in more than just your abdominal core from exercises. It sometimes occurs with words of love and endearment and can be felt in the core of your heart as well. The sweetest Core-gasms are the ones that connect the heart and sex center, blessed with words of love and passion!

Please join me FREE! As my Valentines gift to you on Feb. 13th  just in time for Valentine’s Day to give to yourself. So you can empower your life with pleasure… learn how to activate ecstasy within, alone or with someone you love!! I will offer this monthly on the 13th of every month.

Here’s how:

Coming Alive Whole Body Core-gasm with Mare Simone (www.maresimone.com) will be broadcast live from 7-8 p.m. PST on Monday, Feb. 13 on Mare Simone’s Making Love Magical YouTube channel.and Tues Feb 14 at 1-2 PM  Follow @MareSimone on Twitter along with the #ComingAlive #wholebody #core-gasm with #PleasureCoach  The recording will be available if you want to share ir or can’t join us live!

#MareSimone. To follow Mare Simone’s latest workshops, videos and media appearances, friend her on Facebook at Mare Simone in Tantra Heaven. To book Pleasure Coach Mare Simone for speaking engagements and interviews email: mare@maresimone.com. For private coaching sessions email: Tantramare@Gmail.com or visit: www.maresimone.com.

About Mare Simone

Mare Simone CTE (www.maresimone.com) is a master pleasure coach. Passionate about empowering people to use the pleasure arts for truly coming alive, Simone is America’s foremost advanced Tantra educator (CTE) and certified sex surrogate who has been featured on AOL, NBC, ABC, HBO’s Real Sex, E!,

The Playboy Channel and many more. Based in Southern California, Simone travels the globe leading Tantra and Coming Alive Whole Body Core-gasm workshops, teleseminars and cruises as well as maintaining her private sex therapy practice. She has been a pioneer in the field of sexual awakening and surrogacy since the 80s after studying Classical Tantra Kriya Yoga with Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha along with being an apprentice with sex therapist and sex education filmmaker Dr. Michael Perry MFCC. Simone founded LA’s Tantra Connection in 1989 where she established a Tantra community and sponsored some of the world’s top Tantra masters. In 1993, Simone began an extensive apprenticeship and practice with famed Tantra teachers and authors, Charles and Caroline Muir. She continues to assist and work privately with the students of Muirs’ Source School of Tantra Yoga. Simone has appeared in numerous educational videos and documentaries including Tantra.com’s Ancient Secrets for Modern Lovers and TLC’s Strange Sex.

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What Is Slow Sex? Why You Should Be Having More of It!


Are you ready to go beyond quickies and discover the world of  #SlowGourmetSex?

We’ve all heard about slow food, and you may or may not have heard about other “slow movement” subcategories, like slow parenting, slow education, slow design, and even slow fashion. It’s not the newest trend, but as the idea of slow living becomes less hippie-dippy and fringe, it’s gaining more legitimacy and interest in mainstream culture. And for good reason.

Slow sex is, as you might guess, a subset of the slow movement that rethinks our instinct to get laid and get off. It’s an umbrella term that can include more specific sexual philosophies or practices, including Tantra and Orgasmic Meditation. In a time when efficiency and productivity are highly valued, the concept of intentionally hitting the brakes on anything—let alone sex, which is naturally sort of frenzied—feels counterintuitive. Slow sex is about reprogramming ourselves to savor the moment with our partners. But that doesn’t mean that you have to turn it in to a sappy, saccharine “lovemaking” scenario.

“Comparing slow sex to a quickie is like comparing fast food to a seven-course gourmet feast,” says California-based Advanced Certified Tantra Educator Mare Simone, a teacher at the Source School of Tantra. “Slowing down the sexual experience invites a more expansive awareness that engages all of the senses and erogenous zones that are often forgotten when we’re in a hurry to climax. Slower sex has fewer goals in mind and often leads to a wider range of pleasures.” That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with short-lived sex. Quickies can relieve tension, stress, and help you sleep better, says Simone—just know that if all you ever have are quickies, you’re definitely missing out.

One big benefit to slowing sex down is that it can help bridge a natural sexual gap between the sexes, if you’re in a heterosexual relationship. (If you’re not, skip to the next paragraph, because there are still plenty of other benefits for you!) “Men are hardwired to procreate the species, so they instinctually climax quickly—often sooner than they or their partners would like,” says Simone. “Women, on the other hand, are naturally inclined to crave slower, more sensual, and foreplay-driven sex, including a wider range of pleasures and often multiple orgasms.”

Another thing that might motivate you to slow things down between the sheets: It’s much likelier to get women off. “According to statistics, 70 percent of women have difficulty achieving orgasm reliably through intercourse,” says Simone. “Women generally respond best to having all her erogenous zones stimulated before the primary ones.” In other words, having your lips, ears, nipples, and even your toes attended to before your clit.

“Slowing down to enjoy every nuance of erotic pleasure creates a richer, longer-lasting feeling of physical fulfillment that rejuvenates, nourishes, and heals the body, making us look and feel more vibrant for hours after the fact,” says Simone. “The uplifting benefits of slower sex can linger for days, improving your overall quality of life, from mental clarity to a glow that looks better than makeup.” Sold yet?
For slow sex beginners, Mare suggests taking turns exploring less-obvious erogenous zones, starting with the feet and hands, then the toes and fingers, then behind the knees and elbows. “Arousing these areas can increase the pleasure through anticipation, ultimately leading to the primary pleasures of the genitals,” she says. “Teasing is a great turn-on because the brain is the biggest erogenous zone and plays a major role in arousal.” For more beginner’s tips, check out Mare’s tantric sexercises or this surprisingly helpful Reddit feed.

Oh, and if you think you’re too busy to spend hours getting yourself or a partner off, you might want to think again. “Some people claim they don’t have enough time for long, luxurious lovemaking,” says Mare. “I believe that they just don’t know what they’re missing.

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Master Your Magic Wand of Light Part 2 -Sexual Transmutation

We left off from discussing the power of orgasmic energy, cultivating and storing sexual energy by relaxing in the bliss of aroused states. Without the rush to climax, he can experience a deeper and more expanding field of arousal, much like a woman can. Especially when her partner is familiar with what I call the O-Zone.

This is when a man is relaxed and aroused at the same time. This requires practice and guildance until the Zone becomes your hOMe! A man can be in so much bliss and feelings of love, joy and free to dive deep and connect — taking his woman to climax in deep vaginal orgasms! The deepest zone inside her love tunnel can be powerfully orgasmic, if she is open and receptive. I call this area deep inside the OMG-Zone! Becauuse that’s a place where the most profound and deep pleasure comes from. The zone that makes woman scream O-MY-GAWD! It’s been the experience of many woman I have spoken to about this, myself included.

But the caveat is that it takes women longer to open and she blossoms best with clitoral, vulva and G-Zone engorgement to acheive this depth of pleasure!! But if she’s not ready, deep plunging thrusts can be either painful or numbing. (Ladies please chime in on this topic, in the comments section!)

I discuss how to open her like a flower to give her the deep pleasure she craves in “O-Zone – Opening to Pleasure” my webinar series on satisfying woman. But here’s a few tips till then: Follow her lead in response to your touch. Don’t rush, allow her to open and guide you. Ask questions if you are unsure and encourage her communications. Pace yourself and pause… look in her eyes often, tell her what you love about her. Be honest and open to learn and explore together!

In the afterglow of a long, deep love dance, men can feel satieted even when they don’t ejaculate at all. Men often report that they feel a glow in their genitals and a mildly aroused tingle in their balls that feels good and empowering long after!

This is the opposite of “blue balls”! A term that describes a common occurence when a man does not acheive whole body expanded arousal yet holds his seed, it can often lead to a heavy feeling which can cause discomfort and frustration. This is not that, but rather a powerful and effective way to connect more deeply with your partner in profound pleasure, while savoring every sensation.

The Power of Sexual Transmutation

An advanced level of sexual empowerment is a practice sometimes referred to as ‘sexual transmutation’ where you learn to gather this pulsing pleasure energy that has the power to create life and redirect it to charge up whatever you choose to focus on!

In this creative aroused state men and women are highly receptive and most impressionable. So whatever you think about while aroused, at climax and in the afterglow, becomes deeply imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Think positive thoughts and focus your mind on what you want to manifest or attract into your life, while you are actually aroused!

Then you can transmute this energy as Napoleon Hill’s referenced in chapter 11 of his best-seller, “Think and Grow Rich” In the chapter he entitled, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.

Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give sex
emotion an outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that
discovery, lifted himself to the status of a genius.
When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage,
will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other
times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men
freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it.

When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force
maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc.,
which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or
in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.

Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires”. Napoleon Hill of Think & Grow Rich The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Applying the rules of Sexual Transmutation, you charge up your entire body in the aroused state which continues in peaks and valleys. Tingling every cell, nourished by your elixir of life. You can learn to cultivate this vibrant energy and direct it to areas of your body that are lacking in vitality for self-healing and awakening pleasure. And then share this realm with your partner for deeper intimacy and emotional connection.

In a Tantric orgasm where you you are bathing in a pool of pleasure that leaves you feeling more vibrant and energized than when you began! This afterglow will have long-lasting effects on your day and journey through life. Especially your love-life. I call this Making Love Magic!

A primary factor in the success of this transmutation practice is that the energy of arousal be honored and valued as the power of creation. Tantric & Taoist Masters learn to channel this energy in beneficial ways that empower their life endeavors and intentions!

This has an additional benefit of satisfying the sexual appetite of his partner at the same time! When a man can last long enough to provide a woman deep powerful and even multiple orgasms, both are blessed in the bliss that helps keep them young and vital!

Spilling the seeds in the heat of passion quickly disperses its potential power. Men who release often and quickly are missing out on the benefits of sustained sexual arousal. The first thing men must do is learn to relax and breathe deeply while feeling aroused. At first this takes some practice because for most men your instinct will naturally kick in, quickening your urge to release. Your body is programmed to procreate as its primary sexual function. Skills we are discussing here come from an advanced system that use sexual energy as a way to tap into the source of creation in all its power and glory. As much pleasure as you [and your partner] can handle, which naturally increases over time as your experiences involve.

Those who practice with diligence until they fully realize this state can learn to ultimately access it with confidence and mastery. They and their partners become blessed in an orgasmic field of attraction and expanded conscious awareness!

These sexually enlightened men often say that the desire to release is replaced with a profound pleasure that’s more satisfying and long-lasting! Rather than fighting the urge to release, they become immersed in the magic of the moment. Then the satisfaction they feel from drawing orgasmic energy inward is so much more fulfilling and long-lasting, that they don’t ever want it to end. Nor do their partners! Men can last with ease for a long time with these tools.

The desire to ejaculate is replaced by an exhilaration of the entire body that is much greater! And it is more bonding for partners because it allows women to reach deep ecstatic states that are yet unawakened by most. It solves the rampant problem afflicting over 70% of women who struggle to orgasm easily through intercourse, to help them to discover new horizons. I call this process: The Whole Body Opening!

When a man can achieve this state, he is then truly able to rock a woman’s world and fill her with ecstasy from the inside out, through the magic of his wand!

I call this area deep inside the OMG-Zone! Becauuse that’s a place where the most profound and deep pleasure comes from.

This is the zone that makes woman scream O-MY-GAWD! It’s been the experience of many woman I have spoken to about this, myself included. But the caveat is that it takes women longer to open and she blossoms best with clitoral, vulva and G-Zone engorgement to acheive this depth of pleasure!! But if she’s not ready, deep plunging thrusts can be either painful or numbing. (Ladies please chime in on this topic, in the comments section!)

I discuss how to open her like a flower to give her the deep pleasure she craves in “O-Zone – Opening to Pleasure” my webinar series on satisfying woman. But here’s a few tips till then: Follow her lead in response to your touch. Don’t rush, allow her to open and guide you. Ask questions if you are unsure and encourage her communications. Pace yourself and pause… look in her eyes often, tell her what you love about her. Be honest and open to learn and explore together!

For the man who is ready to discover his full potential and yearns for more than classic cum-and-done, the teacher will appear.

I’m not implying that men should never ejaculate, but rather do it consciously only after he has fully pleased his partner, when possible! Or on special occasions like full moons, birthdays and other holy days when the potential for manifestation through Orgasmic Attraction is greatest.

When safe, Tantra honors sexual body fluids anointing and blessing one another in It’s vibrant essence!

If you are interested in this depth of experience, I can help and would be honored to arrange for a private consultation to discuss this with you privately.

It is my greatest pleasure to support you in this process. I can offer you the keys to unlock this experience remotely on Skype and/or phone sessions along with email guidance! Online classes coming soon!

And when the opportunity arises, we can also meet in person for private sessions one-on-one or with your partner. Till then…
Love! MaMare’

Master Your Magic Your Wand of Light! Part 1


“Lingam” is an empowering Tantra term for a man’s sex organ! It comes from Sanskrit and is best translated as the “Wand of Light and Power”. This wand is magical because it is a conduit that receives, stores and generates the power that creates life! Therefore it is a manifestor with the power to create, not only new life, but a brainchild as well.

It is adjoined with a massive network of circuits called ‘Nadis’ which connect every organ throughout your body! Nadis correspond to the nerves and subtle energy channels which flow along your spine and out the top of your head through a circuit of centers; known as Chakras.

Chakras are aligned along your spine and each corresponds with all your major organs and endocrine system. There are seven major chakras from your base, to your “magic wand”, up to your solar plexus, then your heart, your throat, your third eye, and ultimately the crown chakra at the top of your head.

Your Lingam becomes an empowered Wand of Light when is engorged with creative life forces. Aroused it can illuminate others with pleasure. Glowing with this radiance for extended periods of time, it becomes super-charged and able to generate profound Pleasure along with magnetic energies that enhance whatever you focus on.

Meditating on pleasure is a quick way to ease stress, helping you relax more deeply, even while feeling highly aroused! Here lies a key to achieving whole body orgasms which stream inward rather than out. In this way your energy flows like a fountain of rejuvenating life-forces throughout your entire body.

See for yourself by cultivating arousal without releasing the seed. Instead intentionally channel it toward a desired outcome, as this helps develop your powers to create. You can learn to draw sexual energy in and reinvest it in yourself, to rejuvenate and attract whatever you desire.

As you do this practice notice the creative power and energy you feel during and in the afterglow. I call this process “In-Coming” and it can be mastered by any man who wants to realize his full potential and willing to replace the urge for immediate gratification with an openness to deliver a deep degree of pleasure and satisfaction to his partner. This can best be achieved when the goal to climax is replaced by the desire to discover a far more fulfilling emotionally experience for both partners! Thus increasing a woman’s ability to experience orgasms through intercourse more reliably and with more connection.

The energy of arousal is like a perpetual river that can potentially with practice, flow from your tip of your Lingam, to the top of your head. Infusing your intentions in this power! As long as you can remain in a state of relaxed arousal, this energy will feed and revitalize you.

So it is indeed good to think with your “small head” when it’s connected and channeling creative energy through all your Chakras. It fills your entire body up to your head with creative energy! Much wisdom can be accessed by connecting this circuit and unleashing the power it holds.

Tantra, aligns all your Chakras in healing waves of pleasure that fill you with exhilarating energy. This can leave you feeling better in the afterglow than when you started! Contrasting with men’s instinctual or primary orgasms where they typically release the energy before it matures. They generally are short-circuited and disperse your potential power prior to being fully realized.

Men who “cum” in this manner usually feel depleted afterwards. To what extent depends upon their age, their vitality and their intentions.

When your intention is to raise your sexual energy and channel it towards positive desires, it rewards you (and your partner, when practicing together) with pleasure-filled, pulsing vitality. This quality of energy invokes profound orgasms that often spark big aha’s moving people to tears and laughter by its awesomeness. This is truly making love magical!

Every cell of your being can be bathed in this bliss which will renew you, strengthen your immune system and accelerate the healing process! This will keep you young and vital. When you understand your creative essence from this standpoint you become a magician whose wand is your divine source of power.

Orgasms of this magnitude, when directed consciously are healing and joyful to themselves and their partners. When men learn to reabsorb their seed, orgasm becomes longer and more engaging with many peaks and valleys!

Rather than just holding back or simply delaying an ejaculation; In-Coming reinvests your creative life forces back inward where you are recharged by this activated essence!

Avoiding ejaculation without transmuting the energy can often lead to a heavy feeling referred to as “blue balls” which can can cause discomfort and frustration. Eventually leading to a less interested lingam, which can atrophy and even possibly contribute to disease and dysfunctions due to denial which leads to stagnation.

This is not that, but rather a productive way to give and receive the most joy and pleasure by prolonging sexual union…

To be continued:
Part two: The Power of Sexual Transmutation

Nervous System and Fast Responses

Hear Mare discuss the role the nervous system plays in our sexual lives. (1:24)

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