PRESS RELEASE: Can Sex Surrogate Therapy Prevent Cheating?

Can Sex Surrogate Therapy Prevent Cheating?
ABC 10News interviews Psychologist Dr. Christy Wise and Sex Surrogate Mare Simone

Los Angeles, CA. 10-1-2015
Thousands of impacted couples are floundering since the Ashley Madison scandal shattered their relationships. The aftermath of cheating causes mistrust that may take years of hard work, and therapy to mend!

“Look what’s happened with Ashley Madison,” Dr. Christy Wise told 10News.
Wise is touting not just talk therapy, but also touch therapy from a sex surrogate.”
“How are you going to go and tell your wife that you don’t know why passion doesn’t feel alive, you don’t know what to do and you don’t know how to bring it?” Wise said.

San Diego, CA clinical psychologist, Dr. Christy Wise said on ABC 10News last week, that she believes fewer people would cheat on their spouse if they underwent sex surrogate therapy. Traditional talk therapy can help patients better understand and communicate their feelings to each other, but according to Dr Christy, talk therapy and touch therapy combined can in some cases provide even faster more effective results. Dr Christy Wise was voted the best Psychologist in Del Mar last year.

Former Sex Surrogate Partner, Mare Simone has been helping couples and singles achieve sexual health and wholeness through her services in surrogate partner therapy aka “touch therapy”. “Ultimately my intention is to send them back home with more knowledge, skill and confidence. I understand that some people will criticize my work because they don’t understand that “touch therapy” is healing, educating and empowering men, women and couples to live a more satisfying sex life….” says Simone in an interview on AOL Health

Mare Simone has been in the media for over 25 years, having appeared on HBO, Real Sex, The Playboy Channel, KTLA, The Discovery Channel and in Sweden and British ITV documentaries. She has published numerous articles on sexual healing and Surrogate Partner Therapy and was featured on AOL Health and The Sun in the UK.

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