Full-Body Oh! – Talk with Mare Simone & Dr.Vito Hemphill

Did you ever wish you could come again only to find your body not willing?

Do you want to last longer in bed?

YOU CAN have more fun… relax enjoy more of pleasure AND…

Totally satisfy your partners deepest desires!!

YOU CAN!  Learn to keep the passion glowing and intimacy grows deeper and sweeter year after year.


They just need to learn how!  It doesn’t come ‘naturally’ without some effort and investment of time — but what fun the efforts can be and sooooo rewarding for both partners!

Hear an engaging talk between Mare Simone A,CTE and Dr. Vito Hemphill.  Your comments and questions are welcomed:  

— According to the etymology of words, Orgasm is an engorgement, a fullness or ripeness that can occur in any organ or part of the body. This is very much akin to a full-body O experience!

It is rejuvenating, empowering and enlightening; when orgasms fill your body and brain with rejuvenating life forces!  These forces were intended to fill you up like divine nourishment.  Properly channeled, they can leave you feeling fantastic with an afterglow that can literally last for days!

Full Body Oh’s are a great way to connect deeply, safely and yet profoundly, even with your clothes on!
Please share your views, questions and stories below and stay tuned and comment to keep this conversation flowing and growing!

Listen >

Full Body Oh! Interview with Mare +Dr Vito Hemphill

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