Cervical Orgasms -Why 70% of Women don’t have them?

February 21st, 2020

“At the back of the womb there lay flesh that demanded to be penetrated. It curved inwards, opening to suck. The flesh walls moved like a sea anemones, seeking by suction to draw his sex in… She opened her mouth as if to reveal the openness of the womb, its hunger, and only then did […]


Yoni Wisdom and Deep Pleasures

February 18th, 2020

To feel inside of a woman with your soul, feel first with your touch, breath, lips, tongue and tones. If you’re a good fit for her lock, she may open the depths of her being to you. Open to her core, as deep as she can receive to her ecstasy fully! What wondrous mysteries women […]


Juicy Goddess Gathering ~ Tantra Talk, Yoga, Dance & Ecstatic Breath for Women!!

February 18th, 2020

Juicy Goddess Gathering: Sat MARCH 21st — 3rd Sat of every month in LA 2:00pm – 4pm Tantra Goddess/Girl-Talk and experiential practices to heal, awaken and activate our Bliss Bodies. Discussing deep topics of love, massage and sexual healing. Tantra sex tips. Fire Breath Orgasm, Amrita, Sacred Spot Massage and more… Gathering women who would […]


Re-Flowering: Women Transforming Sex ~ Sacred Sisterhood

February 12th, 2020

  Monthly!  3rd Saturday of the month.  Nurturing Tantra-Time for Women Only Yoni Puja is a ritual to clear your past and re-awaken your sacred flower as your Source of pleasures, wisdom and Creative Energy. “Deflowering” is a term used to describe “losing” one’s virginity. Two negative terms to describe the awakening of a woman’s […]


TASTES of TANTRA – Nourish Your BODY & SOUL – Postponed till we can be together in person again.

January 15th, 2020

  Hello Luscious and Lovely Friends, You’re Invited to a Tantra Puja and Tasty Appetizer Intro  At a private historic estate home with other erotic explorer’s… We’ll Talk Tantra, practice breath-techniques, light yoga, massage and dance to warm up. Then encourage the group energy to explore within the safe container we create.   Enjoy a […]


Women talk about Experiencing the Pleasure we Desire…

January 27th, 2019

Thrilled to be invited to speak at the  Sexual Freedom for Women [Virtual Summit] on my favorite topics. Pleasure!   Pools of Pleasure and the blessings of Amrita = female ejaculation…  Pools of Pleasure is airing Feb 2nd! Do you want to feel more pleasure? Are you frustrated with your sex-life?Do you find yourself “stuck in your […]


Sexual Healing & Empowerment – 3 Part Series

October 12th, 2018

This course is designed to help heal and awaken the sacred side of sex as a pathway to enlightenment. If you’ve felt trapped in shame, guilt, fear and pure ignorance about sex, that has kept us in the dark regarding the sacred side of sex. Eros has been revered by ancient cultures from India, China, […]


Sexual-Healing & Awakening the Goddess In Woman – for Men & Women

October 12th, 2018

  Sexual-Healing & Awakening the Goddess Within – Part 1 of 3 Saturday, October 20 at 4:30 – 7 PM, beginning with hors d’oeuvres and socializing… Join a class with experiential exercises and live demos exploring Magical energies and healing powers of subtle, relaxed arousal. This segment will provide wisdom teachings, practices, interactive exercises and […]