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Couples Wanted -Documenting Sessions for TV, DVD’s + Web – | Mare Simone

Couples Wanted -Documenting Sessions for TV, DVD’s + Web –

… Seeking a couple who want to learn to love and make love better… to JOIN me on British ITV

Making Love in full connection with hearts and bodies, is an expression of the divine. Soul is the offspring of such a complete and total union.  Sometimes this Soul creates a state of higher consciousness and clear thinking; which you can learn to channel! Or it becomes the miracle of creating another life! Brain child or baby it is a powerful time of creation.

Coming together heart, body and soul is a spiritual connection that makes love better and deeper than ever before.  It keeps it fresh, and true in new combinations.

Soulful sex is a direct connection and communion with the empowered part of one another.

Feb – Mar 4th is ‘Sex-Week’ on the popular, respected This Morning show
Share your experiences [post working with me], Sex Surrogate & Enlightenment Coach in exchange for FREE Sessions!
Details BELOW :
Here’s a link to my FB note where I just blogged about a TV 3-day shoot we did with me helping the Darlings, a long-term committed couple open to more love and pleasure…

WOW did they open!

Their love for one-another and their transparency to reveal their process of learning to love more is so authentically moving that they have been getting lot’s of supper support from friends and extended communities world-wide.

Monique’s blog exposes her exquisite way to process her feelings and awaken insights through journaling; which she and Nate express in a vivid, raw writing style that’s compelling to read.
I can’t wait to see the footage!
The Darlings are both brilliant in sharing their emotions, even the scary one’s as they are committed to being honest with courage. This is quite a gift she and Nate are providing, for those who can appreciate this level of intimacy and vulnerability.

Blog Samples:

… Monique: “Mare had Nate and I come sit back in the living room and wanted us to tell her more about what challenges came up in the home play(homework).

Nate: I had been unable to ask for anything.  To sit back and receive, what if I was putting undue pressure on Monique by asking for something she did not want to do?  What if I asked for something weird like kissing the back of my knees, and she judged me for it?  What if something I asked for triggered her?  What if my fingers reminded her of a penis, and brought back that trauma?”

(some of many) comments:

OL Your healing is healing the world. Namaste♥ · 1 person
RB  Thank you Monique and Nate for paving the way to a liberated form of life. Dont we all wish we didnt have all these inhibitions which we are carrying lest we be judged and dammed. Kudos to all, Mare and all for their support on this. Aho · 1 person
ML vow! what courage. what devotion. what commitment. what a journey! 
We’d love to see your comments too!

Read more here — it contains links to the Darlings BLOGS too.

If YOU want to be the NEXT COUPLE to with with Mare, + learn to love better…

FREE sessions if  willing to help document your progress for TV/DVD + web in the UK [or the US]

Feel Free to Be

Hear Mare discuss. (7:28)

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