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Breast Friends — Join NEW Facebook Group!!!

October was devoted to Breast Awareness.  Inspired by American Cancer Society’s “Breast Awareness Month” I decided to put a lot of loving attention and positive awareness on my breasts throughout the month.

I had the amazing opportunity to taste human mother’s milk for the first time when at Tantra Palooza – a 4-day workshop in San Diego.  She was lactating and her baby was not there to nurse so she offered me a taste.  I was so moved by that gesture that I asked her if I could share this precious nectar with the attendees of the class I was teaching that afternoon on Breast massage.  She was very willing to share and even spoke of her experiences with Orgasmic Birthing!!! [see the movie trailer here]

We were all blessed by this gift and some moved to tears.

This month was very significant for me in numerous profound and delicious ways.  It stirred up a lot of creative ideas for me.   I love my breasts and thought it was a brilliant idea to have a month devoted to breast awareness.   Since my mother died soon after her breast cancer treatment and double mastectomy, I feel a strong urge to keep mine healthy.  I believe that loving attention is one important way to do that.

Serendipitously, the famous and rather controversial cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton who claims that we are not predisposed to cancer because it occurred in our family, showed up. He has developed a new science called Epigenetics.  Epi means above so his theory is that our thoughts and beliefs influence our health more than our genes.  The genetic theory is merely dogma perpetuated by the church and according to his research not based on scientific proof.   Dr. Lipton claims that our environment influences our physical condition through the doorway of our thoughts and emotions.  Through experiments he found that taking cancerous cells and placing them in a Petri dish with healthy cells; the cancerous cells would immediately change and become healthy cells.

Yearning to redesign my future and not be influenced by my history, I sent Dr. Lipton a note telling him that I sometimes lie to doctors saying I’ve been adopted so they don’t inundate me with programming about the probabilities of my developing breast cancer, because my mother had it.   He responded on Aware Show radio, stating something that took that really thrilled me. He said that there have been studies where people who have been adopted take on the diseases of the family they grow up with!  This proves how environment has a much greater impact on our condition that our DNA!

I am ever more convinced that we can transform our lives to create what we really want, on all levels.

Check him out he is quite amazing :  http://BruceLipton.com — his first book is entitled: “The Biology of Belief”, and his new book is called “Spontaneous Evolution”.  He presents a very convincing argument about how we create health or illness and how to have a more conscious contribution to our health conditions.

So in the spirit of Breast Health Awareness I have created a group on facebook called “Breast Friends” and will soon post some breast massage instruction videos.  I am seeking a videographer to help me shoot and edit this material.  Know anyone?

I invite you to visit this group and join if you feel moved.  I am seeking stories of people who healed from breast cancer without having to go the traditional route.  I was told by a nurse who worked in a cancer clinic of two women who were both diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day. One of them was 32 and a mother of two young children… the other was 75 years old with a strong drive to live. The younger woman took the news rather badly and began to wrap up her affairs and prepare to die. The older woman refused to be affected by this information and changed her last, diet and way of thinking. She began doing regular meditation and visualization along with other health conscious practices. Long story short the younger woman died and the older woman is older still and at 85 is still alive!

Please join Breast Friends and help bring more consciousness and awareness to these luschious fruits of our heart!

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