Cervical Orgasms -Why 70% of Women don’t have them?

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Mysteries of the Deep Orgasmic Magical  Zone

At the back of the womb there lay flesh that demanded to be penetrated. It curved inwards, opening to suck. The flesh walls moved like a sea anemones, seeking by suction to draw his sex in… She opened her mouth as if to reveal the openness of the womb, its hunger, and only then did he plunge to the very bottom and felt her contractions…” Anais Nin, Delta of Venus

As a pleasure explorer, yearning to heal from rapes and the numbness from years of premature penetration, I’ve experienced a wide range from pleasure to pain and numbness. From numb back through [phantom] pain now to reclaim pleasure, better than ever!

Along my way, I found places of amazing pleasure inside. So deep even I didn’t know it was there. when I broke through that I discovered a It is a place of deep openness and surrender which requires trust.
My level of trust was limited then so I struggled. Orgasm felt close and then for some reason it would slip away. Or I got afraid to let go,
it seemed the harder I tried, the more elusive vaginal orgasm became.  It frustrated me to feel something good for a minute. Then it was gone.
I could feel fleeting clitoral peaks, but they are not very satisfying alone, in the long run. I was shown how to find my G spot. It continues to come alive over the years.
Penetration sex was my edge. I was usually guarded from unreleased traumas that inhibited me from being present to pleasure. So much so, my partner would constantly say to me, “be present.” But being present to me, often meant feeling pain with penetration.
I was a hot mess!  I’ve had some serious trauma surrounding my sexuality and my sex organs. Including medical procedures.
My cervix was a scary place to me.
I touched my cervix with my fingers the first time the other day.
It was a surprise because I didn’t know if they were even long enough to reach the depths of my vagina.
The uterus moves and adjusts downward to meet a point of penetration which intensifies sensations. Some called this the cervical kiss. Various positions help facilitate the most satisfying contact sometimes with a woman squatting on top to find the right depth of contact and angle…
It was exciting to meet it directly and to be so intimate with this part of me I rarely see.
It was delicate and intimate. I will visit again in a squatting position. Cupping… so it’s easy to reach.
Hmmm just speaking of it makes me feel electrified it’s like a motor inside gets flipped on when attention is brought to it in an honoring inviting way. Memories of pleasure lie deep within my yoni walls, deep to the core. Calling in explorers to dive deep with me, in Tantric seas!
What hides in your love tunnel that needs to be cleared? Lets clear it. Make room for love and pleasure there and everywhere.
I need to  get real, vulnerable and intimate with you ’cause I gotta tell you something that recently I have experienced some really deep orgasm’s that I feel have transformed my mind and body relationship.
There were a few rare, mind blowing experiences where I learned to really open up and relax inside. It was then when I noticed that I had been chronically contracted, protecting what was violated.  My history of rape and numbingsex molded my relationship to my body and relationships with men as well.

Sexual trauma can shut us down from knowing and enjoying our bodies to their fullest potential. It’s crippling!

In women our deepest longest and strongest orgasms come from opening and being touched in the deepest parts, so I am finding.  This pleasure fills my pelvic bowl and overflows right up into my crown and down again.
Then the experience of sex becomes a cleansing, clearing the past. Calling in and blessing whatever your body needs feel and receive.
I went through the layers over years of sexual healing until my yoni was fully open and orgasmic.
It was amazing like something inside me woke up and I was filled with waves and tingles with even the slightest movements with full penetration.
The most remarkable thing was he could feel what I was feeling which increased my feelings.
We were bonded in this unified field of energy tingles! He called it Tai Chi sex. Deep slow and sensual with a timeless sense of relaxed arousal. Then we split up.
Now I’m exploring my own depths. Lately using crystal wands to awaken the deepest parts of my cave. To massage away scar tissue or phantom pain. The last time I did this I felt some tender areas and so I moved very slowly. Sometimes still allowing the tension to soften.
It’s like a field with rich realms of possibilities. I never know what I’m gonna find in here. It’s still new to me to feel this extraordinary pleasure inside. Being more clitoral and G spot focused, this is opening up a new world. I wanna share it from the rooftops so everyone knows about it too!!
Cont. in part 2…

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