Great interview that made me cry in Dec 09′ issue of UK’s womens’ “Love It”

After the onslaught of being a misquoted media darling last year [9/15/09] thanks to The Sun, I was relieved and honored to be interviewed, for another UK magazine called, Love It”!

I will post a copy here ASAP!

If you have access to this article and can FAX or SEND it to me, I will give you a free 60 min consultation by phone, Skype or in person!!!

Although “Love It” it doesn’t get the same exposure as The Sun does,  because it is not an online publication; I was very happy for the opportunity to clarify and define the facts about my work and education as a Sex Surrogate/educator/activator.

The article was very favorable, though I haven’t seen a copy of it yet… the reporter read it to me over the phone. I was moved to tears of joy to hear her version of my story which was clearly respected and represented me in a light that made me feel validated and elated!

I love my work and the people that I am able to work with and so I cherish the opportunity to express and educate others about sexual enlightenment  in a way that gives them an accurate picture of what I offer and the types of conditions that I have been able to help people improve upon.

While I wait for the magazine to arrive at my doorstep, so that I can post it here on my blog; I invite you to view it on the magazine stands in the UK.

For the 1st 2 who FAX me a copy — you get a FREE 30 min phone or Skype session with me!

One response to “Great interview that made me cry in Dec 09′ issue of UK’s womens’ “Love It””

  1. Thank you for your feedback Dr. Rodger. This disssucion needs to be opened up more here in the West to allow for our relationships and outlook on sexuality to change in a healthy way. This work really moves you on all levels with someone body, mind and spirit and helps to connect couples in powerful ways. We all need to stay connected to our bodies and when we do it opens us up spiritually to new levels with this type of work.

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