Happy Holy Days – in the Garden

December 24th, 2021

As dark nights pass and each day grows a little longer, I pray for a Happy, Healthy, Heart Filled New Year Ahead for us All. I’ve been silent lately. Cocooning deep within, taking an unannounced sabbatical, while seeking answers to better navigate this world in major transition. [It took me a while to figure out […]


Hiring a Team

March 24th, 2021

I have so much to share. But there’s a HUGE learning curve for me, with the new technology. I want to use efficient automated systems to send out announcements and reminders, so we can get a really good attendance where I can share and interact with more people. Without having to multitask with reminder emails […]


Tantra for Women – Virtual Re-Flowering – Explore Yin Essence.

July 18th, 2020

Monthly – Tantra-Time — Women Healing Women, 4th Saturday of the month at 4 PM Pacific Time “Deflowering” and “losing” your virginity are common terms that negatively describe the awakening of a woman’s sacred chambers of creation, love, and pleasure. “Re-Flowering” empowers Your Yoni as a Sacred Temple of Love, to reclaim its original state […]


Cervical Orgasms: Why 70% of Women don’t have them

February 21st, 2020

Mysteries of the OM-Zone: The Orgasmic Magic Zone As a pleasure explorer, yearning to feel post-rape and numbness; from years of premature penetration, I’ve experienced a wide range from pain to reclaim pleasure, and found it better than ever! Along my way, I found places of amazing pleasures inside. Some so deep even I didn’t […]


Yoni Wisdom: Healing Touch Transforms

February 18th, 2020

When it’s time to blossom… I TRANSFORMED From Numb and Pain to Awakening Profound Pleasure with Yoni Healing Touch.  Some women feel pain with sex inside especially with deep, hard penetration all the way to the cervix. This is especially true if thrusting is rigorous and she’s not fully open and relaxed.   Be patient […]


Juicy Goddess Gathering ~ Tantra Talk, Yoga, Dance & Ecstatic Breath for Women!!

February 18th, 2020

Juicy Goddess Gathering: Sat MARCH 21st — 3rd Sat of every month in LA 2:00pm – 4pm Tantra Goddess/Girl-Talk and experiential practices to heal, awaken and activate our Bliss Bodies. Discussing deep topics of love, massage and sexual healing. Tantra sex tips. Fire Breath Orgasm, Amrita, Sacred Spot Massage and more… Gathering women who would […]


Re-Flowering: Women Transforming Sex ~ Sacred Sisterhood

February 12th, 2020

  Monthly!  3rd Saturday of the month.  Nurturing Tantra-Time for Women Only Yoni Puja is a ritual to clear your past and re-awaken your sacred flower as your Source of pleasures, wisdom and Creative Energy. “Deflowering” is a term used to describe “losing” one’s virginity. Two negative terms to describe the awakening of a woman’s […]


TASTES of TANTRA – Nourish Your BODY & SOUL – Postponed till we can be together in person again.

January 15th, 2020

  Hello Luscious and Lovely Friends, You’re Invited to a Tantra Puja and Tasty Appetizer Intro  At a private historic estate home with other erotic explorer’s… We’ll Talk Tantra, practice breath-techniques, light yoga, massage and dance to warm up. Then encourage the group energy to explore within the safe container we create.   Enjoy a […]