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Can a Man Really Be Multi-Orgasmic? | Mare Simone

Can a Man Really Be Multi-Orgasmic?

This is the question that I get asked the most.

It is possible that a man can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. It’s not about withholding the orgasm, as some staunch traditionalists or unenlightened people might think; it’s really about diverting the ejaculation, inward and outward so that it turns into streams of pleasurable energy that can look and feel orgasmic, but without the release! Through deep relaxation and focus of the mind a man can become not just Multi-Orgasmic… but also Full Body Orgasmic!

Ordinarily during what I call “friction sex”, orgasm and ejaculation are experienced as one and the same. But in truth, they are separate functions, which stem from opposite sides, of the nervous system. Although they often do occur simultaneously, it is possible that each can be experienced independent of the other.

It’s possible for a man to ejaculate without experiencing much physical pleasure at all. Most men have experienced this at least once in their lives. Therefore it must be also possible that a man can increase of pleasure volume and decrease the sense of urgency to release.

Repeated ejaculatory orgasms and multiple, full body orgasms are NOT the same thing.

Men who experience Tantric multiple orgasms frequently enjoy pleasurable sensations that are very similar to those that women feel during multiple orgasms.

They report a sense of lightness and tingling that radiates warmth throughout their bodies and carries nourishing energy through their entire being.

This expanded state of arousal can last and last — indefinitely!

The experience of Tantra teaches us that prolonged, multiple orgasms can occur without the feelings of depletion, tiredness and lethargy which often follow ejaculation.

In ordinary Western sex, a man usually is spent once he ejaculates, particularly if he is past the age of 35 when his hormone levels begin to decline significantly.

During an ejaculation a man looses an immense amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and vital life forces.

Also, ejaculation causes the brain to release sleep hormones, which is what causes most man to feel spent and want to sleep afterwards. These should be called “snorgasms”, for obvious reasons.

The word “orgasm” is derived from ancient Greek which means, “to become engorged; a fullness or ripeness that can occur in any organ or any part of the body.”. This is very different from the modern definition of orgasm, however quite similar to the Tantric view.

A Tantric orgasm is not a goal that results at the culmination of sex. Rather it is a state of aroused awareness that can occur literally anywhere and everywhere, throughout the body!

Tantra teaches us how to accomplish this by being receptive to the energy flowing through us, and thus focus on becoming deeply aroused while simultaneously, remaining present and centered within.

This state of mind paves the way for an amazingly satisfying orgasmic experience, that simply has no goal or anything that may interfere with fully enjoying what is present.

What’s more is that the longer we can linger in this state, the more energy and vitality we are able to absorb and the revitalized by.

This type of orgasm is deep, like the ocean. and it is a constant source of powerful energies.

We cannot control an orgasm. But, we can learn to ride its waves and experience immense pleasures, joy and all that it brings. It’s like the swimmer who learns surfing; while he cannot control the ocean, the surfer learns to connect to the power of the ocean and skillfully play with the waves!

To maintain a level of heightened pleasure throughout a series of non-ejaculatory orgasms provides numerous benefits to the body/mind.

Thus, in the Tantric view, frequent ejaculation can be depleting because ejaculation causes vital energies and nutrients to be lost.

On the other hand, after sustained high levels of pleasure but not ejaculating, a man can actually feel rejuvenated and energized in the afterglow…

However, I do not agree with austere Taoists such as Mantak Chia, author of the best seller, “The Multi- Orgasmic Male”, and, “The Multi-Orgasmic Couple”, who professes that men should never ejaculate except to procreate.

Unless you are a martial artist, most men find his methods much too complicated; making it difficult to practice with any degree of success, or pleasure. Not to mention what it feels like to be a partner to someone who was practicing these rigid techniques. It’s not sexy.

I do believe however, that when ejaculation occurs as the final state of a highly orgasmic interaction, it should be done consciously, with wisdom and intention.

When a man “plants his seed” along with an intentional thought or vision, it becomes infused with the creative life force, whether the goal is to create a baby, or to create a more empowered reality.

Sound and Pleasure

Hear Mare discuss the role sound plays in pleasure. (2:04)

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