Sexual Healing – What is it & Who needs it?

Do you, or someone you love, struggle to let go… chasing after orgasms?

OR – Do you/they disconnect, disassociate or simply zone-out during sex?

Do you sometimes feel Pain or Numb, during Sex?  Have you or your partner ever been a victim of sexual violation, rape or domestic violence? I’ve worked with many cases where these symptoms, are signs of unresolved sexual trauma.

Physical or verbal abuses can cause blocks to pleasure and orgasms, even with loving advances, from your current partner.

Abuse leaves an imprint in our memory that can render us disconnected from feelings of love.  We “check-out” to avoid the memories which obstructs present time intimacy. This is a common shield to block and try to forget the past. The problem is these shields prevent us from feeling, even when we desire intimacy.

Traumatizing experiences leave imprints of fear that block us from feeling physical or emotional connections. Even years later with another partner, the memories of abuse linger in the cells of our body  until they are discharged.

This cellular memory, also referred to as muscle memory creates patterns of tension based on how we responded to sex. 

These negative imprints need to be discharged in order to make space for more positive ones.  Like a “sexorcism”, first removing the ghosts of trauma past. Then you can have a total Sex Life Makeover and be free to love with your whole body, heart and soul.

I know this process firsthand, because I’ve been through the fire of transformation myself. And I’ve developed the compassion and capability to help thousands of others.  In my 30 years of being in service and dedicated to sexual healing I’ve helped men and women to transform their pain and numbness of shame, into life-changing pleasure.

I help couples as well as individuals address trauma related sexual issues. This work has created massive interest and opportunities for me to reach numerous men and women, who want and need my help.

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  1. Telemundo TV has been reaching out to work with me on this project since February.
    The main hold up, is finding Spanish-speaking clients whom I have already helped their sex-life. That are willing to share their story.

    This has been shot and will soon post. OTHER MEDIA PROJECTS will occur so I will leave the following up:

    I’m taking applications and offering a free session, $600 value and more sessions, if needed at a reduced rate, to someone or a couple who would be willing to talk about their experiences [silhouetted so you can remain anonymous while sharing about your experiences — if you wish]. Be free to talk about YOUR before, during and after your sex life makeover with me in a short up to 30 minute interview. I’m open to work with a man or women AND couple. You must be in the Los Angeles and/or San Diego area and [or will come to LA at your own expense. And agree to be authentic in your sharing.

    Others like you, need your breakthrough story to help them see what’s possible for them too.
    But I can’t do it without help from those are transparent enough to allow others to learn from you.
    Please respond ASAP if you’re interested, to this email address:
    State your name, relationship status and what your issues are you would like to address. I will review and reply right away. Love heals!

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