Tantra Awakenings

Join in a warm, intimate environment with other kindred spirits.
Catered Exotic Indian dinner, hot-tub and playtime are optional extras!
Please RSVP by Feb 4th so we can plan ahead

Where:  Willamette Ave. San Diego 92117
When: Sat Feb 6th 1-4:30

Costs: $35 / 2 for $60
Dinner: Indian catered @5 PM

[optional]$15 per person
Play-time after $10 donation for hot-tub etc…

Single Registration – $35.00 register_button
Couple Registration – $60.00 register_button
Dinner (optional) – $15.00/person register_button
Playtime (optional) – $10.00/person register_button

Contact: Ren Benner at 619-300-8595 renbenner@gmail.com

Bring: Towels, 2 pillows, small notebook, a robe (if you would like for after the hot tub – optional)

Each person will be supported in a safe and conducive atmosphere to let go, relax and explore a world of sacred healing and sensual fun.

We will journey together through yoga, dance, movement, meditations, celebrations, connections, healing, massage, laughter and pleasures that will fulfill you and illuminate your life!

An introduction to a vast and deep world of tantric healing and awakenings!!

We’ll Explore:

How to raise your energy with tantric breath techniques

Ways to awaken full body O’s — solo or together with a partner

Develop magnetism to attract love and joy in all areas of your life

Learn the tantric touch that will melt your partner, like putty in your hands!

For those interested in going deeper, Mare will be offering small group and private sessions for men, women and couples. She’ll be in San Diego until Feb 15th.