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Coming Together ~ body + soul | Mare Simone

Coming Together ~ body + soul

A course in enlightened, erotic love for men + women

4 Wednesdays in January – Jan 6, 13, 20 + 27-10 @ 12-1pm, PST

Only $99 for all 4 Classes PLUS you get

Recordings of the classes to enjoy again!

Learn how to make love magic; even if you’ve been together for years.

1/6 ~ Men’s issues, challenges and solutions.
Mare will share her top tips, formulas and wisdom for resolving early ejaculations and raising libido to enable multiples that activate rather than deplete!  This course is for men and the women who want to love them better. Also highly recommended for Sex Therapists, Dakini’s and Healers.

1/13 ~ Women’s issues, needs and answers.
We’ll discuss in great length: the benefits of sexual healing with special emphasis on women who may have difficulties achieving climax. This is highly recommended for men and women who wish to empower a woman to greater intimacy and enhanced pleasures.

1/20 ~ Coming Together; connecting body and soul.
In the sacred realms of one consciousness, connecting at the very core essence of who we are — the orgasm begins in the mind and flows into intensely powerful peaks of pleasure.  Learn how to come together psychologically which will allow you to have a deeper connection physically and spiritually.  When orgasm reaches all three levels it is out of this world!

1/27 ~ Orgasmic Mastery — Channeling Creative Energy.
This will be personal visioning session that helps each person facilitate their rise to the next level that they wish to empower. We will focus creative forces of orgasmic energy to charge up your body and your vision of what you wish create.  We’ll create visual tools to help increase your orgasmic abilities and develop desired intentions.

If you’d like to join the class register below:

CLICK HERE tantrawebinar@gmail.com you will be contacted with the registration info.

This course is offered gratis to former clients who give an audio or written testimonial that we use.
Come Together in cyber-space with a world-wide community of people who wish to live in conscious bliss and sacred pleasures.  This call will be awesome, the more the merrier, until the phone line is full.  So register now while you still can!

Please submit your questions in advance: tantrawebinar@gmail.com

I look forward to connecting with you on the call!

Sound and Pleasure

Hear Mare discuss the role sound plays in pleasure. (2:04)

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