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Goddess Temples in Arizona Raided!! | Mare Simone

Goddess Temples in Arizona Raided!!

Why would they target Temples devoted to love and pleasure and forcefully close them down?  What is wrong with our society that providing touch therapy and pleasure is under such strict scrutiny as if it were a crime?  While at the same time our TV, news and films are inundated with violent acts that condition us to become numb?  What’s wrong with this picture?

It was  September 6th, 2011;  for those who haven’t heard yet,  30 Priests and Priestesses from the Church of One, Phoenix Goddess Temple, and ISTA The International Institute of Temple Arts in Sedona, were indicted and arrested on the charges of prostitution.

I was deeply saddened to hear this as I had been to their Temples, and found them to be a great inspiration to me and my sacred practices.  The Temple in Phoenix which was most targeted as was an amazing expression of love and devotion, each room had as a theme with an altar devoted to that aspect of life and what they referred to as the seven rays which represent the seven major areas of our lives as, from spirit to wisdom, love and sexuality to empowered manifestations.

Temple, devoted to the Goddess had 9 healing chambers with alters that the seekers lay upon to receive healings.  Each of these rooms had a beautifully themed environment that initiated a different center within the body.  I spent a lot of time in the black and gold  Egyptian room  last year  to study with my teachers High Priest and Priestess from Italy who came on a mission to initiate Westerners into the great rites of their ancient Alchemy and sacred Arts tradition.

The police forced everyone at gunpoint  to the ground at the Phoenix and the Sedona Goddess Temples on  to beas handcuffed and taken in for questioning.  This included a female client who was having a session with Wayne Clayton at the time. She flew in to do a series of  healing sessions with him.  She was later released after questioning and hopefully not too traumatized by the incident. At the Sedona Temple the police broke in during a video documentary with a Swiss film crew who were videotaping a sacred ceremony there with the Oklevueha Native Americans.  I heard that the film crew caught the whole raid on tape and after a brief confiscation time, the police returned all the footage to the crew.   I sure hope we get to see that footage and that it shows people how absurd it is to break into these temples, interrupt their sacred ceremonies with accusations that these people are breaking the law by practicing their religious beliefs and arrest them.

I visited the Temple in February for Valentines festivities. I attended several wonderful workshops led by locals as well as people who came from as far away as Italy offering the ancient wisdom of their sacred traditions.  At the same time that I was there, a dark and oppressive feeling was lurking – brought about by as salacious and slanderous article in the Phoenix New Times that had just hit the stands: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/content/printVersion/2142903/ . It did not speak favorably or accurately about this Temple but rather presented it as being a front for what they called New Age prostitution.

Apparently over the 6 months that ensued, a private undercover investigation had been brewing. Over 18 men and women practitioners of the Temple were arrested and more are being indicted. The mother priestess Tracy Elyse’s bail was set at half $1 million and I’m told has recently gone up to $1 million because they consider her to be a high  ‘flight risk’ and the police think she has access to a lot of capital.  This has created a loud stir among all tantra practitioners as well as other sex healers.  It’s time to address the law that prohibits giving  pleasure in exchange for money.

Liberate the power of sacred, erotic pleasure to be a revered and dignified profession as it is in many countries throughout Europe and has been, since the beginning of man. A petition is going around now to gain support and signatures to raise public awareness about this atrocity. My experience of the Phoenix Goddess Temple was one of beauty, community and wisdom which are the impressions that I was left with after spending several days with them.  If you feel moved to share your thoughts on this issue, please consider contributing your signature and comment to this petition: https://apps.facebook.com/petitions/1/a-modern-day-witch-hunt-we-implore-you-to-help-free-the-women-men-of-the-phoenix-goddess-temple/

For to get the inside story kept up to the minute, see exclusive footage of Tracy including an interview from jail, and more information…  And to give donations, please visit:  http://TempleLife.TV/







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