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Free live Sex + Love Coaching – Birthing a Community | Mare Simone

Free live Sex + Love Coaching – Birthing a Community

Throughout my profession as an Intimacy Coach I have witnessed thousands of men, women and couples learn to open their hearts and truly connect with one another more authentically, both in and out of bed. The afterglow that springs forth from this degree of intimate connection can last a lifetime!

Statistics tell us that over 70% of women are not easily orgasmic through intercourse and more than 60% of men would like to be able to last-longer in order to more deeply satisfy his partner. But the fact is men are hard-wired to procreate and most men don’t know how to relax while they are aroused long enough for their partners to fully enjoy to their highest potential. So most women are left feeling a sense of frustration and eventually loose interest in sex.

More than tips on how to have more fun in bed, although it will be a fun and profound adventure for anyone who embarks on this journey… it’s really about love, making love. And how to make love last longer and more fulfilling in every way. Because it starts in the heart. When our hearts and other parts are happy and satisfied, we attract success in all areas of life.

I envision a book which includes website with a community of coaches who offer a few hrs a week to provide free support, coaching and teachings. We will record and archive these sessions and create a library of real sessions as ongoing free sessions to be documented.

My high intention is to create a series like this that will help lovers, make love more consciously through the union of ancient and modern sexual wisdom. We will offer Tantra blended with intimate communication skills and emotional release techniques. We draw from a pool of methods that are highly effective in resolving past issues of love and sexuality which may block ones ability to connect deeply with a lover in present time. 

The group helps people learn and heal by experience of their own or vicariously by witnessing others learn intimacy skills. 

CASTING for couples who would like to be documented, while exploring, having fun and having breakthroughs in loving better!  Be willing to  be truthful, open to learn, share and grow with the group, with yourself and your partner. 

We also welcome other Love Coaches and Sex Therapists to join and participate.  Post text, video or audio case histories and share your processes with the group.  Start a discussion and share your gifts…

It’s so incredibly powerful to witness someone experience personal growth in ways that & transform their lives. This online community provides support from Qualified Coaches and Therapists. As well as to friends, family and others who are drawn to this journey. Join us to support and witness the power of conscious loving in action!

Monique and Nate Darling are the first couple and helped inspire this vision through the process of documenting their progress with learning to love each other more playfully.  Their story is so moving, they love to share and they do it well. 

I’m feel compelled to support them in their progress to help their love soar.  I hope you will join us! Please share whatever you feel called to. Pictures, words, funds etc, as are all appreciated. 

The Darlings were featured with me on Nationwide TV – on TLC,  The Learning Channel this Spring season 2011! 

Stay tuned as they continued to evolve and grow a lot since the shoot, in JAN, 2011.

Seeking webmaster to design and help maintain the site in exchange for tantra sessions!

Nervous System and Fast Responses

Hear Mare discuss the role the nervous system plays in our sexual lives. (1:24)

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