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Luscious Dinner with a Yummy Sensual Man | Mare Simone

A luscious dinner with a yummy sensual man!

I awoke excited, knowing I was going to have dinner with a lovely local Daka a divinely yummy man who I met at Charles’s birthday party two years ago. I offered to cook for him but confessed that day I didn’t have a lot of food since I slept in and haven’t been shopping yet.  He said he would take care of it and surprised me when he arrived with heaps of fresh vegetables from local farmers.  He subscribes to the farmers who provide a weekly box of the freshest crops!  if such a great idea, I think more farmers should do it!

He brought red kale, bok choy, chanterelle mushrooms which we sautéed together with a “fractal-flower” type of cauliflower.  I forgot the name it’s called but that’s my name for it because it looks like a fractal design with multi-spirals.

He prepared the vegetables while I sautéed them — then he fluffed me and helped season the sauté with a peanut sauce and fresh chopped ginger and a special blend of our essence emanating through me and out the wooden spoon I stirred with.  Turning me on…. softly from behind stroking my hair and my back, I quiver…. feeling very hot.

We roasted a chicken with a little sweet white zin, fresh squeezed lemon and whole cloves of garlic roasted at the bottom along with sliced onions that were placed on oiled skin during the last 10 minutes — broiling it to brown the top. The garlic cloves popped out of the shell with a thick creamy consistency, while the onions remained crisp yet, somewhat carmalized in the juices.  It was divine.

I love preparing healthy food together with friends and/or lovers. It’s such a nurturing way to nourish and connect, body and soul.

After dinner we savored dark chocolate, organic grapes and ginger lemon tea.  I offered him my left palm filled with raw cacao nibs, and he dipped his tongue in. It was erotic and fun to share dessert, hand fed. With the other open palm I offered him grapes.  And he licked them up as well.  <<< See my Favorite Chocolate recipe above >>>

Sitting in the soft firelight facing one another with our legs outstretched…. The soul of his right foot and the soul of my right foot, cupped one anothers’ base and sex chakras. The other leg explored ways to ground and connect in support of the immediate energy that coursed through our bodies in this chakra contact position.  It was a subtle but powerful position where our legs felt like they were plugged into the polarity of one another, like a plug in an electrical socket his voltage tapped into my current and without much movement whatsoever full body orgasms were pulsing through our bodies!

It’s so satisfying to be with a skillful Tantrika who knows how to run energy at high voltages — even with our clothes on.  He removed his jeans to make room for his expansion.

At that point I wish we would have laid on the bed where we would have had room to spread out further… but I could run energy just about anywhere, and I was concerned that he wanted to be in bed by midnight and it was already past 11. I was also aware of a tinge of uncertainty about inviting him in and how much. We had been lovers energetically without consummating a few years ago. The first time we touched was dynamic and very palpable. Even our host teased us to “get a room” 🙂

Circumstances weren’t appropriate for us to explore much more back then; he was in a committed monogamous relationship. His clean, clear energy is good for me, I love when we get to play.

There’s a strong connection there  for sure! I’d like to explore it and learn with one another as our activation is very Independence Day and complementary.  Just being in his proximity and feeling him see me causes a rise of heat to flow like geysers bubbling through me, I can feel the heat of my inner light shine clear through my face and out my eyes. and then he said I see your beauty.   instantly were both  feeling a divine connection,  intercourse of the mind, communion of souls a moment of absolute  feeling my infinite beauty reflected in his eyes. I was acknowledged, naked and transparent my heart exposed and basking in his affection. I breathed in the adoration and let it melt down more of the wall that guards my treasures.

There’s nothing more empowering to me than being seen as love shining like a flower in full bloom, recognizing  ones own divinity, reflected in the other. The  meaning of namaste — the divine light in me sees the divine light in you!

I wanted to touch him and yet restrained as I met my edge of shield, guarding my heart. He then asked how is my heart? Feeling beauty, happy with my life and open wide open to love… I answered. And receive love he asked? Yes I feel I am, though stumbling a bit over those words. It’s been a few years since I’ve really felt the dance of my heart take a chance with another man.

My first commitment is to my projects, however if I find a partner who is in alignment with my vision and can help support and be perhaps even be a part of and teach with me — or at least to inspire one another to manifest such projects would be even better!  But for now, or until that happens, I feel it’s necessary for me to complete my book and this upcoming tour as a priority to partnership. Of course it would be best to work with a partner and have the team I announced.  I would like teaching partner[s] and wish to move more in that direction.  I wondered about teaching with him, we could be a dynamic team inspiring each other. He activates me so much without even touching that I yearn yet the part of me that’s protecting my heart hesitates inviting them in more deeply.

Lying face down then on the couch he asks me to lie on top of him front to back. Automatically my body began to massage him with my breasts, arms and elbows, belly, knees and thighs. Up and down his back. And stretching him into a cobra he seems to love all my massage strokes which strokes my ego and my desire to please him. He thanks me for the great warm-up and then requests that I just rely on him and be still.  While I said I thought that might be hard to lie in stillness upon his beautiful body, I can see the value in doing this to instill deep grounding and integration, so I gave it my best effort.

From within the stillness arose an impulse to move without thinking but rather spontaneously, from deep within. This wave pulsed back and forth between us through our breath the rhythm of pleasure coursed through our bodies. I breathed in his orgasmic energy then blended it with my love and sent it back to him supercharged.  As my body convulsed in waves, he breathed in my energy and mixed it with his own…. which charged him up to undulate uncontrollably, activating me all the more. From this position our chakras in contact encouraged feeling and following inner guidance..  Allowing ourselves to be led by the feelings from deep within.  The deeper we relaxed the more our body moved from joyful feelings that multiply energy, rather than movements that are seeking pleasure which often drain energy.  The depth of this energy connection left us feeling rather full!

It was very liberating for us both to feel how much empowering energy was there without effort!  My body convulses even now at the mere thought as I recapture these feeling in my memory, I feel sparks fly through me, uncontrollably, filling me with energy ecstasy. I love how we can activate one another just by plugging in, and then again in the efforts to express the feeling in words. It’s so profound and expansive when my mind and body come together!  We experienced a merging of our light hence inspiring brilliance in one another.

We toned, we played following inner guidance, led by  feelings, laughing and loving — my loins were longing yet my heart felt full when he left.  Full and hungry at the same time… I want more.  Can’t wait for the next dance…  glad I’m here for two more weeks.

Learning How to Expand Orgasmic Energy

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