2010 Sedona Conference of Sex and Consciousness Educators

Conference of Sex + Consciousness Educators

The Power of 3  – Working with Couples

The Daka/Dakini Dance of Sacred Trust

Come join us at the Sedona Conference for Sex Educators and Healers with a host of over 30 great tantra and sexual leaders.

I will lead a seminar on ways to work with a couple…  creating an environment where both partners feel safe exploring their depths, healing shadows and unraveling great mysteries.

Demos and group practices such as yabyum for 3…. and a triadic massage where each partner receives while I guide the other to enhance their partners pleasures.

Come as a couple or single, practitioner and students – all will give and receive yummy ways to play in erotic energy that are safe, orgasmic and fun for all!

SEEKING COUPLES to demo with. Interested? Contact me ASAP — Please email or call 760/271-7118

I will be available after the conference in Sedona and Phoenix, AZ for private sessions with individuals and couples!  Please Inquire!!