Hiring a Team

Happy Spring!

I got lots exciting juicy stuff to share.]!

But there’s a HUGE learning curve for me, with the new technology.  I want to use efficient automated systems to send out announcements and reminders, so we can get a really good attendance where I can share and interact with more people. Without having to multitask and spin out just before an event. I want to be centered so I can truly give you my best.

I need some help to be technically setup so I can show up centered and ready to fully deliver

I just found an amazing new platform that I’m in the middle of trying to set up. It’s called MeetVio.  Have you heard of it yet? It crushes Zoom a lotta ways!

But I’m lost in the process of trying to get it set up and linked with email integrations. I don’t understand the language! And it hurts my eyes to try… it’s not the way I’m wired.

Can you help?

I need helpers who love left brain technology to help me so I can broadcast live events on multiple platforms simultaneously while staying smooth, in my juicy genius zone of teaching and delivering the goods with turned on creative fire.

Passion and desire to learn Tantra and sacred sexuality is a definite plus!

Which is why am reaching out to my tribe here, instead of just random virtual job pool.

Be familiar with MailChimp and or MailerLite [extra points for * Groove.cm} or other webpage builders, integrations with API keys, SMTP. SendGrid, Twilio and Chatbots for text messaging. Facebook ManyChat. Chatterpal oh yeah!

I buy all this software because it looks fun and cool to have and use as tools BUT it sits waiting for my geek charming to awaken it with his or her kiss.

MEETVIO is the new platform that’s got me all excited!  It has very nice page building features and GREAT automation so I can do what I do best without having to worry about technology while I’m trying to be in my flow so I can come from deep divine place.

If you are experienced with using at least some of these programs, and how to integrate them,  I need you.  If you understand the language it’s intuitively easy. And there are tutorials which is where I get lost.

I’m a visual person. I like to do it while watching video. Or with [you] showing me what to do!

In exchange I can show you the arts of Tantric orgasmic, expanded living, lusciously

Which is of course my favorite thing to do. Apart from writing about it and living it.

But to be honest I don’t live it enough sometimes because I’m too often on the computer trying to figure out how to deliver to you with technology. I miss the good old days when we had gatherings and practices in person. In the meantime I need help!

Speaking of the ARTS, GRAPHICS artist and VIDEO editor, eventually a FULL VIDEO CREW are ON MY BIG LIST of desires.  And will definitely pay well, when I can. In addition to awesome exchanges.


I have lots of video footage that’s unlisted. Unseen…

I need a video YouTube manager too

In the meantime I’m hoping for a win-win situation where you find as much and more value in the arts I offer, as I do in your offers.


I’m rebuilding my website on a new platform called *Groove and I would love to have someone help me build a site there they have 16 different apps in addition to page building and right now it’s still in beta with lifetime membership options, which is what I bought.


But I’m still working on building my first site. I’d love some help with that.


I offer group coaching and memberships that need  pages, ecommerce, and a variety of features which are also part of Groove.   *https://groovepages.groovesell.com/a/UrL7ShyBiS5K {full disclosure, I am in affiliate.} Their affiliate program is super generous, two-tiered win-wins. If that’s of interest to you let’s talk! I’d be happy to tell you more.


Groove has a free version of everything so you can test it out. You can host up to three websites on their server for free!

If you do check Groove out, use my affiliate link and will both benefit, especially if you or someone you know joins the paid version, [we will both get paid, so it’s sharing the wealth]. That’s fun!


Okay, that’s enough tech talk for now.

But my point is in this world of rapid growing technology, there’s just too much tech for me to do alone.


I lose my flow and wither by the end of the day.


I need some savvy techies to balance me.


SO If you [or someone you know] find this kind of technology fun and easy pleasy; let’s connect. ASAP!!


I’m able to pay and I willing to offer Tantra sessions in exchange. Arrangements personalized, based on your skill sets, needs and desires.


Please reply with what you feel your best at and what you need and desire, for your services. We’ll arrange to speak accordingly.


Thank you for taking the time to read this long plea for help.


I love you and I look forward to sharing more juicy love, soon!



PS:  If you got questions respond here, and I will either address them in my next livestream or video. We can have a private chat. Click to schedule: MareSimone.as.me


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