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7 Steps to Scorching Intimacy | Mare Simone

7 Steps to Scorching Intimacy

In the first year of my tantra training

I shared an intensive week with 30 others at a tantra boot camp in the magnetic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.     We transformed  a former Chinese restaurant with crimson dragons that greet you, waterfalls and gardens to delight your senses… , into a luscious Tantra temple.    Together we did some life transforming work that week.

We were guided in many ‘clearing and reclaiming power’ exercises over the course of 7 days and nights.  Men were encouraged to exercise and nourish their libido by getting aroused and sustaining it for longer and longer periods of time; without ejaculating for the entire week.

Playing at the edge without going over, allowed men to expand their capacity and range for pleasure.  The sexual tension created so much testosterone I was dripping with excitement.

The Big O was an intense prolonged peak which filled me was so much energy it electrified me.

It not only gave us amazing, expanded orgasms together but it instilled an exuberance the continued on days later.  This kind of orgasm leaves a lasting impact of being recharged and reborn! 

Orgasmic energy is the creative life force and therefore, life-restoring.  The more you can relax and sustain orgasm, the more it can rejuvenate and enable you to be fully alive and expressed in your daily life, both in and out of bed.

Cultivating this orgasmic life force improves mental clarity and keeps you connected and inspired throughout the day.

Performance anxieties melt into hot, authentic arousal, deepened in the desire to be truly intimate.

Experiences like that  leave a lasting  impact that transforms and steers you forever.

Inspired by that initiation, I would like to offer you an opportunity to have your own experience of  a 7 step initiation, through an offer that I’m providing called:

7 Steps to Scorching Intimacy

This 7  night adventure will begin on October 15.  I will present you with foundations to help you understand the principles and why/how  it works.  Once you understand how to raise your sexual energy and sustain it, you are at an advantage.  This is logical, tried-and-true, scientific and it works.  If you take each step of this journey in the order in which it’s presented, you will likely discover many treasures that were once buried within you.

In fact I know you’ll find you can experience more than you ever felt before. Full body Oh’s will become natural and so satisfying, you will want it often 🙂  but don’t worry it’s not addicting, and it’ll probably help you achieve your ideal weight, by raising your energy levels.  You can burn off fat with high sex and it leaves you feeling better than you started.

So I say we should all have high sex often with or without a partner.  Sacred time connecting to your own center. Feeling your own yumm… so it becomes you.

Pleasure is important to the health of our bodies and our mind.

We will together explore  spiritual principles that provide the backdrop necessary for one to have an inspired enlightening sex-life!

There will be time at the end of each web/tele-seminar for Q & A’s and some live-coaching.

So if you would like to get your questions answered or receive some life coaching during this webinar, please fill out the profile form and a paragraph about why would like live-coaching?  Would you be willing to discuss your situation knowing that others would be listening? Of course you can change your name and identity in any way that encourages your comfort.

Every day I will offer a different teaching and exercise to help you experience and heal/awaken a different aspect of yourself.  Each step will help prepare you for the FBO celebration which will be on the Full Moon,this October 22nd.

Stay tuned for the launching of this program… next week!

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