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Sacred Sexual Healer aka Dakini | Mare Simone

Sacred Sexual Healer aka Dakini

Mare Simone tells what a Sacred Sexual Healer really does!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I welcome your curiosity I appreciate your interest and your value time.

So if you have questions regarding sacred sexual healing and how I may assist you in this arena —  please fire away.   ASK MARE.

I will address as many of  them as possible, in this blog weekly so I invite you to interact with me here.  Please use this as a forum to ask question and read a vast array of information to help you grow.

My life and my practice is out-of-the-ordinary that’s for sure.  I have become what I needed to experience in order to heal my own sexual wounds.  This has made me empathic to others and able to help them through the passages of healing.

I am inspired to travel the globe to spread enlightening, erotic wisdom and playful pleasures like sacred seeds.

It’s everyone’s birthright to experience sacred sexuality and discover how uplifting it can be for you. It has truly been life transforming for me and many people I know. For most this can certainly make a huge difference in their love life.

It’s my mission to help people fully experience and blossom into their radiant, erotic, ecstatic beings, filled with energy!

We live in a world where open discussion of sex is taboo and difficult for the majority of people talk about… even among their own mates.  I think this is sad. I can totally understand how my occupation as a sexual educator, healer and former Sex Surrogate can be puzzling to people. It arouses wild imaginations and a lot of scorn!

Truly it’s not as glamorous as it may seem, but it has it’s own rewards, especially when we get great results.  My ambition is to help people who get stuck and need to breakthrough.  People who want to know… who know there’s more and want to develop their sex muscles.

Often my clients have significant problems and concerns that we address and resolve.  So for those who are truly interested in the nature of my work and it’s many benefits, allow me to share with you the inner world of sexual healing and my life as a dakini

Dakini is the Sanskrit term that best defines this sanctioned service I provide. A Dakini is the initiatress of the sacred erotic arts. She is a muse that arouses and inspires those who wish to cultivate and develop their creative life forces.  She heals, educates and awakens the sacred in sexuality.

As a modern day Dakini, I help reawaken the sacred in sexuality.  Taking the standpoint of it being an act of love and creation…. what could be closer to the creator!  I worked with Charles Muir for many years, took all their trainings and helped tach, assist and work with the students, privately, between classes.  Through his Source School of Tantra, I became an A,CTE advanced Certified Tantra Educator.
Also a [former] Sex Surrogate,  I was trained by Dr Michael Perry in 1986 and have had the privilege of studying under many  wonderful sex therapists and healers.  For full bio…

Trained as a sex educator from schools of both the East and Western traditions… I combine timeless wisdom with breakthrough modern modalities with a sense of playfulness and fun.  I believe we have access to boundless pleasure and energy, we just need some guidance and support.  The service that I provide is very important because too many people underestimate the value of feeling love and pleasure in our lives and how it  helps us feel.

I was featured in The Sun about my work as a sexual healer. It was an outrageous exaggeration of a rather good interview I did with a british journalist in May of 09.

The Sun took it and touted the title, Meet the Sexual Healer who has “slept with” 1500 men…..

Bombarded with so many requests for interviews from newspapers and e-zines on radio & TV from countries all over the world,  I was interviewed by journalists from:  Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Turkey, Argentina… and many others just republished the article.

The reporters were relentless with their requests for me to answer their questions and be interviewed.   It was maddening because for the most part the media  emphasized the shadowy sides of sex and downplayed the therapeutic benefits.

Nor did it refer to the decades of experience and years of training and education I had, as well as the merits I had already as a pioneer and teacher/coach.  It emphasized the gossip and for weeks I was the talk of the gossip/blog scenes.

So my work has been exposed by a tabloid who exaggerated the numbers to create an outrageous story; which is what tabloids do.  They take a story that’s based in truth and then twist and distort it just for fun.  Not serious in its entirety although some gems were stated for which I’m thankful.  I am especially grateful for those sincere seekers who saw through the ridiculous and found the gems of wisdom.

As a result of this exposé many great opportunities have opened up to me and continue to.

I had over 75,000 hits on my website in two days which made me realize that many people want to know what this is all about. I got so much traffic my site crashed we had to increase the bandwidth 3 times to accommodate all the visitors.
Facebook inquiries came in by the thousands… so we started a fan page called MareSimoneinTantraHeaven there.  There were more inquiries and requests for my services that I could answer. Please don’t take it personally if you are one who I have not replied to yet.  You are not forgotten I am still catching up.

To reveal the truth I  blogged a different spin on the article and called it:  

Meet The Sexual Healer Who has AWAKENED Thousands of Men, Women and Couples, read more

First of all, for the records I don’t “sleep” with my clients/students.  I awaken them and send them home to love, sex / sleep with their partners.

Soon after, a representative from AOL’s  Health and Relationships department wanted to [AOL] ]interview me. Fortunately it painted a much more accurate portrait of me but unfortunately it failed to make any mention whatsoever about my credentials so it didn’t fully represent who I am.  Yet it brought me together with many wonderful people that I’ve had the privilege of helping; Some just over the phone and others in person.

After The Sun was published I was invited to appear on British ITV as well as several other television requests for interviews and documentaries came up. There were numerous requests for phone and internet interviews and countless re-postings worldwide. I’ll be posting the most significant ones here or at least my last version before it went out to print, some were published in Turkish Swedish Spanish etc.

I was voted among the Top 3 S-E-X newsmakers of the year 2009:

Celebrities are the flavor of any season and any year and their lives add zing to the media and to the public. So, here are the top 3 S-E-X newsmakers of the year 2009 who have attracted the media attention in the most explicit and eye pooping way.

Tiger woods internationally famed ace golfer Tiger wood’s life has become the biggest S-E-X celebrity of the year 2009…..

Sarah Carmen- Sarah Carmen made to the news headlines as she has been tagged as the only woman who gets 200 orgasms per day and suffers with permanent S-E-X-U-A-L arousal syndrome ….

Mare Simone- here comes another name who reached the celebrity status in a unique way. Mare Simone is said to be from UK and is said to be the only woman who have slept with more than 1500 men in order to overcome their bedroom troubles. She is a kind of tuition teacher to all those men who are dull in the bed and who seek for help from an experienced woman in order to satisfy their partners to full levels.

Another site called me the hot slut of the day.  Thank goodness it’s just for a day!

It took a month or so for the storm to quite down enough so that I could take a day off.  After completing an exhaustive and moving interview with Haberturk a serious research oriented journal from Istanbul Turkey, I packed my bags and drove off to Joshua Tree to celebrate  the final day of the Water Woman Festival.

There I enrolled in an improv theater group where I acted out the emerging goddess of sacred sexuality in the world we are co-creating.  I had a team of players and the audience who also participated with us in breath and movements to activate and play in the  energy.

It grounded me and brought me back to the pure essence  within my center.

And now, about six months later I’m completing my first book and website to accompany it. I’m planning my tour and will begin traveling in May. Dates and details will be disclosed soon.

I’d want to document the process of sexual healing. It would be so revealing and helpful for someone who needs this to witness another person like themselves go through the process. We definitely can vicariously feel what the other is feeling. And that can be very healing also for the viewer as well as the student who is being healed.

Virgin School – a Reality Show, in the making…

Right now I am in the developing phase of a reality show focusing on adult virgins. Firecracker Films who won awards for a reality show called Virgin School in Europe; along with a major TV network are discussing similar version for the US,

Yours truly would be one of the teachers. We are still seeking a few adult virgins to work with a therapist and myself, according to your individual needs.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in being on the show, send me an e-mail. Thanks!.

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