The Power of Love, as Expressed by the Darling’s on TLC-TV!

The Power of Love, as expressed by the Darlings on TLC-TV!

Monique and her amazing husband Nate Darling are both so open to transform and evolve her love life, that it is a great honor to work with them. They are such an inspiration and joy to witness. They’re a shining example of the healing and transformational powers of love.

She comes from such a warm heart space that anyone who experiences her is immediately put at ease and present to receive her gifts. As a receiver as well as a qualified coach herself, she teaches us how to get the most out of the process of healing our past by saying yes to love, even when fear is lurking. She is so loving and leads with her heart that, success comes easy.

Nate is also wonderfully willing to be transparent and vulnerable in his process, that he helps others through his courage and strength to see that opening to more love and intimacy is a profoundly transforming event. Their example is a gift to everyone that has the opportunity to experience them.

The best way to learn is through experience. They so bravely revealed their personal process in learning to love more on TLC-TV with me — so many benefited and learned vicariously through their courage.

Since then I have been flooded with calls from other couples and individuals who are inspired to open the door to discover the possibilities of more love and pleasure that are available to them as well!

We will post a recording of the show for those who missed it, as soon as we receive it from the network

Documenting this work with the Darlings for TV and all the supportive comments from all our friends, has inspired me to continue working with them gratis to further their progress; and to offer this opportunity to other couples at no charge in exchange for the opportunity to document their process as well.

It is so valuable to witness another having an authentic shift, that I want to create an entire documentary on the transformational power of love and authentic intimacy.

Seeking support and other coaches who are interested in this Documentary project. Please contact me if you are interested. Or if you know couples who would like to be a part of this project and get coaching for free!

Kudos to the front-lines! Thanks for everyone for their encouraging support!

Candid shot during the shooting of Strange Sex with ‘The Bedroom Coach’ [their term] and the Darlings

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  1. MartyI like to think about sex in the current age as post pporogation pleasure’. Humans are the most effective and efficient procreators in the animal kingdom. We are always horny and our women have an incredibly long period of fertility. So sex has evolved to be an intense and pleasurable drive to help procreate the race. Well seems to me we have done that so it is time to move on to realistically and creatively accept that we are way too oversexed for the needs of replacing the human population! Just a few generations ago the life expectancy was so short that you barely saw your kids become teenagers which is exactly when they are sxually mature. So sex’ is really about intimate ways to connect, feel pleasure and give. If we can accept this we then can look at why we as a culture have developed institutions and customs designed to secure our future .and there is a lot of room for alternative lifestyles. One of my comforts is to see so many queer families adopting and loving kids that others could not.My other famous line is that if we all had to take and pass a sex class’ like a drivers ed class we just might be better off. Random but that is how I am tody.

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