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Harmony ~ time with my brother! | Mare Simone

Harmony ~ time with my brother!

I took a drive up to Santa Rosa to the 32nd annual Harmony Festival where thousands of  loving people of all ages converge for a weekend of music, merriment, wisdom sharing and an amazing marketplace of over 200 vendors. Sacred shopping was a must!  It’s a great place to play, get recharged and stock up on groovy gifts and things to wear. And from a business standpoint finding sensual products to display on my store!  I found a beautiful hand cut paper lantern five pointed star that looks much like leaded/stained glass.

San Francisco with bro Bob

Monday I visited with my brother Bob who was visiting an angel cabbie friend, named Billy.  Bro Bob greeted me with a hug that smelled like home cooked Lebanese cuisine.  He just prepared me one of his specialties with bulgar, cabbage, garlic, onions, pinenuts and exotic spaces sautéed to perfection and served with a dollop of plain yogurt on top.  We dined on the roof open to the windy San Francisco skyline.  We strolled the city visited bookstores and cafés and at the end of the day the conversation moved towards Tantra.  He’s a liberal Buddhist who introduced me to Zen, organic foods, herbs and spiritual pursuits. Our conversations always stimulate my mind… we can talk for hours… he read my palm. He taught me about palm reading and astrology and said he’d been looking at homes since he was 9.  I didn’t know he knew so much about it, but when he shared it with me it all seemed so logical and easy to understand. He downloaded a great transmission of information to me as he spoke of astrology and palmistry I suddenly became fascinated like never before , and now I want to learn. He transmitted seeds of knowledge within me,  as he told me I will have a long life with many loves and no children.  The world is my child is the message I got an early age.   Here to heal, nurture and awaken.

I call in partners to play, explore, evolve and teach together with.  I need a team, starting with a personal assistant and publicist who sees and aligns with my vision and would love to work for me. Who among you are this?

I fall in love with words — this blog becomes a love affair.  It’s captivated me all day, It’s very gratifying to work on the blog as it gives me perspective and depth.  I must keep a balance and work on both, so I’ll post it now and fill in photos and links later, or have my assistant fill in the photos, links etc.

As a parting gift to one another, we did some back to back chakra contact which loosened up loads of energy for both of us… it was activating, invigorating and left us both feeling charged up in our heads and in our hearts. Though not sexual per se, I felt as though our hearts had just made love, as the feeling of connection was so intimate and nurturing!  my heart opened to him more than ever and we connected more deeply, soul to soul.   As we parted I sang him this song… “all I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you… Ishk Alla ma Boodlaila, Ishk Alla ma Boodlaila (spelled phonetically it loosely means, the universe is my lover, the lover is within me.)

It felt like an appropriate parting message, as neither of us have a beloved in our life at this time, other than God/Goddess within.  Tears filled my eyes as I rolled up the window and waved goodbye … until the next time we meet.

Our deep sharing charged me up with plenty of energy for the drive home… which should have been about 90 minutes, if I had followed my intuition rather than my [backup ] GPS. It took me me the scenic route at 25 miles an hour no I don’t want this so I try to reprogram it to avoid the road we were on hoping it would take me back the way I intuitively wanted to go but didn’t have certainty about this to rely on. This road might have been a beautiful drive in daylight, but not so at midnight.  With nothing to see except lots of winding turns and the continuous recalculation of my GPS trying to find a signal in the deep dark redwood forest. My newer GPS wouldn’t boot up and so without a backup my inner guidance system will want to turn around.

After about 20 minutes of this I felt anxious to see roads with yellow lines, I didn’t fancy trusting my night to this crazy machine with a worst-case scenario of getting stuck somewhere and sleeping in my car.

So I programmed it to take me back the way that I came and prayed to St. Christopher to help me find my way home. There Bro Bob had reminded me that St. Christopher was the one to call upon for safety in travels. And so I did repeatedly.

Out of the blackness while I was straining my eyes with a flashlight to look at a map, suddenly appeared 2 highway patrol cars. In the nick of time, my prayer manifested these men who knew this territory to point me in the right direction, tell me which way to turn and how far to go on 84 to take to get me back on to Highway 280, and back toward home at 60 miles an hour I flew.   At that point I turned my GPS off and used my intuition… my map, and kept my wits about me.

The teachings I got : trust to my intuition over GPS machines,  ask for guidance and above all else believe in miracles, it makes the journey go smoother a lot more magical!

Once I was on the home stretch, it was just a matter of staying on the road and avoiding the deer which were out at night… whew.  At 3:30 AM my head finally hit the pillow and I slipped into the cocoon of deep sleep.

The Final Key

Hear Mare discuss the key to fulfilling lovemaking. (3:12)

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