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Great interview that made me cry in Dec 09′ issue of UK’s womens’ “Love It” | Mare Simone

Great interview that made me cry in Dec 09′ issue of UK’s womens’ “Love It”

After the onslaught of being a misquoted media darling last year [9/15/09] thanks to The Sun, I was relieved and honored to be interviewed, for another UK magazine called, Love It”!

I will post a copy here ASAP!

If you have access to this article and can FAX or SEND it to me, I will give you a free 60 min consultation by phone, Skype or in person!!!

Although “Love It” it doesn’t get the same exposure as The Sun does,  because it is not an online publication; I was very happy for the opportunity to clarify and define the facts about my work and education as a Sex Surrogate/educator/activator.

The article was very favorable, though I haven’t seen a copy of it yet… the reporter read it to me over the phone. I was moved to tears of joy to hear her version of my story which was clearly respected and represented me in a light that made me feel validated and elated!

I love my work and the people that I am able to work with and so I cherish the opportunity to express and educate others about sexual enlightenment  in a way that gives them an accurate picture of what I offer and the types of conditions that I have been able to help people improve upon.

While I wait for the magazine to arrive at my doorstep, so that I can post it here on my blog; I invite you to view it on the magazine stands in the UK.

For the 1st 2 who FAX me a copy — you get a FREE 30 min phone or Skype session with me!

Entrainment & Pleasure

Hear Mare discuss. (8:02)

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