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Sex SurrogateTherapy: Marie Claire UK: May '16 | Mare Simone

Sex surrogates: Would you sleep with a stranger to save your sex life?

Powerful piece on Sex Surrogate Partner Therapy made the cover Marie Claire UK! May 2016! It
addressed this tender topic with such empathy I was in tears while I was interviewed… Moved me again when I read the final piece.
Sex surrogates: Would you sleep with a stranger to save your sex life?
Though surrogates don’t exactly “sleep” with their clients, we more likely awaken them to a fuller experience of life. Nor are we “strangers” as the article implies, at the time of sharing sexual intimacy because we spend significant amounts of time developing a deep intimate rapport before physically touching.
In many ways were probably more intimate than many couples who don’t spend time getting to know one their significant other’s thoughts, feelings, desires and dislikes.

All things considered, I’m pleased with this article. I trust that it gets into the hands of people who are ready for it.
Marie ClaireUK

For most people it IS quite a vulnerable confession to openly admit that they receive any kind of sex coaching or guidance to improve their love life. Not to their friends let alone to the public who will read it online. Worse yet to do this live on TV!

I honor them for being willing to be transparent about their issues, so that they may be examples to help others who are afflicted with similar challenges.

Though he was reluctant at first, Nate eventually let go and trusted the process. Then he had some major breakthroughs that were edgy and raw, captured on camera. Documented and aired on Discovery TV. Thank you for being exactually as you are!

Click here to see a video clip of sessions they did with me that aired on TV
It’s time people come out their closets; so they can play and love more passionately! I am thrilled when an article like this hits the stands or TV because it helps transform crippling feelings of sexual shame, fear and ignorance into playful sexual ecstasy wrapped with love and intimacy!

If you are wondering who Surrogate Partner Therapy or SPT is helpful for? Or if it can help you or someone you love…

Surrogate Partner Therapy can be very effective in helping people with trauma recovery rapidly. Once the issue is cleared and no longer holding you back from saying yes, to what you want, there is so much energy and pleasure to be discovered. Wayyy beyond the shamed status quo into high stratospheres of sacred pleasure, passion and power!

So for those who want to explore more and deeper authentic intimacy, this is for you too!

You don’t have to be traumatized to seek assistance or improve your love life. Overcoming trauma and numbness are areas I specialize in, because I learned to transform my own numbness and fear through curiosity; discovering body sensations and the depths of my feminine sensuality which awakened deliciousness like melting chocolate.

Click here to view the article that I got from the journalist at the time of this writing, it hasn’t come out stands yet! And they wait till it is off the stand before making available online, as they want want you to buy it direct from Marie Claire UK!

Here’s a candid interview video I just posted on YouTube of The Darlings in an interview never before published They are quoted several times in the Marie Claire article as they were in a TV documentary with me as my clients.
In the afterglow Interview with Nate and Monique Darling.

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Nervous System and Fast Responses

Hear Mare discuss the role the nervous system plays in our sexual lives. (1:24)

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