Heart Chakra Contact Class

This event will be a playful introduction to deep and profound ways of connecting to the pulse of life within us by listening to and following our heart chakra first.

It will consist of Tantra Kriya Yoga and stretches embellished with breath and sounds that will open and charge up our life forces for healing  — as well as greater depth, intimacy and awareness.

We will be exploring and activating the energy flow between our chakras for personal growth and healing – then connecting with each others energy centers, thereby expanding our field overall!

Share with others in a sensual, top-optional environment where boundaries are respected and 2nd Chakra is integrated and revered as sacred and private.

Come with an open heart and willingness to learn, play and Explore YOUR Ecstasy!

Video Gallery of my previous classes – please note: we will videotape my presentation but nothing of the group will be taped without your consent.

If you would like to audition for upcoming videos, please state that in your RSVP!