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ABC News Special with Sex-Surrogate Partner Mare Simone | Mare Simone

ABC News Special with Sex-Surrogate Partner Mare Simone

A reporter from ABC – 10 News called just after dark and wanted to shoot right away but agreed to my plea to give me 10 mins! Last night I got a call from Dr Christy Wise who had just been interviewed by Emily Valdez from San Diego’s local Channel 10 News! Emily was eager to shoot right now… in record time we set up lights, makeup… Skype! I’m on!

Mick shot the entire 10 min interview, so we can sift out gems for sharing in my best of Mare` and bloopers coming soon!

This interview is from a news clip on how couples who have sexually unsatisfying marriages can get help both from talk therapy and Sex Surrogacy combined.

While Sex Surrogate partners are most commonly used in therapy for individuals who don’t have partners to practice and learn intimacy skills with. Surrogates can also be great guides to help couples deepen their love and intimacy!

“What makes surrogacy successful is the relationship between the surrogate and client. The trust that develops keeps the relationship strong. Both develop genuine caring feelings for each other, as one would in any close friendship. Our friendship is real and deeply shared.

All the lessons learned in surrogacy, become a model for you of a healthy, honest, and close relationship. This gives you the confidence to develop loving relationships of your own.” Says Tara Livingston Author of Sex is the Least of it Surrogate Partners Discuss Love Life and Intimacy. A heartfelt and enlightening book on this subject that I am featured in, along with other surrogates — past and present.

“As a Surrogate Partner and a Tantra Love and Intimacy Coach for over 30 years I’ve helped many couples who were inexperienced or had some form of sexual trauma that caused them to shut down. This hinders there ability to connect deeply in intimate and passionate ways, even when the desire is there!

Surrogate partner therapy a.k.a. touch therapy helps them understand how to authentically be intimate, loving, and passionate with one another!

Working with couples I focus on one person at a time, while the other partner is learning to touch in a variety of ways. Feeling what each other is actually feeling through a blend of intimate conversations, guided pillow talk and sensitivity exercises helps them connect more from their heart and soul; rather than just from their head.

This allows deeper sharing with an ability to feel what the other is feeling while they are being explored in loving, playful ways.

Challanged or “sexless marriages” can get much quicker results when combining touch therapy with traditional talk therapy! Touch therapy can personally guide and educate them in sexual matters. Working with a surrogate can help them learn to communicate their sexual desires and secret wishes with their partners in positive ways that get good results.

While Surrogate partners are more commonly used in therapy with singles who don’t have partners to learn and practice intimacy skills with, surrogates can also be great guides to help couples deepen their love and intimacy!

Couples can learn to develop sensual and loving skills so they can have a fabulous marriage and more fun between the sheets!” XOXO Mare

Transcript of “Sex Surrogates Can Help Prevent Cheating” Segment:

* Transcription courtesy of ABC 10News —

SAN DIEGO – A local clinical psychologist said she believes fewer people would cheat on their spouse if they underwent sex surrogate therapy.

“Look what’s happened with Ashley Madison,” Dr. Christy Wise told 10News.

Wise is touting not just talk therapy, but also touch therapy from a sex surrogate.

“How are you going to go and tell your wife that you don’t know why passion doesn’t feel alive, you don’t know what to do and you don’t know how to bring it?” Wise said.

Mare Simone, a sex surrogate and tantric sex coach who works in San Diego and Los Angeles, said, “I started my surrogate training 30 years ago.”

But how is this different from prostitution?

“For me, the major difference is the transformation, the outcome. What does somebody get on the other side of an experience working with a Surrogate Partner? Does it really affect one on a lasting basis and help heal or transform their issues? And, if so, then that’s true therapy,” Simone said.

Simone works with all kinds of people who have issues with sex — married, virgins, even victims of sexual assault.

“But the people that most benefit from it are singles who really don’t have partners to work with,” Simone said.

Simone said she works in tandem with a psychologist, a talk therapist.

“And I offer touch therapy so that they can feel again or connect into parts of them that they haven’t felt yet,” Simone said.
Wise said legally this is a gray area; it’s not legal or illegal.

Channeling ejaculation

Hear Mare discuss. (4:00)

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