Happy Holy Days – in the Garden

As dark nights pass and each day grows a little longer, I pray for a Happy, Healthy, Heart Filled New Year Ahead for us All.

I’ve been silent lately. Cocooning deep within, taking an unannounced sabbatical, while seeking answers to better navigate this world in major transition. [It took me a while to figure out that’s what I was doing.]

During this time of introspection, I’m finding great pleasure in becoming more self-sufficient by prepping for the unknown, so I feel secure.

I’m ecstatic planting seeds in the garden I’ve created in my parking lot. Paradise is everywhere if you look deeply enough.

I pulled up weeds and found places to fertilize and grow food like squash, zucs, cucumbers, and melons. Sweet peas and string beans are now about to emerge. Running my fingers through the soil I felt pure ecstasy in smelling her rich and fragrant wetness, ripe with potential life. My hands were happy.

Growing food has become my meditation and connection to the magic of creation. It’s so rewarding to pull fresh organic veggies from my garden and bring them in to eat or dehydrate and store for the winter.

It’s such an intimate experience to start with tiny seeds that nurtured and loved, become part of a savory dish delish!

I now grow micro greens, baby greens and sprouts indoors in the winter. They’re loaded with concentrated nutrition. Even more than the full grown green, and they can be ready-to-eat in just a few days.

With the unpredictability of our future economy, it’s a good idea to be prepared and know how to grow fresh food; so that if we have shortages, we will have what we need to be well nourished.

I want us all to be prepared so we can weather any storm, hurricanes, earthquakes or other catastrophes. It feels to me like a time of great transformation. Put your seatbelts on and ride this together!

What are you feeling?

What you think is happening?

I trust that every ending provides a new beginning.

What’s your new beginning!

What do you want to create?

Instigate? Investigate? Or Stand for?

How can we Co-create?

Seeking Assistants and Apprentices:

Learn a lot about yourself and your love life. Great benefits.

Be involved in a growing company of Tantric Self-Love Team, Marketing, and More.

Leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch.








Sacred Sexual Music Festival

Join us to celebrate sex in sacred ways.

2 day event celebrating sexuality with music and sacred guides.

Sacred pleasure is calling you to awaken and align

So you can empower your body & soul in Energy-O’s.

Oh the power of the afterglow. O behold the sparkle that lingers.

Experience conscious loving, sensual and sexual intimacy.

Are you ready to embrace the power of your O-Energy?
How can pleasure empower your life and your mission?

We’ll explore that in depth at the Sacred Sexual Music Festival
Welcome to a music festival that speaks and sings: Sacred Sexuality!

I was invited by my lovely friend Wendy who produced it. This is the 4th festival of its kind that only the 1st online. I’m fascinated and excited to contribute. It seems like an inviting platform for me to explore and express O-Energy.

The Sacred Sexual Music Festival serves as an educational, social, and spiritual gathering place for those who seek to listen deeply, share, heal, transform, laugh, cry, play, and remember when our bodies were seen and honored as sacred.

​The intent of the Festival is to highlight the importance of:

* healthy, shame-free pleasure
* education around sexuality
* conscious divine awareness of our bodies
* info on tantra and sexual shamanism
* healing issues around sexuality
* respect and honor for our sacred bodies
Sexuality is so often underground, ignored, or unconsciously acted out. The exploration of this territory – consciously and respectfully – tends to be liberating and powerful.

SEE: https://SacredSexualMusicFestival.com for more info!

I’ll share there on Sunday, exploring the Power of O-Energy.

Adventure into your deepest, darkest; and brightest, most delicious self.

Open to receive. Overflowing love, be blessed in Whole-Body-O’s. Learn to Guide O-Energy up your spine… into your body for healing and activating.

CLICK HERE- https://surrvey.app/f/oenergy

Take this survey to Explore and Embody your Ecstasy
And help me create the ideal course for your interests.

Opens the circuits between the body and brain to flow…
Explore and Expand your O.
Tap into your genius OMG-ZONE.

Privately or in a group with me and other O-Energy
Your pleasure is my honor. I love to support your journey.

For more info on Private Sessions email me.

Mare Simone

Hiring a Team

I have so much to share.

But there’s a HUGE learning curve for me, with the new technology.

I want to use efficient automated systems to send out announcements and reminders, so we can get a really good attendance where I can share and interact with more people.

Without having to multitask with reminder emails just before an event.

I want to be centered so I can truly give you my best.

I need some help to be technically setup so I can show up centered and ready to fully deliver

I just found an amazing new platform that I’m in the middle of trying to set up. It’s called MeetVio.  Have you heard of it yet?

I’m lost in the process of trying to get it set up and linked with email integrations. I don’t understand the language! And it hurts my eyes to try… it’s not the way I’m wired.

I need helpers who love left brain technology to help me so I can broadcast live events on multiple platforms simultaneously while staying smooth, in my juicy genius zone of teaching and delivering the goods with turned on creative fire.

Passion and desire to learn Tantra and sacred sexuality is a definite plus!

Which is why am reaching out to my tribe here, instead of just a virtual job pool.

  • Be familiar with MailChimp and or MailerLite [extra points for * Groove.cm} or other webpage builders, integrations with API keys, SMTP. SendGrid, Twilio and Chatbots for text messaging. Facebook ManyChat. And Chatterpal!

I buy all this software because it looks fun and cool to have and use as tools BUT it sits waiting for my geek helper.

  • MEETVIO is the new platform that’s got me all excited!  It has very nice page building features and GREAT automation so I can do what I do best without having to worry about technology while I’m trying to be in my flow so I can come from deep divine place.
  • If you are experienced with using at least some of these programs, and how to integrate them, understand the language please apply.
  • GRAPHICS artist
  • VIDEO editor, eventually a FULL VIDEO CREW are ON MY BIG LIST of desires.  And will definitely pay well, when I can. In addition to awesome exchanges.
  • I need a video YouTube manager too.  I have lots of video footage that’s unlisted. YET Unseen…
  • Rebuilding my website on a new platform called *Groove and I would love to have someone help me build a site there they have 16 different apps in addition to page building and right now it’s still in beta with lifetime membership options, which is what I bought.

In the meantime I’m hoping for a win-win situation where you find as much and more value my offers, as I do in your offers. But I’m still working on building my first site. I’d love some help with that.


I offer group coaching and memberships that need  pages, ecommerce, and a variety of features which are also part of Groove.   *https://groovepages.groovesell.com/a/UrL7ShyBiS5K {full disclosure, I am in affiliate.} Their affiliate program is super generous, two-tiered win-wins. If that’s of interest to you let’s talk! I’d be happy to tell you more.


Groove has a free version of everything so you can test it out. You can host up to three websites on their server for free!

If you do check Groove out, use my affiliate link and will both benefit, especially if you or someone you know joins the paid version, [we will both get paid, so it’s sharing the wealth]. That’s fun!


Okay, that’s enough tech talk for now.

But my point is in this world of rapid growing technology, there’s just too much tech for me to do alone.


I lose my flow and wither by the end of the day.


I need some savvy techies to balance me.


SO If you [or someone you know] find this kind of technology fun and easy pleasy; let’s connect. ASAP!!


I’m able to pay and I willing to offer Tantra sessions in exchange. Arrangements personalized, based on your skill sets, needs and desires.


Please reply with what you feel your best at and what you need and desire, for your services. We’ll arrange to speak accordingly.


Thank you for taking the time to read this long plea for help.


I love you and I look forward to sharing more juicy love, soon!



PS:  If you got questions respond here, and I will either address them in my next livestream or video. We can have a private chat. Click to schedule: MareSimone.as.me


Tantra for Women – Virtual Re-Flowering – Explore Yin Essence.

Monthly – Tantra-Time — Women Healing Women,

4th Saturday of the month at 4 PM Pacific Time

“Deflowering” and “losing” your virginity are common terms that negatively describe the awakening of a woman’s sacred chambers of creation, love, and pleasure.

“Re-Flowering” empowers Your Yoni as a Sacred Temple of Love, to reclaim its original state of purity; free of trauma, shame, pain, or fear.

  • We’ll discuss love, desire, pleasure, orgasms, and sexual issues.
  • Yoni Talk – Women Healing Women by exploring our depths together.
  • Learn Tantra and Tao Healing techniques that recharge you and fill you with light energy!
  • Learn and explore with practices to help you access your deepest O.
  • Take-away luscious discoveries while awakening your sexuality
  • Tantric pleasures heal and awaken you. Meet new friends too!

You can be seen or you can choose to be anonymous, as you wish.

Please RSVP to get your free ticket: https://bit.ly/GMeetSisters

CLASSES and PRIVATE SESSIONS for men are women.
Welcome your friends and lovers — Come together!

If you desire more personal support,
Apply here: TantraMare@Gmail.com.
Women. Men. Couples and Groups –

Virtually and in Los Angeles, CA when appropriate.

Cervical Orgasms: Why 70% of Women don’t have them

Mysteries of the OM-Zone: The Orgasmic Magic Zone

As a pleasure explorer, yearning to feel post-rape and numbness; from years of premature penetration, I’ve experienced a wide range from pain to reclaim pleasure, and found it better than ever!

Along my way, I found places of amazing pleasures inside. Some so deep even I didn’t even know it was there. When I broke through I discovered a place of deep openness and surrender which requires trust and safety to fully open.
My trust was weakened, and so I struggled to let go. Kind of an oxymoron really. Struggle to let go? Often orgasms felt close and then for some reason they would slip away. I was afraid to let go, it seemed the harder I tried, the more elusive vaginal orgasm became.  Frustrated to feel aroused for a minute. Then it was gone.
I had fleeting clitoral peaks, but they are not very satisfying alone, in the long run. I was shown how to find my G spot. It continues to come alive over the years.
Penetration sex was my edge. I was usually guarded because of unreleased traumas that inhibited me from being present to pleasure.
My partner would constantly command me to me, be present. Being present to me, often meant feeling pain with penetration. So I disassociated from the scene in order to avoid the emotions buried there.
I’ve had some numerous traumas surrounding my sexuality and my sex organs. Including medical procedures, so my cervix was an unfriendly place for me. But I’d heard of the magical orgasms there so I was willing to plow through the muck to get to the good stuff.
I touched my cervix with my fingers the first time and was in awe at the smooth silky texture and the consciousness that lured me in.
Surprised I didn’t know my fingers were even long enough to reach the depths of my vagina.
My uterus moves and adjusts downward to meet a point of penetration which intensifies sensations. I’ve heard it called the cervical kiss.
Certain positions can help provide the most satisfying contact sometimes with a woman squatting on top so she can find the right depth of contact and angle…
It was exciting to meet it directly and to be so intimate with this part of me I rarely ever see.
So delicate and pink.  Touch in a squatting position. Cupping so it’s easy to reach.
Hmmm just speaking of it makes me feel electrified it’s like an engine inside it gets flipped on when attention is brought to it in honoring inviting ways. Memories of pleasure lie deep within my yoni walls, to the core. Calling in explorers to dive deep with me, in Tantric seas!
What hides in your love tunnel that needs to be cleared? Clear it. Make room for love and pleasure there and everywhere.
To get real, vulnerable, and intimate with you I gotta tell you something that I have experienced lately with some really deep orgasms that I feel have transformed my mind and body relationship.
There were a few rare, mind-blowing experiences where I learned to really open up and relax inside. It was then when I noticed that I had been contracted, chronically. Protecting what was violated.  My history of rape and numbing sex molded my relationship with my body and with men as well.

Sexual trauma can shut us down from knowing and enjoying our bodies to their fullest potential. 

In women, our deepest longest and strongest orgasms come from opening and being touched to the core.
  This pleasure fills my pelvic bowl and overflows right up into my crown and down again.
<a href=’http://www.sourcetantra.com/thesacredspot?afmc=1n’><img src=’https://leaddyno-client-images.s3.amazonaws.com/a337fd4e989a77df2d35dea6d4182addddf755ed/6a44a044f1a4623148d75f017392e028274d814c_SacredSpot_300_250.jpg’/></a>
The Orgasmic Magic Zone
I went through the layers over years of sexual healing, clearing shame until my yoni was fully open and orgasmic.
It was amazing like something inside me woke up and I was filled with waves and tingles of energy
with even the slightest movements with full penetration.
The most remarkable thing was he could feel what I was feeling which increased my feelings a lot.
We were bonded in this unified field of energy tingles!
He called it Tai Chi sex. Deep slow and sensual with a timeless sense of relaxed arousal.

“At the back of the womb there lay flesh that demanded to be penetrated. It curved inwards, opening to suck. The flesh walls moved like sea anemones, seeking by suction to draw his sex in… She opened her mouth as if to reveal the openness of the womb, its hunger, and only then did he plunge to the very bottom and felt her contractions…”

Anais Nin, Delta of Venus

I’m exploring the back of my womb with crystal wands to awaken the deepest parts of my cave.

To massage away scars of sad memories and any phantom pain that may be stuck there.

The last time I did this self-love massage to myself, I felt some tender areas so I moved very slowly.
Allowing stillness to soften the tension and ease the pain. Then I found that with breath
every tight muscle is an orgasm waiting to happen, to release relax and free-up new energy!
It’s like a field rich with possibilities. I never know what I’m gonna find in there.
It’s still new to me to feel this extraordinary pleasure deep inside near and on my cervix.
Having been more clitoral and G spot focused, this is opening up a new world.
I wanna shout it from the rooftops so everyone knows about it too!
Please share !!

Yoni Wisdom: Healing Touch Transforms

When it’s time to blossom… I TRANSFORMED
From Numb and Pain to Awakening Profound Pleasure with Yoni Healing Touch. 
Some women feel pain with sex inside especially with deep, hard penetration all the way to the cervix. This is especially true if thrusting is rigorous and she’s not fully open and relaxed.
Be patient and allow the release to unfold. If sadness or anger occurs, pour love into her eyes and kiss her tears or something equally gentle and loving. Whatever you do, don’t fight back or tell her to stop crying. Rather give her space to feel and release the past pains.
Making love is a profound medicine for our hearts and all of our organs, if we can stay conscious with our eyes open and see feel here and absorb the love that we’re making.
Sometimes love brings up everything unlike itself in order to be healed. That’s part of the process, so stay present, and understand as a giver you are there to hold space. Like holding the trash basket while she that it’s not about you. Give her room to rage if she needs, for a minute or two. And then bring her back with love.
Don’t linger long in the darkness. Recognize its value in the here and now, let her know you and there for her. Holding space for her to let go.
Even if you don’t fully understand what’s coming up, you don’t have to. It still helps if you encourage her to make some noise and release stuck energy without judgment.
Pour love into painful places and be patient. The deepest spot is also a place where we harbor emotions of trauma and shame, buried in the darkest parts of our sex-tunnel. That includes the base chakra as well.
With tender words of love and eye contact, intend to replace phantom pains and fears with conscious present love. It’s a healing that no doctor can provide. A beloved or Tantric healer can touch these places in the ways that can transform past pains with positive, orgasmic and even ecstatic best ever transformational feelings.
You can also bless and awaken these dark painful places with a lingam, wand of light. This could be any type of wand. Even a peeled cucumber will do. When alone, I like to use a phallus of rose quartz, for love.
Massage the painful areas gently and slowly with stillness… pause often to soften tight tissue and release memories of fear and pain. Forgive your body for holding those memories for so long. Release them in the exhale and breathe in love.
Is it time to say so long to old armored past and related phantom pain, which no longer serves you? Choose to let love in starting with forgiveness and acceptance of yourself.
Healing through self-love is an extremely important and powerful part of the process. You may also require a guide to support you through the darkest shadows of harbored emotions.  Sometimes it’s hard to see our own shadow in the proper perspective.
I used to have that issue wreck havoc in my love-life until I learned to trust enough to relax completely. This requires an immense amount of willingness and the desire to open,  breathe, and allow feelings to flow. Move through the pain and numbness of the past by opening to present love.
Letting go makes room to feel who you really when you release the past. Pain often transforms hidden pleasures unveiled.
The release of tension becomes energy freed up to expand and exhilarate! Pulsing pleasure is pure and sacred medicine.
I find the most profound soulful orgasms occur when I can fully relax and able to open and be filled with full penetration without any resistance. 
So I’ve learned and love to teach…
To feel inside of a woman’s sex, first meet her with your breath, your lips, tones, and then touch. If you’re a good fit for her lock, she may open the very depths of her being to you. Open to her core, as deep as she can expand to receive your love fully!
Such wondrous mysteries women can awaken within! When we feel safe enough to be free… to open fully and let a conscious partner into our deepest most vulnerable parts, we can be in hours of bliss within. Then sex becomes a luscious meditation on the energy of ecstasy.

Juicy Goddess Gathering ~ Tantra Talk, Yoga, Dance & Ecstatic Breath for Women!!

Juicy Goddess Gathering: Sat MARCH 21st — 3rd Sat of every month in LA 2:00pm – 4pm
Tantra Goddess/Girl-Talk and experiential practices to heal, awaken and activate our Bliss Bodies.

Discussing deep topics of love, massage and sexual healing. Tantra sex tips. Fire Breath Orgasm, Amrita, Sacred Spot Massage and more… Gathering women who would like to meet regularly; to do deep inner work as a core group. As well as participate in co-ed gatherings, retreats and more.

Come with an open heart to explore and discuss women’s mysteries, magic and Tantric energy… Leave with treasures and new friends!
>> We’ll gather from 3 Meetup groups, so sign-ups are spreadout…

This gathering is for Women only because I want to get to know you and expand my women’s Tantra tribe with more local ladies. We will begin with a monthly intro, and see where this goes.

I also offer an event for men and women just after this gathering. Feel free to invite your friends and lovers!

$20 – Donation –
For more info or Register here
2 for 1 – Bring a Friend!

SEEKING: Locations. If you’d like to host an event and get lots of benefits, hugs and good karma, please let me know.
I’m actively seeking ideal compatible, environments some local and some getaways. Beginning humbly in my home to keep it cozy and intimate.

PS: HELP WANTED: TECH, IT Help in organizing and promoting Meetup events. Volunteers – Meet the community and get private time with me.

ASSISTANTS: Savvy Social Media markerting, Email, Newsletter etc. Local or Virtual! Volunteer possible salary.

Re-Flowering: Women Transforming Sex ~ Sacred Sisterhood


Monthly!  3rd Saturday of the month. 

Nurturing Tantra-Time for Women Only

Yoni Puja is a ritual to clear your past and re-awaken your sacred flower as your Source of pleasures, wisdom and Creative Energy.

“Deflowering” is a term used to describe “losing” one’s virginity. Two negative terms to describe the awakening of a woman’s sacred chambers of creation.

“ReFlowering”  honors and re-awaken Your Sacred Temple  to its original state of pure unity; free of trauma, shame or fear.

Tantric meditations with flowers, fruits and mudras [power positions of the hands] are used to activate this energy; fully clothed. Or not.

  • Come with an open heart to heal, explore and discuss sexuality
  • Share in Women’s mysteries, magic and delicious possibilities.
  • Leave with luscious discoveries with a new view of yourself.
    Tantric shifts that stay with you. Meet some new friends too!
  •  At a private residence LA, CA USA: address given upon registration
    $15 in advance $20 at door | 2 for 1 – Bring a Friend Free!

Confirm your space hereRe-Flowering

Refunds are offered as credit for any classes, other events or coaching sessions providing you inform Mare by text ASAP. Space is limited.  If you need to cancel please text ASAP.