Win a FREE Love & Intimacy Makeover!

Is your love life how you would like to be?  Do you want more love… greater intimacy?  Are you coachable?  Willing to be authentic and share your process for others to learn and grow from?  Would you like to be a success story and document the journey?

Yes!!? Register now to win up to a year of  free love and intimacy coaching with Mare Simone A,CTE  Advanced, Certified Tantra Educator and her associates.

We will be video and/or audio record at various times during and after sessions.   You can determine what to use and what you want to be private. The purpose is to to create real footage of real people having really profound breakthroughs in heart and body awareness.   All footage will be tastefully shot and edited to be sensually rich and educational. Your personal account of awakening love and pleasure to higher octaves, enlightens others who have similar issues [but who may not be as brave].  Others can learn vicariously through you, by witnessing and relating to you.

Take a quantum leap in your love and sex life, allow me to guide you into a luscious realm of the senses where your whole being will be renewed in the power of pure love and pleasure.

Contact Mare to apply.

Tell us why you should win this prize.  State what you want to explore and develop and how this may positively impact your life.  Please send some head-shots of you [and your partner, if you are in relationship].  This offer is open to men, women and couples.

Here’s a trailer of my work with a couple, on Strange-Sex – The Darlings see Sex Surrogate, Mare Simone. [sorry about the 30 sec ad at the start-up.]

Mare with The Darlings — On ‘Strange-Sex‘ – airs Apr 10,11

On The Learning Channel – TV, shot in Carlsbad CA  Jan/11

Meet the Darlings

They did a lot of clearing and growing during those 3 days.  More footage has been shot since then and is being edited as we speak! STAY TUNED for continuing progress as it unfolds.